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Medical Park Fatih Hospital
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Medical Park Fatih Hospital


Clinic Review

medical park fatih hospital

Fatih Hospital in Istanbul is part of the Medical Park network and has been offering high-quality medical services in 20 medical fields since 1995. One of the key specializations of Fatih Medical Park is Cardiac Surgery.

Over 17,000 surgical interventions are performed annually at the Medical Park Clinic. The clinic employs over 500 highly qualified medical specialists. The success of treatment in the clinics of Medical Park exceeds the average figures not only in Turkey but also in the United States.

Clinic Medical Park Fatih is:

    иконка галочки 6,100 angiographies per year;  

    иконка галочки 1,100 open heart surgeries per year;  

    иконка галочки 1,600 cardiovascular surgeries per year;  

    иконка галочки 3,200 eye surgeries per year.  

The area of the medical centre is 6,500 m2. Medical Park Fatih has 84 beds for outpatients, as well as operating rooms with modern equipment and HEPA-filters. The clinic is visited by thousands of patients from all corners of the world. In 2019, more than 6,000 foreigners from 135 countries were treated at the Fatih Medical Park Clinic.

The strongest areas of treatment at Fatih Medical Park Clinic:

    иконка галочки cardiology;  

    иконка галочки cardiovascular surgery;  

    иконка галочки neurosurgery;  

    иконка галочки gynaecology and obstetrics; 

    иконка галочки orthopaedics;  

    иконка галочки psychiatry.

Accommodation at Medical Park Fatih

Fatih Medical Park offers affordable medical services of the highest quality. A personalized approach is applied for patients and their attendants. Each case is analyzed on an individual level and the hospital staff can help with finding the most appropriate solution.

The clinic is conveniently equipped for both patients and their guests. There are spacious waiting rooms with soft chairs, TV with local and international channels and Wi-Fi access. Newspapers and magazines in different languages are also available. There is a prayer hall on the clinic's territory.

Meals in the cafe are also organized at the highest level. Patients are provided with a wide range of dishes made of fresh products. Here you can choose the food for any diet.

Features of the Clinic

Cardiology at Medical Park Fatih

медикал парк кардиология операция на сердце

At the Cardiology Department of the Fatih Medical Park Clinic, doctors perform diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of heart diseases. The therapy is provided by professionals of the highest category - cardiologists, cardio-surgeons, vascular surgeons, pediatric cardio-surgeons, nurses, etc.

At the Cardiology Department of Fatih Medical Park Hospital, doctors provide services under international standards. Specialities available there include interventional cardiology, minimally invasive cardiology, electrophysiology and arrhythmia. The clinic has achieved great success in performing minimally invasive cardiac interventions through thorough training of specialists and use of the latest technological equipment. They successfully perform cardiac catheterization and coronary angiography, coronary angioplasty, TAVI valve replacement, stent placement, pacemaker implantation. At Medical Park Fatih Clinic, the following diseases are diagnosed and treated:

    иконка галочки Congenital heart defect;  

    иконка галочки Coronary heart disease;  

    иконка галочки Heart failure;  

    иконка галочки Heart attack;  

    иконка галочки Arrhythmia;  

    иконка галочки Atherosclerosis;  

    иконка галочки Pathologies of the heart valve;  

    иконка галочки Pathologies of the aorta;

    иконка галочки Hypertension;  

    иконка галочки Hyperlipidemia / dyslipidemia.

Neurosurgery at the Fatih Medical Park Clinic

Doctors of the Department of Neurosurgery treat diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system, tumours arising from the spinal cord or compressive tissue of the brain, as well as brain injuries, vascular occlusion and brain haemorrhages. Also, surgical treatment is available for congenital nervous system pathologies such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.

The Fatih Medical Park Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment of diseases in both adults and children. Doctors working in this department use many advanced technological methods: microscopic surgery, stereotactic surgery, MRI navigation. Among other things, brain surgery is performed with the help of microsurgery. Thus, the risk of harming healthy neurons is reduced.

Treatment of brain and spinal cord tumours is carried out under modern protocols. In the Medical Park Fatih clinic, doctors successfully remove tumours in 1-4 stages of the disease.

Much attention is paid to the treatment of childhood neurological diseases. Some of them are:

медикал парк фатих нейрохирургия

    иконка галочки Brain haemorrhages at birth;  

    иконка галочки Congenital nervous system disorders;  

    иконка галочки Elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure;  

    иконка галочки Deformities of the spine;  

    иконка галочки Brain and spinal cord injuries;  

    иконка галочки Skull deformities;  

    иконка галочки Defects of spinal closure;  

    иконка галочки Brain and spinal cord tumours;  

    иконка галочки Hydrocephalus;  

    иконка галочки Epilepsy and other movement disorders.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Clinic Medical Park Fatih

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical Park Fatih Clinic treats a wide range of problems associated with the female reproductive system:

    иконка галочки Monitoring pregnancy and childbirth;  

    иконка галочки Menopause;  

    иконка галочки Cervical cancer;  

    иконка галочки Ovarian cancer;  

    иконка галочки Ovarian cyst;  

    иконка галочки Polycystic disease.

