Tel Aviv for overseas patients is represented as a city where Israel’s leading medical centers are assembled. And this is actually the case – here the largest clinics are located where they offer treatment for diseases of different specialties. Tel Aviv doctors successfully deal with both adult and pediatric patients.


What resulted in the popularity of local clinics? Foreigners prefer the hospitals of Tel Aviv for number of reasons, the main reasons being the innovativeness and safety of therapies and the success of treatment in even the most complex diseases under a high level of service. The clinic staff speaks several languages, which makes it easier for patients and specialists to communicate. Many medical centers here are accredited by the highest certification body – the JCI Commission. Read in our article about the leading hospitals of the city!


Multidisciplinary State Medical Center Sourasky is one of the three largest clinics in Israel. The complex occupies more than 250 sq.m. the territory of Tel Aviv and is located in the city center. Every year this clinic is accepting about 1,5 million people for treatment from different parts of the world. Medical care is provided by 6,000 employees, of whom 1,300 are qualified doctors. It employs more than 200 departments, equipped with everything necessary for the treatment of patients with various diseases.


Foreigners choose Ichilov Medical Center for treatment in the following medical areas: oncology; heart surgery; neurosurgery; reproductive medicine; pediatrics and others. In addition to the general hospital, the Ichilov Medical Complex includes specialized centers: the Dana-Dwek Children’s Clinic, the Sammy Ofer Heart Center, the Center of Women’s Health Lis.


A 3D printer (manufactured by STI Laser Industries) is available in the Sourasky Clinic for implantation of printed bones. Recently, such a procedure was carried out for a 10-year-old boy – this is the youngest patient in Israel for whom such technology was applied. This intervention saved the child from disability and amputation of the limb.

Treatment in Tel Aviv


Sourasky medical center in the treatment of cancerous diseases use linear accelerator of the latest generation Novalis TrueBeam STX. This system irradiate the tumor precisely according to its shape and size – the error delivers up to 0.5 mm. This means that the patient’s body does not take radiation exposure completely – healthy tissues are not affected.


The oncologic orthopedic department of the hospital has an O-ARM imaging system. It creates a 3D model of the neoplasm during surgery and reduce the level of radiation. Thanks to O-ARM, it is possible to perform more precise operations, after which patients do not need long-term recovery.


Surgical interventions are performed using minimally invasive techniques. Doctors of Ichilov work with the robotic installation Da Vinci XI – this is the latest version of this equipment. The robot has advanced features and more detailed 3D-HD visualization. In patients who have undergone surgery using the Da Vinci system, the risk of postoperative complications is reduced, since the trauma is minimal.

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Top five clinics of Tel Aviv

Assuta is a multidisciplinary medical network comprising 11 clinics. About 700,000 patients come here every year. Treatment is carried out in the following areas: oncology; orthopedics and traumatology; gastroenterology; gynecology; urology; reproductive medicine and others.


Hybrid operating rooms are built in Assuta clinical network. Their difference lies in the presence of intraoperative imaging systems and facilities for minimally invasive interventions. In such hybrid operating rooms, more gentle surgical procedures are performed that are less invasive.


The staff of the medical center monitors compliance with safety standards, thanks to which Assuta has the lowest infection rate for patients in Israel. NanoKnife technology is available in Assuta for patients with oncological diseases. This is a non-invasive procedure that targets cancer cells with electrical impulses. The clinic also is leading in orthopedics – modern joint replacement surgeries are performed here. Thanks to the well-planned actions of orthopedic surgeons, patients, after joints replacement, quickly return to normal life – usually after 14 days, a person can move independently with the help of a cane. In addition, Assuta conduct an innovative procedure for tendon fusion, which was developed in the United States. With its help, the recovery period is significantly reduced.


The Assuta Medical Center also perform a cardiological operation on implantation of a stimulant capsule (MICRA) – replacing a standard single-chamber pacemaker with electrodes. The capsule is placed in the hypodermic pocket in the chest and electrodes are passed through the veins to the heart.


Ramat Aviv Medical Center is also a multi-purpose hospital. It is located in the northern part of Tel Aviv in the building of the business center “Ramat Aviv” and occupies about 2,400 square meters.


The clinic operates with the support of the Sourasky Medical Center, and also collaborates with the American Medical Laboratory.


Here they carry out treatment in areas such as orthopedics, oncology, cardiology, gynecology, ophthalmology and others.


Doctors in Ramat Aviv use the most effective methods of treatment in cancer – one of those is HIFU-therapy (high-intensity focused ultrasound). This technology allows to influence the formation of ultrasonic waves that destroy pathological cells. In the treatment of prostate cancer, oncologists can use the innovative method of TOOKAD – intravenous infusion of a specialized drug that affects only cancer cells. After this, a controlled photodynamic effect is performed, which leads to the destruction of the affected tissues. In the treatment of the joints diseases, Doctors of Ramat Aviv also prefer using modern methods.

best clinics in Tel Aviv


For example, when treating a shoulder joint, orthopedists of the clinic use InSpace Balloon – implantation of a specialized balloon. It serves as a barrier that reduces the load on the joint and reduces friction. This technology allows them to restore the mobility of the shoulder and remove pain.

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therapy in Tel Aviv

Reuth Rehabilitation Center is a specialized clinic, where they carry out rehabilitation therapy in five specialized departments: neurological, orthopedic, respiratory, oncological, geriatric and postoperative rehabilitation. Reuth is known for its modern approach to rehabilitation and the use of new technical capabilities. Clinic doctors accept even complicated patients for treatment, which other hospitals usually refuse to take because of the critical condition or long time in a vegetative state.


Specialists are engaged in the rehabilitation of patients after coma, stroke, accidents and other cases. Computerized systems are available for patients, for example RE-STEP — it is used to restore walking skills. RE-STEP is a specialized footwear that stimulates the central nervous system in accordance with the parameters set by the doctor individually.


Reuth Rehabilitation Center also offers the possibility of online rehabilitation. This option is implemented with the help of a developed platform on which training sessions for conducting a tele rehabilitation program for patients. In addition, doctors can continue to conduct the course of rehabilitation of the patient at a distance, if a person does not have the opportunity to be constantly in Israel.


The Matzpen Tel Aviv Hospital is the first specialized private clinic that provides treatment in the field of neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. Matzpen has a reputation as Israel’s leading psychoneurological clinic. 

The specifics of the clinic involves a personalized, integrated approach to the patient. It helps to understand each particular case in more detail, and therefore issue the appropriate course of therapeutic procedures.


When treating adults and children, doctors use a multistage program; it includes step-by-step approach to cure or alleviating the patient’s condition.


It is important to note that in the Matzpen clinic special attention is paid to the examination of the patient – often the diagnosis established in the patient’s home country is not accurate.


For example, autism in many developing countries is sometimes mistaken for children’s schizophrenia and it only gets worse for the child from improper treatment.

diagnostics in Tel Aviv


Specialists working in the clinic Matzpen accurately diagnose the disease which contributes to greater success in therapy. Most often, patients from abroad come to Matzpen for treatment of:

  • Panic attacks;
  • Depression;
  • Bulimia;
  • Schizophrenia;
  • Autism;
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder;
  • General anxiety disorder in children;
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children.

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