Treating Child, its sleepless nights, constant anxiety and fear. Parents are ready for anything to keep their children healthy. But sometimes it is impossible to cope with a serious illness within the framework of one’s own country – one has to seek help from foreign medical institutions.


More than 90% of the cases in treating children abroad need necessary measures. Lack of modern equipment and experienced doctors makes it impossible to defeat the disease in local hospitals.


Where to treat a child abroad?

Features of the treatment of children abroad

How much does it cost to cure a child abroad?


Choosing a medical facility for treating a child abroad is a difficult and serious task. Not all foreign clinics can provide the necessary medical services and accept this category of patients. Therefore, it is important to identify the specialization of the selected center, and be sure of the doctor’s professionalism who will be treating the child. Following countries occupy the leading positions in the treatment of children abroad:

  • Israel;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • USA;
  • Switzerland;
  • Spain.

Most popular in pediatrics are Israeli clinics. About 50% of parents who bring children for treating abroad, choose this country. Oncology, dermatology, neonatology, orthopedics, cardiology and neurosurgery are well developed here. For example, the Schneider Children’s General Hospital is called the undisputed leader in areas such as:

  • Hematologic oncology;
  • Endocrinology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Transplantology.
the best pediatric clinics abroad

Israel also has the Ichilov Medical Center, which has in its campuses the famous children’s hospital Dana-Dwek. Highly qualified specialists in the field of gastroenterology, oncology and hematology work in this center.
German Medical Institutions also provide high-quality examination and treatment for children at any age. German doctors are known for successfully performing complex heart operations, neurosurgical and plastic procedures. Pediatric departments of the Munich University Hospital and Rechts der Isar Medical Center are among the best in Germany.
Spain also claims to be world leader in pediatric surgery. Back in 1991, a heart transplant for a 2-month-old baby was performed at the University Hospital of Navarra. Thanks to innovative methods of treatment and years of experience, Spanish doctors have achieved tremendous results in the treatment of severe diseases in children.
Every year, various French medical institutions accept thousands of foreign children for treatment. Pediatrics is considered the most developed area of ​​medicine in the country. The American hospital of Paris has a modern pediatric ward, where narrowly specialized specialists – orthopedists, surgeons, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, etc consult patients. This hospital is a prime example of successful combination of the strengths of American and European medicine.


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Foreign medical centers practice painless therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. Doctors of these clinics believe that the pain should not even be in the thoughts of the child. During the investigation phase children are distracted with toys and clowns.


After surgical interventions, pain relievers are individually selected for all patients. Therefore, no matter how difficult the operation is, the child will not experience any discomfort.


Psychological assistance, as well as pedagogical support for children and parents, is an important part of organizing medical care abroad. Positive mental and emotional state of the child is a key component of his speedy recovery.


Most of the foreign clinics are equipped with special gaming zones. So the child can enjoy without thinking about the disease. Creating the most comfortable atmosphere for children is the key.

what is the best pediatric clinic abroad

Children and parents are placed together in comfortable wards. The interior of such wards corresponds to the age and sex of the child. Some hospitals have mini-libraries and computer games in their arsenal.

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foreign medical centers for the child threatment

Most foreign clinics provide treatment for children in the event of full prepayment of their services. Some Turkish and German medical institutions may require only 50% of the cost of treatment.


It is important that the patient pays upon the provision of services, and the initial volume of procedures is calculated to the maximum. Therefore, the total price of therapy abroad may differ from the amount mentioned.


If the documents provided do not allow to calculate the exact amount of child’s treatment, clinic may refuse to provide services.


Treatment of children in Israel and Turkey will be cheaper for parents than, for example, in Germany or in France. It all depends on the experience and qualifications of the specialist, equipment and technologies that will be used in the treatment of the patient.
In order to choose the right clinic and establish contact with foreign doctors leave your query here and specialists of MediGlobus will be happy to provide assistance in collecting all the necessary documents, connect with clinic and organize your trip.


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