In recent years, the medical tourism market has gradually shifted to Asia and the Middle East. South Korea alone is visited annually by over 120,000 foreigners on medical visas. The degree of development of medicine in some Asian countries has surpassed the quality and effectiveness of medicine in many developing countries. But at the same time, the cost of therapy is significantly lower than in Europe and Israel. Modern clinics in South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore take huge number of foreigners, and this proves great experience of doctors. The technical equipment of Asian clinics is no worse, and sometimes even better than in the advanced hospitals of Europe. For example, well-known Korean manufacturers Hyundai, LG, Samsung make the best medical equipment, which in first place gets in the hospitals of the country, and then introduced in the world market. How to choose the best among huge number of hospitals? MediGlobus medical experts figured out this issue and ranked the best clinics in Asia.


the best treatment in samsung

Samsung is a huge medical complex in South Korea. Foreigners come here for the treatment of cancer, cardiac diseases, neurosurgical operations and organ transplantation.


Doctors in Samsung are proud of their achievements. For example, the best survival rates in the world for premature babies is demonstrated here.

Doctors of the clinic managed to save the life of a baby with a body weight less than 400 grams born on the 25th week of pregnancy.


Famous doctors of the Samsung Clinic – Professor Kim Duk Kyung (expert in cardiology), Professor Kyu Tae Lee (prominent gastroenterologist and expert in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer), Associate Professor Choi Yong Soo (specialist in the treatment of malignant tumors of the chest, lung transplantation, thoracic and robotic surgery).

Achievements of Samsung Hospital

    • :

    • Specialists of the Samsung Hospital were the first in Asia to successfully implant a portable device to support mechanical circulation.
    • 3000 times, neurosurgeons performed successful surgeries for microvascular decompression during the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve and hemifacial spasm.
    • More than 2,000 successful kidney transplants and 200 heart transplants were performed.
    • In 96% of patients with kidney cancer no relapse is observed after radiofrequency ablation for 24 months.
    • Neurosurgeons conducted more than 1000 successful endoscopic operations for brain neoplasms.

Cost of medical services at Samsung Hospital:

  • MRI (one site) – from $800.
  • PET-CT – from $2,500.
  • Robotic hysterectomy – from $18,000.
  • Kidney removal – from $9,000.
  • Radiation therapy – from $14,000.


the best treatment in severance

Severance is the leading clinic of Korea with more than 130 years of history, which is chosen for treatment by eminent officials of Korea and the world.

The clinic is boasted by use of an advanced technology and the best in Korea in possession latest generation equipment.

For example, in Parkinson’s syndrome, patients are provided with a deep brain stimulation. In epilepsy, tumors of the brain, spinal cord and pituitary, sparing operations are performed using the latest models of intraoperative navigation equipment, neuronavigation, and the Gamma Knife device.


Clinic has over 2,000 doctors, among them Professor Yun Ju Son (he has 20 years of experience in treating women with breast cancer), Professor Kun Ho Ra (chief oncologist and urologist at the clinic with 17 years experience, specialist in minimally invasive and laparoscopic operations ), Professor Sun-Hun Noh (he has 35 years of medical practice and 9,000 operations, an expert in the treatment of gastric cancer and oncological surgery).

Cost of diagnosis and treatment in the clinic Severance


  • Diagnosis of epilepsy – from $2,000.
  • Diagnosis of breast cancer – from $3,000.
  • Removal of the thyroid gland – from $8,000.
  • Breast cancer surgery – from $8,000.
  • Prostatectomy – from $14,000.

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the best treatment in fuda hospital

Fuda Hospital is an advanced cancer treatment center in China. Each year, more than 30,000 patients with various cancers attend this health facility.


This clinic employs the stars in modern medicine, one of them is Professor Zeng Zongyuan. Doctor has been working with patients with tumors of the head, neck, oral cavity and larynx for 40 years.

He developed his own methods of surgery for cancer of the thyroid gland, parotid tumor, facial and cervical hemangioma.

This method is unique in a sense that during surgery, the risk of bleeding is virtually zero.

Specialists of the Fuda Cancer Clinic, apply modern and most effective methods in the treatment of cancer, which are distinguished by safety and low invasiveness:

    • Nano-Knife technology is used to remove tumors in hard-to-reach places;
    • Cryotherapy is used to destroy malignant tumors with cold (more than 10,000 procedures per year);
    • Use of brachytherapy for the destruction of tumors by radiation from the inside;
    • To improve the condition of patients in the latter stages and prolong their life, when operations are contraindicated, new experimental methods are applied;
    • Patient with prostate cancer in the last stage has been living for more than 15 years after treatment at the Fuda Clinic – a record among the indicators of the effectiveness of cancer treatment in the world;
    • Surgeons of this clinic managed to successfully remove the world’s largest tumor on the face weighing 10 kg.

