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Charité University Hospital
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Charité University Hospital

Berlin, Germany

Clinic Review

Charité University Hospital
Charite - the largest clinic in Europe
, as well as the role model of university hospitals in Germany. The clinic works in conjunction with academic giants such as the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Free University of Berlin.

Charite is known far beyond Germany, as the world renowned doctors have worked here and continue to work here, among them are the 11 Nobel prize winners , this is more than half of all the German Nobel Prize winners in Physiology and Medicine.

The academic status of the clinic means that new researches are conducted together with the universities and innovations are born, which later save thousands of patients lives in the clinic. It is in Charite that diagnostic and treatment methods are available that have no analogues in the world.

Charite is internationally renowned for its excellent practice of teaching future leaders in the field of medicine. The University of Medicine Charite is a unified medical faculty that cooperates with both the Berlin Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin. 
The structure of Charite includes four campuses, as well as about 100 different faculties and institutes, which constitute a total of 17 different centers of medicine in Charite. In 2010, the clinic celebrated its 300th anniversary. Today Charite is one of the largest employers in Berlin. In the centers of the clinic, there are 13,200 employees (or 17,100 people, including subsidiaries), and the total annual turnover is 1.6 billion euros.

Facts and figures of Charite

  • The total area of ​​the clinic's campuses is 540,000 square meters.
  • The clinic has 3,011 beds.
  • Average hospital stay 5.71 days.
  • 9 797 scientists and doctors work in Charite (261 of them are professors), 4 293 nurses, 725 administrative employees.
  • 5 394 children are treated every year.
  • 74,640 operations are carried out annually in Charite.
  • 629 transplantations are performed here.
  • Inpatient treatment in Charite annually 146,000 people.
  • Outpatient treatment in Charité annually has 694,000 patients.
  • The annual income of the clinic is 1.6 billion euros.
  • The clinic invests 153.4 million euros to finance third-party organizations.
  • The clinic spends 203.1 million euros in the form of grants for training and research.
  • 7,000 students are trained in Charite, 1,300 of whom have come from abroad.


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