Turkey is among the top five countries in the field of medical tourism. This is confirmed by 43 clinics that are internationally accredited by JCI. On average, Turkey receives 700,000 thousand foreign patients per year and the number is only growing. The country’s popularity among the foreign patients has increased due to the high quality of medical services. Continuous investments (about 20,000,000 $ / per year), adaptation to latest equipment and advanced training of doctors have made Turkey a serious competitor to the giants in medicine such as Germany, Israel and the USA.


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Quick diagnosis is one of the reasons why patients choose Turkish clinics. There is no need to wait several weeks to conduct, for example, an MRI or PET-CT examination, since the examination process takes place within 3-4 days.


A person can feel comfort from the moment of first arrival in the country. He is met at the airport and provided with a transfer to the clinic or hotel. After arriving, each patient is assigned a personal coordinator and if necessary, an interpreter. Each room has its own bathroom, Wi-Fi, TV and a comfortable bed.

In case of hospitalization, food is included in the cost of treatment and involves the specially prescribed diet. It is worth mentioning that in the presence of an accompanying person, the clinic provides him with a separate room or sofa for free alongside the patient who is being treated.

And the price includes meals for two people in such cases. Turkish hospitals can take medical reports without translation, which speeds up the decision-making process for a diagnosis or treatment.


Turkish hospitals follow the American protocols and use drugs that are manufactured in the United States or replace them with certified Turkish counterparts. This means that patients are treated based on the latest advancements in medicine: targeted drugs are selected that have fewer side effects (they do not affect healthy tissues and organs).

Clinics are equipped with the latest generation devices: PET-CT, MRI 3 Tesla, Cyberknife and Gamma knife, TrueBeam, Da Vinci robot surgeon etc. Many patients from the developing countries, for example, with an oncological diagnosis, get a second chance of life from here, although in their own country the diagnosis could sound like a death sentence. Due to access to the latest equipment, continuous upgradation and an integrated approach, the percentage of recovery in the treatment of cancer in Turkey has reached 80%.

Zeeshan Zaman, CEO of MediGlobus, shared with us a successful story of cancer cure in Turkey:

    “A woman from Libya, whose was suspected with breast cancer, turned to us. From investigations at home, only ultrasounds and few basic tests were performed. Therefore, after talking with the lady, we sent her request to the Koç University Hospital (Turkey), where treatment was planned, and few days later the patient went for the examination. In the clinic she underwent laboratory tests (tumor markers, biochemical and genetic analyzes), and she also underwent MRI, PET-CT and a biopsy.

    According to the results of the examination, the council of doctors confirmed the presence of breast cancer stage 2A. It was decided to conduct a mastectomy (removal of the breast). The patient was worried about the consequences of the operation and psychologists were involved in the case. The work of the psychologist helped the woman to cope with stress, and on the same day the doctors performed an operation with subsequent reconstruction of the breast (implant installation). The patient underwent a rehabilitation course (about 3 weeks) and was very pleased with the result of the reconstruction in the control examination.

    This is just one example of successful treatment, but Turkish doctors show excellent results in many areas. An important point is the comfort of the patient during his stay. Turkey in this regard copes perfectly well, organizing diagnostics and treatment according to the “All inclusive” system. 

    Not only oncology, but also transplantology, neurosurgery, IVF, general and plastic surgery are powerful areas of diagnosis and treatment in Turkey. For example, the Koc University Hospital holds primacy in the field of transplantology. The team of transplantologists is headed by Professor Münci Kalayoğlu. Doctors of the clinic transplanted liver and kidneys, as well as bone marrow. During their practice, the doctors transplanted about 6,000 organs, and the success rate of operations is 90-98.9%.

    More information about the treatment of oncology abroad, read our article: Where to treat cancer abroad and how much does it cost?


    Turkish hospitals meet international quality standards, as proved by numerous certificates and increased patient flow. Compared to Germany, Israel and America, treatment in Turkey will be 30-35% cheaper, and the conditions and methods will be the same.



    Процедура Стоимость
    Specialist Consultation $120
    PET-CT $ 700 – $ 800
    Mastectomy $9,000 – $10,000
    Prostatectomy $11,000
    Prostatectomy (Da Vinci Robot) $15,000
    Microsurgery of the brain $18,000


    Процедура Стоимость
    Specialist Consultation €500
    PET-CT €1,450
    Mastectomy €14,000
    Prostatectomy €17,000
    Prostatectomy (Da Vinci Robot) €19,000
    Microsurgery of the brain €25,000


    Процедура Стоимость
    Specialist Consultation $860
    PET-CT $1,800
    Mastectomy $ 12,000 – $ 14,000
    Prostatectomy $20,000
    Prostatectomy (Da Vinci Robot) $25,000
    Microsurgery of the brain $35,000


    We mentioned at least 5 reasons that confirm the quality of Turkish medicine – the qualifications of doctors, the speed of diagnosis, the latest equipment, the use of modern protocols and more affordable prices. Patients’ choice is influenced by a feeling of comfort, lack of a language barrier and a pleasant Turkish climate. The combination of these factors annually attracts more and more foreigners and suggests high level of medical services in Turkey.

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