Cost of medical services in Clinic Fuda:

  • PET-CT – from $1,500.
  • Nano-Knife – from $30,000.
  • Brachytherapy – from $200.
  • Immunotherapy – from $3,000.


the best treatment in raffles

The Raffles Clinic in Singapore is deservedly considered one of the best in Asia, which operates in 35 areas, among which the most common are oncology, cardiology, obstetrics, gynecology, orthopedics.

Treatment of cancer in the clinic is of supreme importance. The latest models of CT, PET-CT, MRI scans are available here.

With the help of these devices, doctors can diagnose the most complex types of malignant tumors and carry out effective treatment.

One of the leading oncologists is the Doctor Donald Pan Yu He. He conducts active research work to find effective methods of combating cancer, even in the elderly patients.


Patients from all over the world choose Raffles Clinic for the treatment of cardiac diseases. It includes implantation of pacemakers, heart valve replacement, coronary artery bypass surgery and stenting.


The Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Raffles Clinic offers treatment for diseases of the female reproductive system, and also provides professional support during pregnancy and childbirth.

Infertility in both female and male is also treated here with great success. Under the guidance of Dr. Sheila Loh Kia Ee, a detailed examination of the reproductive system of patients is carried out, the appendages are stimulated to produce eggs, and the procedures for intrauterine insemination are carried out. Clinic create the optimal environment for effective IVF.


    • The Raffles Clinic offers various

check-up options at competitive prices

    . In addition,for foreign patients they constantly announce various discounts.

  • Check-Up Raffles Deluxe package (standard general examination of the body) – from $330.
  • Check-Up Raffles Exclusive package (for identifying risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, ovarian and breast cancer) – from $890.
  • Check-Up Raffles Elite package (for early diagnosis of pathological changes in all major organs of the body) – from $1,250.

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the best treatment in sunchonhyan

Soon Chun Hyang Medical Network in Korea consists of 4 large multidisciplinary clinics. In the university clinic alone in Seoul there are 30 specialized departments for 800 patients. Foreigners come to Soon Chun Hyang for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular pathologies, arthroplasty and treatment of joints, neurosurgery, plastic surgery.

The departments of Soon Chun Hyang hospital are equipped with the best modern equipment, and doctors apply effective methods of therapy. CyberKnife G4, Novalis Tx, Elekta Infinity systems are used to treat cancer.

Plastic surgeons in the reconstructive operations on the face using CT navigation, thereby eliminating the risks of damage to the facial nerves. Soon chun hyang Heart Center has the title of “The Best Clinic for Heart Attack”. Varicose veins are treated here by a special mini-invasive method CHIVA with preservation of veins and blood vessels.

In Center for the treatment of joints diseases and joint replacement at Soon Chun Hyang perform the most complex orthopedic operations and joint replacements. Professor and the “Great Mind of the 21st Century” is working here. Im Sue Jay, orthopedist of the highest category. Over 6,000 successful operations were carried out under his leadership.

Cost of some procedures at Soon Chun Hyang Hospital


  • Diagnosis of a malignant tumor of the cervix – from $3,000.
  • MRI of the brain – from $1,000.
  • Hysterectomy – from $9,000.
  • Brain tumor surgery – from $15,000.
  • Tomotherapy – from $25,000.
  • Hip replacement – from $10,000.


the best asian clinic nunken

Nunken is one of the best multidisciplinary clinics in China. Its main specialization is the treatment of benign and malignant tumors.

Surgeons prefer doing organ sparing operations with preservation of organs and their functions. For example, when removing breast cancer, doctors retain the breast and perform plastic reconstruction. Surgical treatment, non-invasive and drug therapy in cancer is conducted using modern techniques, such as use of Gamma Knife etc. With great efficiency, cancer is treated using hyperthermia therapy, brachytherapy, radiofrequency ablation, embolization, targeted therapy and other advanced methods. Diagnostics is carried out using the latest models of MRI 3 Tesla, CT, PET-CT and vascular angiography units.


Nunken Hospital has the largest rehabilitation center in China, where it is possible to restore patient after stroke and neurosurgical operations. Children with cerebral palsy and patients with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the spine are treated here.

Nunken Hospital present the reflections of modern medicine. Gao Feng, a professor and lead oncologist at the Hospital, has 25 years of experience, more than 10,000 patients. Doctor specializes in conservative and non-surgical methods of treating tumors of the female organs, nasopharynx, lungs, bones, liver, intestines and brain.

Prices of treatment

    in the Chinese clinic “Nunken” are significantly lower compared with the prices in Europe and Israel:

  • PET-CT scans – from $1,800.
  • Biopsy in lung cancer, liver – from $700.
  • Gamma knife – from $6,000-9,000.
  • Neurosurgery for brain tumors – from $7,000-25,000.
  • Removal of intervertebral hernia – from $10,000.

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the best treatment in asan

Asan Clinic is one of the largest in Seoul, which can accommodate 2,700 patients. Foreigners prefer Asan for the treatment of cancer, heart diseases, gastroenterological operations and organ transplantation.

When treating breast cancer in the Asan clinic, 70% of operations are performed with preservation of the affected organ.

