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Akh Vienna General Hospital
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Akh Vienna General Hospital

Austria, Vienna

Clinic Review

infrastrucuture of akh vienna general hospital

Vienna General Hospital AKH (Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien, AKH Clinic) was founded in 1693 by Leopold I. For 325 years of existence it has become an advanced clinic in Vienna, known far beyond its borders.

The hospital is one of the leading Austrian general health facility, which receives approximately 1,5 million outpatient and over 100,000 inpatients from around the world every year.

Here - the latest generation equipment, accurate diagnosis of diseases, even in the early stages, modern methods of treatment, innovative drugs. And also constant improvement of the provided medical services and affordable prices - that's why foreign patients prefer the clinic AKH over others.

The hospital provides effective assistance to patients in accordance with international quality standards. Over 9,000 people work here, 1,600 of which are Austrian doctors with vast experience. The average length of patient stay in hospital is about 5 days.

Features of the Clinic

AKH Vienna Oncology Center

AKH Vienna Oncology Center began functioning in 2011. Each year over 7,500 patients from all over the world come here to get assistance. All kinds of cancers from 1st till 4th stage are treated with the help of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, drug therapy, minimally invasive and open surgery.

In the radiological department of AKH Vienna Oncology Center, a patient can be diagnosed with the most modern MRI. The procedure is faster and more pleasant for the patient in comparison with older models.

The specialists of the clinic are leading Austrian oncologists who regularly carry out research in the field of cancer therapy and participate in international researches.The patients of the AKH Vienna Oncology Center always have access to innovative drugs and improved existing treatment technologies.

The procedure is faster and more pleasant

 high-precision radiation therapy with visual control

In the summer of 2019, AKH hospital was equipped a new linear accelerator for high-precision radiation therapy with visual control. The new accelerator takes 3D and 4D images of the tumor, and also synchronizes information about the respiration and movement of the tumor. Now, radiotherapy in the AKH hospital is as safe as possible for patients.

AKH Hospital also participated in a worldwide breast cancer study. With the support of the MedUni Vienna, oncologists have refuted the popular stereotype and proved that the type of anesthesia does not affect the chance of breast cancer recurring. Both regional anesthesia and opioid anesthesia are safe for patients with breast cancer. The results can be found in the top journal "The Lancet".

Also, for more effective treatment of cancer, doctors at the AKH hospital pay special attention to communication between the doctor and the patient. They believe that if the patient is as informed as possible about the disease and his condition, his chances of recovery will increase. A department for a Cancer Nurse was created to support patients. For each patient in the AKH hospital, there are several nurses who support him throughout the course of treatment.

Radiotherapy in AKH Vienna

    Akh Vienna General Hospital IGRT (radiotherapy under visual control) is a method that prevents the effect of irradiation on healthy tissues, since it allows to determine the exact location of the malignant formation and focus the rays directly onto the tumor. During the irradiation of a tumor, the doctor can adjust the direction of radiation, which increases the accuracy of irradiation of the tumor. This type of radiation therapy is especially effective for the treatment of lung, liver, prostate cancer, as well as tumors that are close to vital organs.

    Akh Vienna General Hospital IMRT (radiotherapy with modulated intensity) - allows to minimize the irradiation of healthy cells, because it uses computer-controlled linear accelerators to direct the exact doses of irradiation of malignant tumors or specific areas within the formation. This makes it possible to direct higher doses of radiation to the tumor and more efficiently to destroy cancer cells in comparison with traditional methods of radiotherapy. IMRT is used in the Viennese AKH clinic for the treatment of prostate cancer, head and neck tumors, and the central nervous system.

    Akh Vienna General Hospital SBRT (Hypotraction Stereotactic Radiation Therapy) - stereotactic radiotherapy, which allows you to accurately calculate the trajectory and intensity of radiation. Provides a minimum of side effects, a short course of treatment and a quick recovery of the patient. It is used to treat breast cancer, metastasis of the brain and metastasis in the liver.

    Akh Vienna General HospitalSIRT (selective internal radiation therapy) is a method that is used to effectively treat liver cancer by injecting through a catheter special small radioactive microspheres directly into the hepatic artery, which stop the blood flow to the tumor and destroy it.

Radiosurgery in AKH Vienna

    Akh Vienna General Hospital Cyber-knife - performs fast, effective (up to 98% at stages 1 and 2 of the disease), painless, extremely accurate and anesthesia-free treatment of tumors and metastasis. It is used for the treatment of brain tumors, spinal cord, spine, retinal cancer.

    Akh Vienna General Hospital Gamma knife - allows to direct high doses of radiation to benign and malignant brain formations with an accuracy of 1 mm. This accuracy of the direction of the rays makes it possible to minimize their effect on healthy tissues and organs. A gamma knife can be used to irradiate simultaneously several brain tumors. Gamma knife can be used to treat tumors no more than 3.5 cm.

