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Reuth Rehabilitation Center
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Reuth Rehabilitation Center

Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Clinic Review

Reut rehabilitation center is the leader among the provision of medical assistance for the rehabilitation of patients after stroke, spinal cord and brain injuries as well as professional care for chronically ill patients. The clinic was founded by the non-profit organization Reut in 1961. For more than 55 years, Reuth has continued to be the only one-of-its-kind specialized center that helps patients restore to a full potential recovering physically and psychologically.

Today Reuth Rehabilitation Clinic is a huge center that can provide quality medical care to more than 1,500 patients a year. At the same time, up to 350 patients can be hospitalized there.

Pecularities of treatment in Reuth Rehabilitation Center

Reuth Rehabilitation Center
A special sign of the quality of the center of Reuth is the accreditation of JCI (Joint Commission International), which confirms the availability of modern technologies, highly qualified personnel and highest standards of service in the clinic.

Reuth also is one of the clinic partnering with the Medical School of Tel Aviv University.

The largest center for lung ventilation of Israel is located here. This fact makes Reuth a unique medical institution for patients with chronic lung diseases and progressive neuromuscular diseases.

One of the important features of the clinic is that patients of Reuth have the opportunity to live outside of medical facilities and visit only for the conduction of procedures. Thanks to this, patients enjoy rest in Israel, lead a normal life while receiving the necessary therapy.

The Reuth rehabilitation center works on the principle of providing comprehensive care. This means that the patient receives a therapy directed not only at physiological restoration, but also cognitive rehabilitation. The goal of the clinic is to improve the patient's quality of life, restore full functionality and freedom.

Reuth Medical Center has gathered specialists for qualitative care of patients who specialize in all stages and aspects of rehabilitation. These are rehabilitologists,  physiotherapists, professional therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, sexologists, neurologists, orthopedic specialists, specialists in geriatrics and respiratory medicine. Also the center has specialists in social work.

The rehabilitation center Reuth provides help to patients with:

  • neurological damage (post-stroke patients, patients with trauma to the skull and brain, neurosurgical problems, patients in coma or vegetative conditions);
  • back injury (patients after surgery, vertebral column and spinal cord injuries);
  • orthopedic problems (patients after fractures or amputation, joint replacement, prosthetics, burns);
  • geriatric problems (elderly patients), respiratory diseases.

Rehabilitation center Reuth leads in these specialties:

  • therapy and medical care for patients who require prolonged mechanical ventilation;
  • professional medical care for chronic patients of any age;
  • postoperative therapy for chronic ulcers;
  • treatment of wounds of any origin;
  • chronic pain therapy;
  • restoration of sexual function.

Features of the Clinic

Individual approach to patients in Reuth Rehabilitation center

Reuth Rehabilitation Center

The work with each patient in Reuth clinic is based on the principle of individual approach. For those who prefer to stay in the clinic, and not live outside, clinic create maximum comfort and also provide the opportunity to accommodate relatives. In the medical center there is a choice of a single room for maximum comfort and privacy. For each patient, a dietitian creates an individual nutrition program.

Particular attention in the clinic is given to people with disabilities who had this status recently . They are helped to re-enter society, socialize and live as comfortable as possible, without sense of inferiority.

Reuth developed a special scheme to work with patients in the clinic:

  • admission to the rehabilitation center;
  • complete patient's diagnosis;
  • choosing an individual rehabilitation plan, taking into account the wishes of the patient and his family;
  • performing rehabilitation therapy stage by stage;
  • constantly informing the family about the course of rehabilitation;
  • training family for special care at home;
  • recommendations of a specialist for the future.

Rehabilitation Therapy in Reuth clinic

Rehabilitation therapy includes physiological, socio-hygienic and speech therapy. One of the unique features of rehabilitation programs at the Reuth clinic is the use of professional skills of all members of a multidisciplinary team for a particular patient.

Reuth rehabilitation center uses following methods of rehabilitation therapy:

  • physiotherapy (restoration of motor functions);
  • occupational therapy (restoring the skills for everyday tasks);
  • speech therapy (restoration of normal speech);
  • Snoezelen therapy (restoration of the sensory apparatus);
  • professional medical care (assistance in the functioning of people with disabilities on the basis of special medical knowledge);
  • pain therapy;
  • therapy with animals (inclusion in the program of interaction with specially trained animals);
  • electrodiagnostics laboratory (check the passage of electrical impulses in the muscles and the rate of conduction of the nerve);
  • music therapy;
  • art therapy.

