Neurinoma (schwannoma) of the auditory nerve occurs in 1 person per 100,000 people. This is a benign tumor that grows rather slowly. But despite this, its growth leads to hearing loss, facial paralysis, and disruption of the vestibular apparatus. If the disease cannot be cured with the help of radiation therapy, then surgery is an option. In this article, MediGlobus experts will tell you how to remove a neuroma, where it is better to do it and how much the procedure costs.



Surgery to remove the acoustic neuroma

Process of removal of acoustic neuroma

Post surgical period of auditory nerve neuroma

Price of the treatment of acoustic neuroma abroad


Operative intervention in the case of an acoustic neuroma is performed when radiation therapy and medications do not give the desired effect. Another indication is a sharp uncontrolled tumor growth. Surgery in 95% of cases helps to avoid relapse (recurrence of schwannoma). Doctor selects the option of surgery depending on the size of the neuroma and its location. Techniques used to approach schwannoma are:

  • Translabyrinthal. It consists of removing the neoplasm through an incision behind the ear. It is used when the neuroma is localized in the middle ear and has a size greater than 3 cm. During the intervention, the risk of damaging the facial nerve is low, as the surgeon can see it well.Such type of approach leads to hearing loss, as the middle ear region is removed.
  • Suboccipital. Tumor is removed through a slit at the back of the head. This manipulation is conducted using an endoscope in order to clearly see all the structures of the ear. This approach helps to preserve the hearing of the patient and not damage the facial nerve. This operation can be done if the size of a neurinoma is less than 3 cm.
  • Approach through the middle cranial fossa. This method is the least traumatic. It is used to remove tumors up to 1 cm, which are inside the ear canal. This technique helps to preserve hearing and not touch the facial nerve.

Surgery for a neurinoma of the auditory nerve is aimed at removing it at once or in part. In the second case, after surgery, the patient is undergoing radiation therapy to halt the growth of the remaining part of schwannoma.


Surgery for the treatment of the auditory nerve neuroma

Surgery for the treatment of the auditory nerve neuroma is performed under general anesthesia.
Most often, a small hole is made in the skull to remove the tumor. It takes some time for the bone to recover after surgery.


During the intervention, doctors use microscopes and endoscopes. They help to see the boundaries of the tumor and nerves.
This approach reduces the risk of offending healthy tissue. Duration of the intervention depends on the size of the tumor. For small tumors – this is up to 1 hour, for large ones – 1.5-3 hours.


After removal of the neuroma, the patient remains in the hospital for several days under medical supervision. After 3-5 days, the person is discharged. In the postoperative period, it is important to regularly consult with doctor and undergo examinations. This is due to the risk of complications, especially when removing large neurinomas. The main complications after surgery are:

  • Hearing loss. Occurs in cases using trans-labyrinth approach. Partial or complete deafness may occur with other types of surgery, it depends on where the tumor is localized. Hearing loss can be restored with a cochlear implant or hearing aid installation;
  • Problems with the vestibular apparatus. In the postoperative period, patients may experience dizziness, nausea. After a month, these symptoms disappear, and only rarely do they last forever;
  • Facial nerve palsy. This complication occurs if the surgeon damages the facial nerve. To avoid this, you should carefully consider the choice of hospital and doctor;
  • Tinnitus. After removal of the neuroma, every 5th patient feels ringing in the ears. In 50% of people it passes after a week, the rest can have throughout life.


Price for the removal of the auditory nerve neuroma

Rehabilitation period takes from 1-2 weeks till month. Patient is advised to avoid flying on an airplane, it is forbidden to wet his head for 2 weeks.
Depending on the postoperative symptoms, the doctor prescribes exercises and medicines. They are aimed at adjusting the vestibular apparatus, improving stability and reducing dizziness.


After surgery for removing the auditory nerve neuroma, it is important to have a regular MRI of the head. This will help detect a relapse on time and prevent the tumor from reappearing.


Price for the removal of the auditory nerve neuroma depends on the chosen clinic and doctor. MediGlobus experts selected the best countries and hospitals for the treatment of the disease.




Israel is one of the recommended countries for neurosurgical operations. Israeli hospitals have all the necessary equipment. Doctors use microscopes, endoscopes, MRI scans during an intervention. This helps to reduce the risks and improve the effectiveness of treatment.


MediGlobus recommends Sourasky (Ichilov) and Rambam hospitals for the removal of schwannomas. The leading neurosurgeons of the country – Professor Zvi Ram and Prof. Menashe Zaaroor are practicing here. They have been doing similar operations for over 30 years. Doctors specialize in microsurgical interventions and help patients even in critical condition.

Cost of the operation for removing the auditory nerve neuroma in Israel is $ 27,000-32,000.



Germany has some of the best neurosurgery departments in Europe. They are certified by public health quality control organizations. They use proven methods of radiotherapy and surgery. MediGlobus patients most often go to the Munich University Hospital and Asklepios.

Price for an operation to remove an acoustic neuroma in Germany ranges between € 22,000 to € 27,000.

Important to remember! In some cases treatment in Germany requires 100% prepayment (deposit). In some cases, it may be exaggerated in case of complications. This means that the unused portion of the amount is returned after discharge, if the surgical procedure has passed without problems.



Turkey is a country with an affordable pricing policy for neurosurgical operations. At the same time, the quality of procedures in Turkey is reaching the levels of European hospitals. All operations performed by Turkish surgeons are according to American protocols. They use certified equipment: microscopes, navigation systems.

Patients with auditory nerve neurinoma most often go to Koc University Hospital, Medicana and Anadolu hospitals. The price for schwannoma removal is $ 15,000-21,000.

Surgery to remove the neuroma of the auditory nerve should be carried out in certified clinics and trust the procedure only to experienced surgeons. Then the risk of damaging the facial nerve and losing hearing is minimal. MediGlobus experts can help with the choice of hospital and the search for the best price for the operation. They will analyze extracts and select a medical solution based on the wishes of the patient.


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