Spinal  and Brain Diseases Treatment in AKH Vienna

nursing at akh vienna hospital

The neurosurgery department at the AKH clinic has been functioning for more than 25 years. Every year, about 10,000 outpatient procedures and over 2,000 operations are carried out here. Some of the best Viennese doctors are involved in the cure of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

This unit is one of the leading in Vienna in the areas of:

    иконка галочкиbrain tumor surgery;
    иконка галочкиvascular neurosurgery;
    иконка галочкиpediatric neurosurgery;
    иконка галочкиepileptic surgery;
    иконка галочкиfunctional neurosurgery;

    PET-MRI examination - allows to quickly detect diseases of the brain and spinal cord at early stages of development, accurately plan surgical interventions and effectively monitor the patient's condition after the end of treatment. Among the advantages: low doses of radiation and high information content.

    CT angiography of cerebral vessels - making it possible to spot and study angiographic signs of various brain diseases. CT angiography of cerebral arteries also leads to clarification of structural and functionality changes in cerebral vessels. It is an additional method of diagnosing brain tumors that are in hard-to-reach places.

    Research with the help of advanced CT apparatus - makes it easy to study the necessary organs of the patient from all sides with the greatest accuracy. The CT method guarantees a clearer visualization of tumors, metastases, bone structures, vessel walls, acute intracranial bleeding. CT scan is also an optimal alternative for patients to whom MRI examination is contraindicated, for example, in the presence of pacemakers and metal implants in the patient's body, and for fear of enclosed spaces.

Cardiosurgery in AKH Vienna

Cardiosurgical operating rooms at the AKH hospital are equipped with the latest technology. For example, the hospital has the latest Azurion angiograph modelinstalled. Azurion takes CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound of the heart during surgery. With it, doctors see what they are doing and control their movements as much as possible.

Heart operations are carried out by a team of specialists, which includes cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthetists, vascular surgeons. Here, both open heart operations and minimally invasive interventions are performed:

    иконка галочкиcoronary artery bypass grafting;
    иконка галочкиvascular stenting;
    иконка галочкиinstallation of pacemakers;
    иконка галочки implantation and reconstruction of heart valves;
modern cardiosurgery program at akh hospital vienna


Diagnostic cost

Procedure Cost
Specialist consultation from €300
MRI from €900
PET-CT from €1,500
Basic Check-up from €850

Treatment cost

Procedure Cost
Chemotherapy €2,500 (per course)
Radiotherapy from €5,000 (per course)
Gamma-knife from €15,000
Cyber-knife from €18,400
Testimonials (2)
Average clinic rating
31 год
Patient Verified
  • 4

Best hospital in fact! I had biggest difficulties with facial nerve and incurable pain made me crazy. I passed 4 surgeries in Romania and did not get any results. surgeon accepted me in his private practice office but surgery was done in... Read more

Austria, Vienna, December 23, 2018
Van Helder
Patient Verified
  • 5

I was in Vienna on a business trip where I felt dizziness and sudden loss of consciousness while working out in my hotel. Although I was brought into my senses in short while but still I insisted to go to clinic for a thorough Checkup. I... Read more

Geneva, October 25, 2018




professor at akh hospital
Prof. Gerhard Prager
Bariatric Surgery
Experience: 20 years
Prof. Klepetko
Prof. Walter Klepetko
Experience: 40 years
Vienna General Hospital (AKH)
Dr. Anne Catharina Dressler
Vienna General Hospital (AKH)
Prof. Engelbert Knosp

Prof. Gerhard Prageris a gastroenterologists and bariatric surgery specialist. He is a Head of the Obesity Outpatient Clinic in Vienna General Hospital (AKH). For his 20 years of practice he provided more than 4,000 operations.


-The IFSO-European Chapter;
-The Austrian Society of Surgery;
-The Austrian Society of Bariatric Surgery;
-The American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery.

Specialization: gastroenterologists and bariatric surgery

Prof. Gerhard Prager
Experience: 20 years
Bariatric Surgery

Prof. Klepetko graduated from the Vienna Medical School in 1978. Since that he had international training experience in Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), Papworth Hospital Cambridge (UK), Queen Mary Hospital (Hong Kong) and Toronto General Hospital (Canada). The professor is an internationally known specialist in extended thoracic surgical procedures and transplantation. Prof. Dr. Walter Klepetko heads the Department of Thoracic Surgery of the Vienna General Hospital (AKH).

Professor Klepetko is leading a worldwide lung transplant program. He has also initiated the program in cooperation with neighboring countries to increase the availability of donor organs. In 2018, he successfully transplanted a lung to three-time Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda.

Specialization: oncology, transplantology

Prof. Walter Klepetko
Experience: 40 years
Dr. Anne Catharina Dressler is one of the leading gynecologists of the Central Vienna Clinical Hospital. Is engaged in the prevention of breast cancer and subsequent control, hereditary cancer of the breast and ovaries.
Specialization of the doctor: gynecological oncology, ovarian cancer, breast cancer.
Dr. Anne Catharina Dressler
Professor Engelbert Knosp is the Head of Neurosurgery Department at the AKH Vienna Central Hospital.
Membership in international organizations:
  • President of the International Academy of Neurological Surgery;
  • Chairman of the International Neuroendocrine Federation of Neurosurgery.

Specialization of the doctor: operations on the brain.
Prof. Engelbert Knosp
Location of the Clinic
Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Wien

AKH hospital is like a medical city in itself which is located in a 30-minute drive from the airport. Located in the beautiful City with gardens and so many places to visit. This calm city has great psychological effects on people arriving from bigger metropolitan cities.


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