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Raffles hospital
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Raffles hospital

Singapore, Singapore

Clinic Review

Raffles hospital is the leading medical institution in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It provides all types of medical care in 35 specialties. Raffles hospital established specialized centers to treat the most common diseases. Each center works on the principle of "all in one" and provides comprehensive medical care.



Lobby at Raffles hospital Singapore

Treatment in the Raffles Hospital is carried out according to international protocols and is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of specialists. This clinic is considered the most modern in the region and is equipped with the latest generation equipment. The hospital has inpatient wards, birth and operating rooms, resuscitation, neonatal resuscitation, dental clinics, a radiology department, its own laboratories, pharmacies and rehabilitation halls.

The Raffles Clinic in Singapore is the TOP-destination of medical tourism for patients from all over the world. 35% of all hospital patients are foreign citizens who come here from more than 100 countries. Foreign patients receive medical care on the same day or the day after the admission.

Particular attention in the hospital is paid to the treatment of diseases from obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, oncology and orthopedics. The hospital carries out the most complex procedures with a high level of success: brain surgery, targeted cancer treatment, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and infertility treatment.

Being a member of international Mayo Clinic Care Network, Raffles have access to consultations with the best american specialists.

International patients compose over 35% of all patients trated there. People from more than 100 countries worldwide entrust their health to Raffles.

An emergency department is working 24 hours a day at the hospital. In addition to traditional medical care, Chinese medicine is also available at the Raffles Clinic.


    иконка галочкиmore than 750,000 patients yearly; 

    иконка галочкиover 35 fields of diagnostics and treatment;  

    иконка галочкиMore than 26 specialised medical centers worldwide;  

    иконка галочки1010 medical specialists.  


The advantage for foreign patients is the convenient location of the clinic: it is located in the center of Singapore, which is 15 minutes drive from Changi Airport. The Raffles Clinic rooms in Singapore meet the standards of a 5-star hotel. Patient can independently choose among single, double, triple, four, five- and six person wards. To provide individual assistance to international patients and meet non-medical needs during their stay in the hospital, a personal concierge is working with each patient.


    награда клиники Joint Comission International (JCI) Accreditation;
    награда клиникиbizSAFE Level 3 in Workplace Safety and Health;
    награда клиники Global Health and Travel Award 2016;  
    награда клиникиForst & Sullivan Singapore Hospital of the Year 2016;
    награда клиники Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore Award 2007-2016;
    награда клиникиPartnerships with the Ministry of Health of Singaport and Mayo Clinic Care Network.

Features of the Clinic



Oncology at raffles hospital singapore

Treatment of cancer patients in the Raffles Clinic is carried out by a team of specialists of various specialties. All the latest innovations in the treatment of cancer are available in the hospital. It is important to note that in Raffles Clinic they also treat oncohematological diseases and carries out all types of bone marrow transplantation. The structural units of the clinic, which are important in the treatment of cancer are located in one place, which makes the treatment process more convenient.

The complex of necessary medical oncological care provided in the clinic includes ultra-precise diagnostics of diseases, medical research, tumor surgery, treatment according to an individually designed program, patient care, oncological rehabilitation and palliative therapy in the advanced stages.

The focus of doctors of Raffles' is malignant tumors of the head and neck, chest and lung organs, gastrointestinal tract and female organs. To carry out qualitative diagnostics and therapy, the clinic is equipped with modern technology:

    иконка галочки CT;  

    иконка галочки PET-CT (FDG-PET, PET without FDG, PET scintigraphy of the skeleton);  

    иконка галочки Siemens-Skyra 3 Tesla MRI.  

One of the most prominent oncologist of clinics is Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee.

The hospital has a support program for cancer patients, which includes psychological care.


At the Raffles Hospital, it is possible to undergo a modern diagnosis of heart functioning and get individual treatment that will be most effective in a particular case.

A team of experienced hospital specialists helps with arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol level, as well as other problems in the body’s functioning.

Specialists here successfully installs pacemakers, defibrillators and cardiac implants, performs aorto-coronary artery bypass grafting, stenting and heart valve replacement.


The Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology at Raffles specializes in providing effective care for women's diseases, including surgical intervention. Also the center is one of the best in the country for keeping pregnancy and childbirth.

The Raffles Family Planning Center offers all the opportunities available today to address the infertility problems of the couple.

The center is managed by a popular reproductive specialist Dr. Sheila Loh Kia Ee. The doctor has the appropriate certification for IVF procedures, and is also a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the UK.

Specialists of the clinic achieved special success in diagnosing problems of conception. The family planning center has been awarded the "Accreditation for Australian Reproductive Technologies" certificate and also meets the requirements of the Society for Fertility and Reproductive Technologies of Australia.

In addition to infertility treatment, all kinds of IVF (artificial insemination), freezing and cryopreservation of embryos and seminal fluid are carried out at the Family Planning Center.

Obstetrics and gynecology, infertility treatment at Raffles medical center


The Raffles Orthopedics Center is one of the most sought-after specialized centers of the clinic. To provide effective assistance to patients with orthopedic problems, advanced technologies of minimally invasive interventions, high-quality orthopedic materials are collected here, as well as easily available expertise of the best orthopedists of the country with many years of experience.

The Center effectively treats the problems of the knee, hip, shoulder and elbow joints, performs operations on the spine, treats hand injuries and also helps with sports injuries. In Raffles, superficial arthroplasty of the joints, their complete replacement as well as minimally invasive endoprosthetics are possible.

