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Liv Hospital
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Liv Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

Clinic Review

LIV stands for Leading International Vision, showing the recognition of Liv Hospital by the medical community as the leader at the world arena of the medical services.

about liv hospital in turkey

Two factors, namely the best doctors of Turkey and in the world, as well as the multi-disciplinary approach, helped LIV Hospital to become the leading center for qualitative medical services in a short time. LIV Hospital applies the most advanced diagnostics and treatment methods, including such modern technologies as:

    иконка галочкиDa Vinci Surgical System;

    иконка галочкиTrue Beam linear accelerator;

    иконка галочкиTrue Beam linear accelerator;

    иконка галочки4D cardiograph;

The modern medical departments, the high-end technologies and the experienced professionals helped LIV Hospital to become the center of the world medicine coming out of the medical professional from all over the world.This medical institution can be considered as leading in the following fields:

    иконка галочкиcardiosurgery;

    иконка галочкиoncology;

    иконка галочкиtraumatology;

    иконка галочкиbariatrics;

    иконка галочкиneurosurgery;

    иконка галочкиdentisty;

oncology, neurosurgery and cardiology at liv hospital

LIV Hospital's quality mark

As of the first day of its operations till nowadays, LIV Hospital keeps assured that the best therapy is based on the individual approach to every patient.

    награда клиники The Hospital has received an honorary award in 2016 of the Center of Excellence for the achievements in the robotic surgery as well as the bariatric surgery.
    награда клиники Liv Hospital is recognized by the world community confirming the most prestigious medical accreditation of Joint Commission International (JCI) as well as TÜV, i.e. ISO European standard certificate.

Why do patients make their choice in the advantage of LIV Hospital?

    Reason №1. High survival rates

    The daily operation of LIV Hospital is based on the perfect service approach and focuses on the health rather than the disease. About 13,000 operations are held at the hospital annually. Over 50,000 patients worldwide choose Liv Hospital among the best medical centers of the world. The survival rate after cardiologic, neurosurgical as well as digesting tract surgeries exceeds the average on in Turkey for 10%, i.e. 96% for cardiologic, 91% for neurosurgery and 94% for digesting tract.

    Reason №2. Medical treatment based on science

    The patients make their choice in the advantage of LIV Hospital because the hospital activity is based on science. The hospital doctors compare the received results with the data of their colleagues from the other TOP rated medical centers of the world. Moreover, its employees have carried out over 36 international scientific forums for the time of the hospital activity.

    Reason №3. More new clnics in Turkey

    Liv Hospital managers do not stop at the success reached, by means of further researching in the medical developments. Nowadays they are building the research and development center LIV Topkapi as the future center of the scientific developments enabling to assist more patients in a qualitative way. Apart from that, the majority of the best personnel of the hospital cooperates with Istinye University in the field of the medical researches.

    Reason №4. Approach to patient care

    LIV Hospital differs from other medical centers from all over the world both by the applied technologies and by approach of service provided for the patients (guests) and understanding of the “health care” definition. A patient becomes not a sick person, but a guest of LIV Hospital. Therefore, a special Department was established called “Department for Guest Service” greeting and meeting at the entrance, by escorting the patients and their family on every floor.


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