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Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center
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Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center

Madrid, Spain

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Facts about Proton therapy Center at Quironsalud Madrid

Quironsalud Hospital Group is the largest medical network in Spain. It consists of 50 hospitals and 90 medical centers. Among the network's 40,000 employees there are world-renowned doctors such as Dr. Rafael Rosell and Dr. Jesús García-Foncillas López. Thanks to close cooperation with research institutes, Quironsalud Hospital Group is known as "Knowledge Hospital". The network is ISO accredited.

Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center, opened in 2019, is the first of its kind in Spain. There are only 23 other facilities in Europe. The main advantage of proton therapy over radiotherapy is that it does less harm to the body, and has fewer side effects.

175,000 cancer patients have already been treated with proton therapy.

The Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center can admit up to 400 patients per year and plans to double that figure.

50% of patients treated at Quirón Hospitals are medical tourists.

FEATURES OF THE Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center

    The 2,000 m2 center is divided into 4 zones: planning and treatment, support and logistics, medical clinics, and doctor's offices.

    The medical staff speaks 15 languages, among which are English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Arab, and others. In addition, personal interpreter services are available.

    The patients are treated with Proteus One, the last and most advanced device of its type. It is much safer and proficient than in previous generations. The construction can spin around the patient by 220°, irradiating the tumor at different angles.

Features of the Clinic


Proton therapy at Quironsalud Center

Proton therapy uses protons instead of conventional X-rays. This method of treatment is 60% more accurate, and the tumor reduces in size faster. As a result, proton therapy has less impact on surrounding tissues, fewer side effects and is safer to use on children.

Many studies have confirmed that proton therapy has a positive effect on the cancer patients' quality of life.

The procedure at Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center takes 15-30 minutes, and the average course includes up to 5 sessions. It does not require hospitalization and the patient can immediately return to the usual daily routine.

Proton therapy does not cause common side effects such as vomiting and hair loss. The most frequent complaints among the patients are general weakness, redness and flaking of the skin, and dryness or swelling.

Compared to prostatectomy, which causes complications in 28.6% of patients, for proton therapy, this figure is only 1%.


Treatment of children with cancer carries a number of risks that do not occur among adult patients. Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center does not cause side effects such as underdevelopment, hormonal deficiencies, and bone growth. Thanks to the discovery of new treatments, the survival rate of children with certain cancers has increased from 10% to 90%.

The procedure is painless.

Children undergoing medical procedures often suffer from increased anxiety. To help with this, the Proteus One is equipped with a projector that shows soothing videos.


Proton therapy is effective against certain types of tumors in particular:

    иконка галочкиHead and neck cancer; 

    иконка галочкиBrain and eye tumors; 

    иконка галочкиLiver cancer; 

    иконка галочкиLung cancer; 

    иконка галочкиBreast cancer; 

    иконка галочкиProstate cancer; 

    иконка галочкиBone and soft tissue cancer. 

The medical team of the Quironsalud Proton Center

HOW EFFECTIVE IS PROTON THERAPY AT Quironsalud Proton Therapy Center?

Depending on the type of cancer, effectiveness can be similar to or better than radiotherapy. At the same time, it is much safer.

    иконка галочкиThe five-year survival rate for early or middle-stage prostate cancer is 99%; 

    иконка галочкиthe three-year survival rate for breast cancer without metastases is 97.2%; 

    иконка галочкиthe three-year survival rate for inoperable lung cancer is 86.5%; 

    иконка галочкиthe five-year survival rate for head and neck cancer is 66.8 %; 

    иконка галочкиtwo-year survival rate at nasopharyngeal cancer - 88,7 %; 

    иконка галочкиfor non-surgical liver cancer, complete tumor destruction during two years is observed at 94,8 % of patients.

ISO 9001
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International


Раймонд Мираллбелл
Dr. Raymond Mirabell
over 47 years
Даниэль Алехандро Мазал
Prof. Daniel Alejandro Mazal
over 36 years
Доктор Карме Арес
Dr. Carme Ares
over 29 years

Director of Radiation Oncology Department

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1977.

1979-1984 - Residence in Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona.

Senior Resident at the Department of Radiation Medicine, Harvard University, 1987-1989.

1991-2006 - Deputy Head of the Radio Oncology Service at the University of Geneva (HUG).

2000-2008 - director of the Swiss Proton User Group.

2006-2019 - Head of Radio Oncology at HUG, Geneva, CH and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, since 2007.

Author 170 scientific publications.

Specialization: radiooncology

Раймонд Мираллбелл
Dr. Raymond Mirabell
Experience: over 47 years

Technical Director and Head of the Medical Physics department.

Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (1984), National Academy of Medicine of Argentina (1984), Institut Curie Paris(2018).

Teached at Massachusetts Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Indiana University (USA).

Member of the scientific communities: PTCOG (Particle Therapy Co-operative Group); ESTRO (European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology); SFPM (French Society of Physical Medicine); PMSF (Physiciens Médicaux Sans Frontière).

Author of many books and scientific publications.

Specialization: Medical physics, radiooncology.

Даниэль Алехандро Мазал
Prof. Daniel Alejandro Mazal
Experience: over 36 years

Head of the radiation oncology department.

In 1991, she graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

2006 - Francis H. Berr Proton Therapy Center, Department of Radiation Oncology. Massachusetts Hospital, Boston, USA.

Senior radiooncologist, Proton Therapy Center, Paul Sherrera Institute, Willigen, Switzerland.

2017 - 2018 Senior specialist in radiooncology, MAASTRO - ZON-PTC Clinic, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Received Ph.D. in 2018.

Specialization: radiation oncology

Доктор Карме Арес
Dr. Carme Ares
Experience: over 29 years
Location of the Clinic
Calle Virgilio, 3, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain

The Proton Therapy Center is located near the Quironsalud Hospital Madrid. It is 20 km from Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport and 6 km from the center of Madrid. It takes about an hour to get to the airport by public transport and about half an hour by car. Arroyo Retamares Park and Supercor Expres supermarket are about 200 metres from the hospital.


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