Foreign clinics use innovative therapeutic techniques and modern equipment for the treatment of kidney cancer. Foreign doctors have vast experience in successfully combating the disease. If the size of a neoplasm does not exceed seven centimeters, then more than 90% of the patients are completely cured.


Kidney cancer is a malignant tumor that appears in the kidney tissue. Pathology is characterized by a high degree of metastasis. Men are twice more likely to suffer from this disease than women. Kidney tumor ranks sixth among all cancers and third among urologic diseases. Early diagnosis and effective therapy make it possible to overcome the disease.


Stages and therapies for kidney cancer
Which medical centers abroad treat kidney cancer?


kidney cancer treatment abroad

Cancer of the kidney is divided into four stages, which have their own features of treatment and prognosis for recovery.


1st stage.


Initial stage of this disease is often asymptomatic. The diameter of the tumor usually does not exceed 7 centimeters. Cancer cells germinate in the renal capsule, and do not extend beyond its edges. Lymphatic tissues and other organs are not affected. Metastases are absent. In this stage, the prognosis for complete and rapid recovery is favorable.


In 92% of cases, kidney cancer diagnosed in the first stage is completely cured or taken in persistent remission stage. Early diagnosis is an important criterion for successful therapy of kidney cancer.


To eliminate this pathology, foreign medical centers use: resection of the kidney (excision of part of the organ) or nephrectomy (complete removal). Preference is given to minimally invasive organ-preserving operations. Surgical intervention is performed using the Da Vinci robotic system or by laparoscopic technique (through small punctures on the skin). At the same time, the invasiveness of the procedure is minimized and the body recovery time is reduced.

In many developing countries there are few experienced professionals who practice working with the Da Vinci system, which cannot be said about foreign clinics. Here, this technology is among the most asked about and popular.

Along with traditional methods, cryotherapy (freezing cancer cells), radiofrequency ablation (destruction of tumor by high-frequency alternating current), chemical ablation (introduction of chemical into a neoplasm), electrochemical lysis (destruction of cells by an electric current), arterial embolization (blocking of blood supply to tumors) are used.

2nd stage.


In the second stage of the disease, the size of the tumor exceeds seven centimeters. Germination of the tumor occurs in the adrenal gland or in perirenal fat. There is no metastases. The 5-year prognosis for survival is 74%. Treatment of kidney cancer stage 2 is surgery. As a rule, the entire kidney is removed with adherent fatty tissue and adrenal glands (if necessary). This operation is carried out both the open way and with the help of laparoscopic instruments or a da Vinci robot.

3rd stage.


Third stage of renal cancer is characterized by the spread of cancer cells to the lymph nodes, adrenal gland, renal or vena cava. Tumor significantly increases in size, but still does not extend beyond the limits of the renal capsule. The 5-year survival rate does not exceed 53%.

    Foreign clinics use the following main methods of treatment in stage 3 kidney cancer:

  • radical nephrectomy (removal of the entire kidney along with lymph nodes and vessels);
  • radiotherapy (destruction of cancer cells by ionizing radiation);
  • targeted therapy (use of targeted drugs that act directly on cancer cells, and not on the whole body);
  • radiosurgery (high-dose, targeting cancer-affected tissue);
  • immunotherapy;
  • chemotherapy;
  • hormone therapy.
Kidney cancer stage 4.


This stage of the disease is among the disseminated. It is the most severe and is accompanied by rapid growth of the tumor. There are metastases in the brain, lungs, liver, intestines, pancreas and bones. 5-year survival does not exceed 10%.
In foreign clinics and medical centers, treatment of disseminated kidney cancer is carried out with the help of surgical intervention, as well as auxiliary oncotherapy. The main surgical methods of treating this pathology include: cytoreductive nephrectomy (removal of the maximum possible tumor volume and metastases) and radical nephrectomy.
For the treatment of kidney cancer metastasis of the last stage, immunotherapy or targeted therapy is used. If the tumor is inoperable, then a decision is made about the prescription of palliative therapy, which will reduce pain and prolong the life of the patient.

cytoreductive nephrectomy



High accuracy of diagnosis is one of the key advantages of foreign medical centers, on which the success of oncotherapy as a whole depends. It is important that all foreign medical institutions that treat kidney cancer are equipped with the latest technology. They provide a wide range of therapeutic and surgical procedures aimed at eliminating this pathology. Innovative minimally invasive methods of treating kidney cancer used in foreign hospitals allow operations with minimal risks to the patient’s health.

To properly select a foreign clinic for the treatment of kidney cancer, as well as to establish a connection with it, you need to turn to professionals involved in medical tourism. MediGlobus specialists understand the price of time for cancer patients. Therefore, our doctors in the shortest possible time will establish connection with the necessary medical center and will do everything to make your trip for treatment as comfortable as possible.

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