In the gastroenterology department, surgeons most often choose minimally invasive surgical techniques. For example, Crohn’s disease in 50% of cases can be cured with laparoscopy, after which it takes only a week to recover. Dr. Yoon-Koo Kang is involved in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers.

In the Asan Medical center 45% of heart transplants are performed among all the medical centers of South Korea. It is also worth mentioning that the survival rate during the first 3 years after liver transplantation is 98%.


In 2015, transplantologists of Asan were the first in Korea to successfully perform a simultaneous transplant of a liver, heart, and lung. The success of operations on the replacement of the aortic valve of the heart through a catheter is 97-98%. The leading cardiac surgeon of the clinic is Duk-Hyung Kang.

Estimated cost of treatment

    in the clinic Asan:

  • Resection of the large intestine – from $14,000.
  • Breast tumor removal – from $10,500.
  • Surgery for sarcoma – from $7,500.


the best treatment in Asia

Bangkok Hospital – the largest medical center in Thailand, operating in all major medical specialties. Foreigners prefer to treat cardiovascular diseases, cancer, skin diseases and plastic surgery here. Leading experts of Bangkok Hospital are Professor Chanavat Tejavibulya (oncology), Professor Cherdchai Luangwatanapong (orthopedics), Dr. Ulan Jane Bovorn (Cardiology).


Bangkok Hospital has a leading Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Department in Thailand. Here they perform unique operations on the heart and blood vessels.

For example, doctors perform coronary artery bypass grafting without stopping the heart, providing patients with the highest degree of safety.


In the diagnosis of breast cancer, doctors use a unique digital mammography machine with tomosynthesis, which allows determining the location of the tumor and its size with high accuracy.

During laparoscopic operations, surgeons use a 3D video system improving the accuracy of manipulations and reduces the time of the surgery. This system has been particularly effective in removing prostate cancer. Intraoperative navigation systems O-arm, Stealth, NIMS Eclipse allow high-performance spinal surgery.

Cost of diagnosis and treatment at Bangkok Hospital


  • MRI of the spine – from $500.
  • Cardiological examination – from $180.
  • Coronary stenting – from $9,000.
  • Knee replacement – from $10,000.


the best plastic surgery center ID Hospital

ID Hospital is a well-known plastic surgery center in Korea and abroad, the only holder of a national certificate from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


Before each operation, patients undergo a series of necessary tests. Clinic offers 3D-CT, MRI, X-ray, equipment for examining the heart, bone density, mammography.

Specialists and doctors of ID Hospital pass an obligatory accreditation of the national commission and have extensive experience before permission to conduct operations. The head physician of the clinic, Professor Sang Hoon Park, is a highly qualified plastic surgeon and Ph.D. in the Medical Faculty of Seoul National University. Professor collaborates with the Faculty of Plastic Surgery at the New York University Medical Center and the University of Texas at Dallas.

ID Hospital carries out face form correction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, mammoplasty, etc. Following technologies deserve special attention:

    • Method of standardization of the face (copyright technique of the ID Hospital) for the individual determination of the ideal shape of the nose before rhinoplasty.
    • The operation “Bambi” correction of the shape and cut of the eyes takes place in several stages and eliminates the risks of seam divergence and other postoperative complications.
    • Mammoplasty with a perfect round shape with a seductive Y-shaped space between the breasts. During mammoplasty, the clinic uses a Full HD endoscope, which minimizes the risks of complications.

Cost of plastic surgery at ID Hospital:

  • Rhinoplasty – from $3,000.
  • Eyelid surgery – from $1,700.
  • Mammoplasty – from $7,000.

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the best treatment in uridyl hospital

Wooridul Hospital is South Korea’s largest specialized center for the treatment of the spine and joints; it is in the Top 10 best clinics for foreign patients and in the Top 30 clinics with the best technical equipment. Doctors use modern equipment for 3D visualization and neuromonitoring during surgery, so that the efficiency of operations increases to 93%.


Cancer diseases of the spine are successfully treated with the help of the radiosurgical unit Cyber-knife of the 4th generation.

Unique diagnostic system in 5 stages allows them to get the most reliable data about the disease (accuracy over 90%) minimizing the probability of error.


In the treatment of spine, sparing effective methods are used – endoscopic interventions, laser treatment, conservative and drug therapy. Arthroscopy is carried out through micro punctures with a diameter of less than 1 cm when diagnosing and treating diseases of the joints.


Immediately after treatment, patients are referred for rehabilitation in the Wooridul clinic. Most of the doctors of the clinic have been practicing for the past 30 years and are the authors of many scientific works and developments used by doctors all over the world. The head doctor of the wooridul clinic in Seoul is a talented neurosurgeon, Dr. Kim Ho-Jin.

Cost of examination and treatment

    at the hospital wooridul in Seoul:

  • MRI of the spine – from $600.
  • Removal of intervertebral hernia – from $9,800.
  • Removal of the spinal disc – from $9,500.
  • Surgery for scoliosis – from $21,000.

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