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Modern veneers can give you a “Hollywood smile” in no time at all. Special dental covers allow you to hide any imperfections in your teeth. They protect the teeth from damage and improve their appearance. Read about how to decide which veneers are best for you and where the best deals are available in Turkey in this MediGlobus article.



Why choose Turkey for veneers?

    иконка галочки A wide choice of dental materials and quality of care. All types of veneers are available in Turkey: composite, ceramic, and zirconia. These dental covers last for 10-20 years or even longer. They are applied according to international standards. Patients, therefore, have virtually no problems with their use.  

    иконка галочки Promptness. Veneers usually take 5 to 7 days to make. The procedure takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. It depends on the type of dental onlay and the amount of work involved.  

    иконка галочки Innovative technology. In Turkey, facial imaging software and digital impressions are used to scan the jaw statically and dynamically. This makes it possible to create a “virtual smile” for the patient and to select the best veneers for them. The 3D printed model of the new dentition is ideal for those who want to fit dental onlays in a single day.  

    иконка галочки Affordable price. The cost of veneers in Turkish clinics is several times lower than in similar European medical centres. The price for a single veneer made of composite materials in Turkey starts at €240. At European dental centres, the price starts at €400.  

    иконка галочки Qualified specialists. The procedure is carried out by certified specialists with considerable experience. They provide medical services in full compliance with modern treatment protocols and use digital equipment that ensures excellent results.  

    иконка галочки The painless procedure of veneer placement. In Turkey, the risks of complications after dental interventions are minimised. The doctors use new anaesthetics that are well tolerated by the patients and do not cause any side effects.

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Cost of veneers at Medicana Ataşehir Hospital

Medicana Ataşehir is a wide-ranging clinic that not only accepts Turkish citizens but also aims to work with foreign patients. The Medicana Ataşehir branch has been in operation since 2021.


Veneer placement happens at the Dental Centre. Dr Ayhan Karakullukçu, one of Istanbul’s best specialists in dentures and aesthetic dentistry, practices here. He has over 35 years of experience.


The veneers procedure usually requires several visits. The process begins with an initial consultation, during which the dentist takes a panoramic picture of the teeth and makes a dental impression. This is necessary to identify possible dental problems, correct them and plan further treatment.


The teeth are prepared for the placement of veneers. A small layer of enamel is sanded off. A special cement is applied to the front of the tooth and the dental onlay is attached.

    The initial cost of veneers at the Medicina Ataşehir Hospital is €350.

Price of veneers at Estetik International Clinic

Estetik International is the largest network of plastic and aesthetic surgery clinics in Turkey. One of the medical centre’s priority areas is dentistry.


New technology is used here for rapidly modelling dentures and veneers using the digital CAD/CAM methodology. The software processes the data from the scanner and displays it in 3D. This allows doctors to create a dental onlay that will perfectly match the size and shape of the patient’s teeth.


CAD/CAM technology is designed for the fabrication of zirconia and ceramic veneers. These dental veneers have one of the longest lifespans – approximately 30 years. They are highly durable and resilient, do not wear out and do not discolour. They are more expensive than composite veneers. 


    The cost of dental onlays at Estetik International starts at €300 for composite veneers. Ceramics will cost the patient a few hundred euros more.

How much do veneers cost at Istanbul Aesthetic Center?

Istanbul Aesthetic Center is one of the most sought-after Plastic and Aesthetic medicine clinics in Turkey. More than 4,000 patients from all over the world are treated here every year. The clinic’s popular dental procedures include teeth whitening, veneers and dental implants.


Veneers help correct congenital and acquired imperfections of the smile – darkening, pigmentation and crooked teeth, as well as wide gaps in the tooth line. 


At the Aesthetic Center, the leading specialist in this field is Dr Aylin Turan. She graduated from the Dickle University Faculty of Dentistry and has completed several advanced courses in veneer placement, in particular the “Composite Veneer Restoration Course” (2015) and the “Composite Bonding Course” (2008).


Aylin Turan is a member of the Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. The doctor has over 11 years of experience.


    Veneers at the Istanbul Aesthetic Centre start at €240 per tooth.

Answers to frequently asked questions about veneers

    Are veneers bad for teeth?

    NO. Dental veneers are a great solution for people with pigmented, worn, damaged and uneven anterior teeth. They create an aesthetically beautiful appearance and protect the teeth from external influences, in particular the formation of decay – the main cause of cavities.

    What is the difference between veneers and crowns?

    Crowns completely cover your teeth like a cap. A veneer is a thin plate (0.2-0.5 mm) that is applied to the front of the tooth. For dental onlays, only a small amount of enamel is chipped away; for a crown, almost the entire surface of the tooth is removed.

    Are veneers difficult to care for?

    Definitely NO. The care of veneers is no different from standard oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing twice a day and professional oral hygiene every six months are the basics of proper care for dental veneers. A simple rule to make veneers last as long as possible is to avoid chewing hard objects (nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc.).

    When are veneers contraindicated?

    These dental onlays are not suitable for patients with poor gums and malocclusions. In addition, people who grind their teeth are at risk of chipping or cracking their dental onlays. This also affects the life of the veneers and exposes them to rapid deterioration. Patients who are unable or unwilling to follow basic oral hygiene principles are also not good candidates for this procedure.



    иконка галочки Veneers are special dental onlays that allow correcting aesthetic and functional problems with teeth. They are made of composite materials, ceramics and zirconium. Depending on the anatomy of the patient’s jaw, 6-10 onlays may be required on the front teeth. In some situations, veneers may also be placed on the posterior teeth. The veneers are no more than 0.5 millimetres thick, eliminating discomfort. 

    иконка галочки Composite veneers require polishing from time to time. They last 7-10 years. Ceramic or zirconia veneers can last for decades. They do not lose their colour and do not require polishing. Ceramic veneers are more expensive than composite veneers. 

    иконка галочки The best medical facilities for veneers in Turkey are considered to be Estetik International Clinic, Medicana Ataşehir Hospital and Istanbul Aesthetic Centre. 

    иконка галочки Composite veneers in Turkey start at €240 and ceramic fillings start at €550. 

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