A separate advantage of the Raffles Orthopedics Center is access to additional therapies, such as physiotherapy, ergotherapy, acupuncture and more.


Prices for medical treatment in Singapore are much more afforadble than in Western countries. In comparison with Germany or the USA, you can save up to 40%, and in comparison with the Great Britain, the prices are 60% lower.


Consultation with a specialist$120-300
Complex check-upfrom $500
Heart check-upfrom $850
MRIfrom $700
PET-CTfrom $1,000
Birth deliveryfrom $7,900
Cataract surgeryfrom $5,500
Physiotherapyfrom $100
Chemotherapyfrom $1,650
Da Vinci surgery for prostate cancerfrom $11,200
Testimonials (2)
Average clinic rating
Seidi Magori
26 years
Patient Verified
  • 4

Excellent hospital with 24/7 emergency department. The doctors are very professional but humble. They also have their own pharmacy. Many patients, so the waiting time can be a bit lengthy.

Singapore, Singapore, December 8, 2019
Colin Hong
Patient Verified
  • 4

The medical professionals working there are very good. Especially the dentists. The hospital itself is very modern0looking and is really huge. Delicious food in the cafeteria.

Singapore, Singapore, November 13, 2019


ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 9001 Quality Management System


raffles hospital
Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien
Experience: 11 years
raffles clinic singapore
Dr. Sheila Loh Kia Ee
Obstetrics and gynecology
Experience: more than 20 years
raffles hospital
Dr. Sittampalam Krishnamoorthy
Orthopedics and traumatology
Experience: more than 25 years
Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee
Experience: 22 years
Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien is a leading oncologist, with a specialization in gynecological oncology at the Raffles Clinic.
She graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1996. Then she studied in the UK at the Royal College of Physicians. In 2017 she was accredited as an oncologist.
She practiced at the National Cancer Center of Singapore (NCCS). She worked as an invited doctor at the KKWCH (Gynecological Center for Cancer and Breast Disease) and at the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien worked for 5 years in a hospice for oncological NCCS.
She was also studying abroad at the General Hospital (MGH), USA. Together with the group of oncologists of this hospital, Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien took part in conducting clinical trials of new drugs and strategies for the treatment of gynecological cancer at the molecular level.
Specialization of the doctor: breast oncology, gynecological tumors, psychosocial oncology, palliative medicine.
Dr. Lynette Ngo Su Mien
Experience: 11 years
Specialist in infertility treatment and assisted reproductive technologies in Raffles clinics. The doctor runs the Family Planning Center.
Under her guidance, the Center performs diagnostic functions of reproductive organs, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, ovulation stimulation, hyperovulation and intrauterine insemination, IVF, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, gamete and embryo cryopreservation and other procedures.
Dr. Sheila Loh Kia Ee has the appropriate accreditation for IVF procedures. This popular reproductive specialist is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Great Britain. The doctor speaks English.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • Council of the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists;
  • Commission of Experts on the Accreditation and Licensing of Supplementary Reproductive Programs under the Ministry of Health of Singapore;
  • Asian expert organization on fertility;
  • Executive Committee of the Asia-Pacific Archaeological Reproduction Program;
  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Great Britain;
  • Fertility community in Australia.

Specialization of the doctor: infertility treatment and assisted reproductive technologies.
Dr. Sheila Loh Kia Ee
Experience: more than 20 years
Obstetrics and gynecology
Top orthopedist of the Raffles Clinic. More than 30 years in orthopedics. He held managerial positions in famous clinics such as Alexandra Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital. He is recognized in the country as an expert in sports medicine and has been advising the leading national sports organizations for many years.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • Football Association of Singapore;
  • Singapore Sports Council Advisory Committee;
  • Asian Football Confederation.

Specialization of the doctor: adult reconstructive surgery (thigh and knee), spinal surgery, arthroscopic surgery and sports injuries.
Dr. Sittampalam Krishnamoorthy
Experience: more than 25 years
Orthopedics and traumatology
The leading oncologist at the Raffles Clinic in Singapore, who treats all types of malignant tumors. Specialist interests include geriatric oncology - treatment of elderly patients with cancer.
Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee graduated from the National University of Singapore. He underwent special training in the field of medical oncology at the National Oncology Center in Singapore (NCCS), and then practiced with the NCCS before starting his private practice in 2010.
Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee served as medical director of the Singapore Cancer Society from 2007 to 2009. Also, the doctor is the founding president of the Geriatric Oncology Society in Singapore.
For his achievements in medical practice, Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee was awarded the Humanity Healthcare Award in 2006 and in 2009 received the STAR Excellent Service Award. A well-known physician who also developed a special geriatric oncology treatment program, for which he was awarded the SingHealth HMDP award at the Moffitt Cancer Center, USA (USA).
Also known oncologist conducts numerous clinical studies of new cancer treatment methods, the results of which are published by the most authoritative world scientific publications.The doctor speaks English.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • Singapore Cancer Society;
  • Society of Geriatric Oncology in Singapore;
  • International Society of Geriatric Oncology.

Specialization of the doctor: sarcoma, melanoma, stomach oncology, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer, neuroendocrine cancer, geriatric oncology.
Dr. Donald Poon Yew Hee
Experience: 22 years
Location of the Clinic
1 Fusionopolis Way, #B1-04, Singapore 138632

Raffles Clinic is conveniently located in the center of Singapore, which is a 15-minute drive from Changi Airport. The rooms of the Raffles Clinic in Singapore meet the standards of a 5-star hotel.

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