Tumors of the brain and spinal cord, tumors of the pituitary gland, Parkinson’s disease – all these diagnoses still cause panic, shock and fear. It is all because many patients from developing countries or even developed countries have read about the traditional treatments , out dated neurosurgical instruments and disappointing statistics about certain procedures but have not even heard about what breakthroughs have occurred in recent years in the treatment of these diseases. So what is modern neurosurgery?

Modern neurosurgery is Safety

In the Top clinics of Israel, an average of 3,000 neurosurgical operations are performed per year. To accurately diagnose a tumor, doctors use fluorescent diagnostics (For example ALA-5), which clearly defines the boundaries of the tumor. Often used PET-CT scanning is one of the most informative methods of malignant neoplasm diagnostics. In 95% of cases, Israeli doctors manage to completely remove the tumor.

What is а Modern Neurosurgery?

Some types of tumors are treated without direct surgery, thanks to the innovative Cyber-knife and Gamma-knife devices.
Apparatus with high accuracy irradiates exclusively the tumor, without affecting healthy tissues, while the patient absolutely does not feel pain. Such treatment can be carried out even without hospitalization.
It is important that in the treatment of malignant tumors, the operation is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of doctors who are able to fully control the patient’s condition.
For example, in the Israeli clinic Ichilov the team includes specialists such as a neuro-oncologist, neuropathologist, neuroscientist, oncologist-surgeon and oncologist-radiologist.
An obligatory condition for patient safety is conducting intraoperative monitoring and using ultrasound navigation during the operation which ensures the flawless actions during the surgical intervention.

Modern neurosurgery is Quick Restoration

As a rule, in modern neurosurgery craniotomy (trepanation of the skull) is prescribed only in cases with large tumors, in all other cases endoscopic operations are performed.

Microsurgical and minimally invasive techniques allow the patient to recover quickly after surgery. In the intensive care unit patients spend only 1-2 days and can be discharged only a week after the operation on the brain. In case of the spinal operation it can be even earlier- discharge after 4-5 days.

Modern neurosurgery is a proven Innovation

Until recently, the only effective method of treating Parkinson’s disease remained Deep brain stimulation (DBS).
And today it’s not only patients but even many doctors from developing countries do not know that medicine has moved on. It’s true, the breakthrough is here today, its name is ExAblate Neuro.
This is a unique ultrasonic device used under the control of MRI, which is able to perform complex operations without a single cut, thanks to a special fixed radiation.
Its effectiveness was proved by the specialists of the Rambam clinic (Israel), saving the 65-year-old woman from tremors in just three hours of operation.
Without cuts and blood – immediately after the operation the patient got up and cut the birthday cake. As a result, for several years the disease hasn’t not come back to her, so we can safely talk about the proven effectiveness of neurosurgical innovation.

What is а Modern Neurosurgery?

Modern neurosurgery is without Borders

For many patients, strangely enough, the barrier to obtaining quality modern medical care is in deficit or there is lack of information. Moreover, most patients think about finding treatment locally, as they think that the cost can be lower but in many cases it is the opposite. Here important thing is quality and one has to find the right balance between cost and the quality . Treatment abroad ensures you with quality and it doesn’t mean that it can be costly as you can explore many clinics abroad which can suit your need. In fact, the best clinics abroad have departments for the reception of foreign patients or medical coordinators who help patients to understand the possible procedures and outcomes. On our site you can find a list of the Top clinics in different countries, information on each disease, and get a free personal consultation from the medical coordinator.
We live in a world of possibilities, and medicine is no exception. Patients shouldn’t miss the opportunity to receive quality medical care, given that today quality medicine has become much more affordable. To understand more about this topic you can leave your query and get a free medical consultation from our Doctor Coordinator.

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