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Dental medical tourism is growing in popularity. Thousands of patients from all over the world are choosing foreign clinics for various dental procedures. This is related to the inexpensive quality of medical services as well as access to innovative prosthetics, implants and other ways to create a “Hollywood smile”. Find out where the best dental treatment abroad is available in our article.



Liv Vadistanbul Clinic

Liv Vadistanbul Hospital is a wide-ranging, premium-quality Turkish healthcare facility. It is part of the Liv Hospital holding company. The hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International and certified by the German expert organisation TÜV SÜD.


Liv Valistanbul is renowned for its high quality and safety services for patients. This is confirmed by the Health Tourism Approval Certificate received from the Ministry of Health of Turkey. LIV Vadistanbul’s International Department is there to help with any questions that foreign patients may have during all stages of treatment.


Dentistry is one of the clinic’s priorities. The leading adult and child dentists in Istanbul practice here. 


One such doctor is Cansu Akay Tekin, a paediatric dentist. She is a member of international and national medical organisations, including the Turkish Dental Association. Dr Tekin specialises in early orthodontic treatment, dental crowns and oral health for people with disabilities. She also treats patients with dental trauma.


The Liv Vadistanbul Dental Unit provides a full range of dental treatment and restoration services. The treatment of veneers and lumineers is in particular demand among foreign patients. The department also often performs orthognathic surgery, in particular, to correct jaw deformities that cannot be corrected with dental appliances. 

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Lazurit Dental Centre 

Lazurit Dental Clinic is a highly specialised medical facility located in the Czech capital. It is one of the leading hospitals offering all kinds of diagnostic, restorative and dental services in Prague. Thousands of patients choose the hospital because of its innovative technology and world-class dentists. People come here for:


    иконка галочки detailed dental diagnostics, in particular, 3D tomography, which helps to assess the condition of the jaws, teeth and dental canals; this method also makes it possible to project the results of implantation;  

    иконка галочки dental prosthetics with veneers, bridges, inlays and onlays as well as metal-ceramic and porcelain-free dentures;  

    иконка галочки teeth whitening with the Beyond Plus and Air-flow methods, which allow you to remove stains and other defects without damaging your enamel;  

    иконка галочки treatment of root canals using the OPMI Pico microscope, which helps to precisely repair even the most severe defects, avoiding complications.  


Lazurit welcomes children. In addition to diagnostics and treatment, specialists at the clinic also carry out procedures to prevent the decay of baby teeth and recommend correct cleaning techniques. 


The clinic is run by certified dentists with 10 and 20 years of experience. They provide their services according to international norms and standards.


Many of Lazurit’s specialists are eligible for membership in the Czech Dental Chamber. Among them: 


    Dr Alexei Sedakov

    One of Lazurit’s top specialists in implantology, prosthetics and periodontics. He deals with the placement of veneers, lumineers and other dental onlays.

    Dr Vladimir Sopivnyk

    The leading specialist in restoring teeth with implants and other dental prostheses. He performs endodontic treatment of teeth using modern ProTaper Universal components.

Aesthetic Centre Istanbul

Istanbul Aesthetic Centre is a popular plastic and aesthetic medicine clinic in Turkey. More than four thousand patients from different countries are treated here each year.


Renowned dentists practise in the Aesthetic Centre Istanbul, including Dr Eileen Turan. She specialises in implants, dentures, whitening and fillings. Her experience exceeds 28 years. 


Istanbul Plastic Surgery Centre corrects congenital and acquired abnormalities of the teeth and gums. Digital smile modelling and surgical treatment of joint abnormalities of the jaw that cause bruxism (involuntary teeth grinding in your sleep) are carried out here.


At the Aesthetic Centre, veneers and dental implants are available using the All on Four method. The technology involves the restoration of all teeth in one jaw using dental onlays. These are supported by four titanium rods that are inserted into the gums. The implants are done in just one visit to the doctor.

Estetik International Plastic Surgery Centre 

Besides plastic surgery, Estetik International specialises in dental treatments. The clinic offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for teeth in Istanbul. These are smile projection, removal of dental caries, teeth whitening, veneer placement, etc.


Aesthetics International makes extensive use of innovative CAD/CAM technology for the digital modelling of dental restorations. Thanks to this technique, each dental restoration procedure is perfectly matched to the natural size and shape of the teeth. 

Teknon Hospital 

Teknon hospital has one of the largest dental departments in Barcelona. Here you can not only undergo treatment, but also a complete dental check-up. Based on the findings, the team of doctors develops further tactics for the treatment of dental abnormalities or makes recommendations for their prevention.


To create the perfect smile, Teknon Dentistry performs “Digital Design”. This helps to choose the ideal implants, veneers or other dental onlays for the individual patient.


The clinic uses laser and ozone methods to fight tooth decay at any stage, allowing the maximum amount of healthy tooth tissue to be preserved. Cavities in children are also treated here using air-kinetic technology.


This method involves removing carious tissue under high water and air pressure. This allows the affected tissue to be “washed away”, avoiding direct contact with dental instruments. This treatment is painless and as safe as possible.

Testimonials for dental prosthetics abroad

чехия флаг лечение Hospital: Lazurit Dental Centre
Rating from MediGlobus. Top 5 foreign dental centres Procedure: Dental prosthetics

Rating from MediGlobus. Top 5 foreign dental centres Patient’s age: 45 years
Rating from MediGlobus. Top 5 foreign dental centres Patient from:: Odesa

Olga: “I’ve read many reviews about good dental clinics abroad. However, my choice settled on Lazurit Dental Centre. This is a really good dental clinic. It has modern equipment, friendly staff and nice prices. I needed dentures for three teeth. To tell the truth I was afraid of it. However, everything ended up being as comfortable as possible, easy and painless. The procedure was done under local anaesthesia. I am happy with the result. I can smile freely now. No one even notices that those teeth aren’t my natural ones.”



    иконка галочки Hundreds of thousands of people travel abroad for dental treatment seeking a “Hollywood smile”. Priority countries for this destination include Turkey, Spain and the Czech Republic.  

    иконка галочки According to patient reviews, the top dental clinics abroad include Aesthetic Centre Istanbul, Liv Clinic Vadistanbul, Teknon Hospital, Aesthetic International Plastic Surgery Centre and Lazurit Dental Clinic.  

    иконка галочки Patients often go abroad for dentures or implants, veneers and lumineers, and cosmetic dentistry. Many people are looking for access to innovative technology that allows for quick and virtually painless restoration of teeth. Inexpensive dentistry that provides quality services is another reason why foreigners travel to overseas medical centres for dental treatment.  

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