Unique technologies for rehabilitation in Reuth Center 

Reuth Rehabilitation Center
The Clinic Reuth has the latest technology and training equipment for fast and effective rehabilitation.

RE-STEP: is a computerized "Repeat step" system that helps patients recover walking skills. The system is a pair of shoes and a computer program.

Pistons are built in the sole of shoes which change the angle of the foot when walking. The physiotherapist sets the task parameters individually for each patient.

The program is designed to stimulate the central nervous system, which is responsible for walking.

This is due to changes in the "relief" of the surface and by solving the cognitive problems that are part of the training.

Experience shows that training on the "Repeat step" simulator is very effective in treating brain trauma. Some patients show progress after few sessions.

The simulator also effectively helps patients with walking disorders after a stroke, adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy and elderly people with age-related diseases. Therapy is designed for approximately 22 sessions 2 times a week. 

AposTherapy - innovative technology of rehabilitation in orthopedics and sports medicine. AposTherapy is "smart shoes", which forces the muscles to work properly to reduce the burden on the affected joints. AposTherapy is also a non-surgical method of getting rid of back pain and knees after injuries and surgeries.

To pick up shoes, the patient undergoes a special diagnosis, and then the physiotherapist performs an individual selection. The technology of AposTherapy is registered in the Ministry of Health of Israel.

AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill is a unique method of restoring a lower limb after injury with less pain. The track is able to reduce the force of gravity, regulating the sensations of a person's weight from 20% to 100%. This simulator also effectively helps patients with chronic pain or neurological conditions that limit functionality.

In the center online rehabilitation is made available recently. To this end, the clinic has created a special platform, where training is available in the field of orthopedic, neurological and geriatric recovery. This program allows Reuth therapists to conduct treatment and monitor the condition of patients from distance. This helps to avoid frequent visits to a doctor in Israel, especially when the patient is critical to go directly to the clinic.


Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International


Dr. Dov Albukrek
Реабилитация в Израиле у Профессора Жан Жака Ватина
Prof. Jean-Jacques Vatine
prof. ari orhi
Prof. Avi Orhi
Experience: 40 years
Dov Albukrek is the director of Israel's Reut Rehabilitation Center. He was a colonel in the medical corps IDFS L.L.C and a pediatric specialist who joined the Israeli army as part of the Atouda program (which combines academic research with military service).
For many years he held high positions: deputy director of the Beilinson Medical Center, senior pediatrician of the Schneider Children's Medical Center and much more. Before heading Ruet, Dr. Dov Albucrek served as medical assistant to the Director-General of the Ministry of Health of Israel.
Specialization of the doctor: pediatrics.
Dr. Dov Albukrek
Top-rehabilitologist of Israel. Professor Jean Jacques Vatine is the director of the outpatient rehabilitation department at Reuth Medical Center. Conducts numerous studies in the field of treatment of neuropathic pain and osteoarthritis.
Specialization: rehabilitation, neuropathic pain, osteoarthritis.
Prof. Jean-Jacques Vatine
Professor, a rehabilitologist with a worldwide reputation. Head of the Rehabilitation Department of Reuth Medical Center, a leading rehabilitation center in Israel. Specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with lesions of the nervous system. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Tel Aviv.
He received the title of professor of rehabilitation medicine. Professor Avi Ori is the official consultant of the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense of Israel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, and the Maccabi Tel Aviv Foundation. Also for a while he was a member of the advisory council on biomedicine in LifeWave Ltd.
Specialization of the doctor: neurological rehabilitation, rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries.
Prof. Avi Orhi
Experience: 40 years
Location of the Clinic
2 Hachayil Blvd, Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv

The rehabilitation center of Reuth has a convenient location: it is only 5-7 km from the coast. A large shopping and entertainment center Azrieli is located in 15 minutes walk from the clinic. On the 49th floor of the building, in which there is a shopping and entertainment center, there is an observation deck with a panoramic view of the city. In 10 minutes from the clinic there is also the a-Tikva market, where you can find many restaurants and cafes.



Reuth Medical Center specialises at rehabilitation.

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Reuth Rehabilitation Center

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