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Hospitals Selection Criteria

The main aim of Mediglobus is to make your medical travel simple, risk free and affordable on your budget.

Our team put all the efforts to serve you with high quality medical and organizational assistance.

All the hospitals on MediGlobus database have earned their place purely on the basis of their performance in modern healthcare.

We count from all the bigger aspect till the minor details starting from the hospital’s certification, medical staff, modern equipment, scientific reasearch programs till their general coordination with patients in hospital.

proof of high standards

To understand the standards of the hospital you must look into the certification and accreditation earned by the hospital in first place. The well know accreditations are an American Joint Commission International (JCI) which has a list of criteria’s for patient safety and care in hospital.

In Europe Germany’s TÜV Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV) accrediation is a proof that clinic is working according to European Standards. Further we also check if the hospital is having accreditation from International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Accreditation Healthcare (DNV-GL) before starting a partnership.

Highly skilled Medical Staff

MediGlobus chooses only well known medical specialists and a medical team for their patients. We collect the CV’s of all doctors in our partner clinic and work with specialists who have taken their training abroad in USA/Germany and have earned the excellency certificates. We also consider their own scientific publications and rankings in Forbes etc.

Advanced Technology

Offcourse without the use of latest equipment for diagnostics and treatment you won’t get the desired results that is why we keep this in our priority list. We send our team for revision to the partner hospitals every now and then to know about the latest developments and inform the patients accordingly. Ranking on MediGlobus is dynamic and hospitals have to maintain certain criteria’s to be on top in ranking.

Identify the clinic’s expertise

Our experts identify the most popular departments of each partner hospital and only refer patients there. This identification is based on the clinic’s statistics, latest treatment protocols used, both Inpatient/Outpatient care and other necessary aspects. Forexample Oncology departments of Anadolu Turkey(work with John Hopkins Medical center), Ichilov Israel, Neurosurgery in Asklepios and Solingen academic hospital Germany, Joint replacement in Malvazinky Czech Republic , Heart lung transplant in Gleneagles Global Hospital India, Proton Therapy center in Prague etc.

Patient’s Testimonials

MediGlobus value the reviews of patients who took treatment in our partner hospitals. Their reviews help us understand the organizational and coordination services provided by the staff. Organizational services include the pickup with To/Fro airport, hotel and hospital transfer, translator facility, local sim cards, food arrangments, praying area and other necessary needs. Ranking on our database is modified accordingly to the experience of our patients. We believe that each patient deserves the right treatment and MediGlobus Team ensure that everyone gets it.



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