Patients who come to the clinic, undergo comprehensive diagnosis and support following international standards. Also, the clinic holds open seminars, at which those interested can get reliable and accessible information on the issues of interest.

The clinic provides ultrasound, Pap smear, colposcopy and standard gynaecological examinations for early diagnosis of inguinal pain, menstrual disorders, gynaecological cancer, and infections.

Also, the Fatih Medical Park Clinic conducts in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, as well as comprehensive infertility diagnosis, micro-injection, embryo freezing and sperm test extraction.

Orthopaedics at the Clinic Fatih Medical Park

In the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Medical Park Fatih Clinic, musculoskeletal diseases are diagnosed by specialists using the latest technological devices, for example, the da Vinci robot. Damages to the body caused by injuries and accidents are corrected by surgery.

In the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology you can undergo the following procedures:

    иконка галочки Arthroscopy;  

    иконка галочки Arthroplasty;  

    иконка галочки Wrist surgery;  

    иконка галочки Surgery of the ankle joint;  

    иконка галочки Surgery of the shoulder;  

    иконка галочки Knee joint replacement;  

    иконка галочки Hip joint replacement;  

    иконка галочки Removal of musculoskeletal tumours.

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology works in conjunction with other sectors such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Cost of treatment at the Medical Park Fatih clinic

Procedure Cost
Consultation with a specialist from $150
PET-CT from $800
MRI from $500
Gastroscopy from $900
Biopsy from $1,500
Procedure Cost
Removal of brain tumor from $18,000
Transnasal tumor removal from $11,500
Endoprosthetics of a knee joint from $8,000
Transurethral resection from $8,000
Mastectomy (breast removal) from $8,500
Testimonials (2)
Average clinic rating
Metin Kaya
40 years
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated of Endoscopic treatment of hernia
I had hernia surgery at Medical Park Fatih. My doctor, Emre Beydi, performed the surgery very successful. The medical staff was very attentive before and after the surgery. Thank you all.
Istanbul, September 3, 2020
37 years
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated of Replacement of the shoulder joint
I would like to thank my orthopedic doctor Rüştü Nuran. He explained the shoulder tightness in detail on the model at the appointment. He came after the surgery and gave us detailed information about my surgery. I am very satisfied. I recom... Read more
Istanbul, August 27, 2020
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International


Проф. Веджи Одунджу
Prof. Vecih Oduncu
Experience: over 16 years
Проф. Ибрагим Баяр Чинар
Prof. İbrahim Bayar Çınar
Experience: over 15 years
Др. Рюшту Нуран
Dr. Rüştü Nuran
Experience: over 19 years
Др. Ильхан Айдын
Dr. İlhan Aydın
Experience: over 11 years
Др. Хуршиде Джевлан
Dr. Hurşide Cevlan
Obstetrics and gynecology
Experience: over 14 years

Cardiologist at Fatih Medical Park Clinic.

Graduated from Çukurova University, Faculty of Medicine. Specialized in Koşuyolu Cardiology Hospital.


Author of 30 articles published in national and international peer-reviewed journals, as well as 45 reports at medical conferences.


Doctor's areas of interest:


  • Angiography;
  • Peripheral arterial interventions;
  • Surgery of the aorta;
  • Surgery of aorta;
  • Pacemaker installation;
  • Cardiac valve diseases.

Specialization of the doctor: cardiac surgery.

Проф. Веджи Одунджу
Prof. Vecih Oduncu
Experience: over 16 years

Cardiologist at Fatih Medical Park Clinic.

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University.


Doctor's area of interest:


  • Vascular disorders;
  • Aneurysm;
  • Peripheral arterial interventions;
  • Carotid artery surgery.




  • Assistant at Siyami Ersek Hospital;
  • University of Ottawa, Civic Hospital of Canada;
  • Chief Assistant at Siyami Ersek;
  • Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Çamlıca Hospital.

Specialization of the doctor: cardiac surgery.

Проф. Ибрагим Баяр Чинар
Prof. İbrahim Bayar Çınar
Experience: over 15 years

Orthopedic traumatologist at Fatih Medical Park Clinic.



  • Faculty of Medicine at Marmara University;
  • Haseki Educational Research Hospital, specializing in Orthopedics and Traumatology.


Member of TOTBID - Turkish Association of Orthopedists and Traumatologists.


Dr. Nuran is also a famous basketball referee.

Doctor's area of interest:


  • Arthroscopic joint surgery;
  • Sports traumas;
  • Arthroplasty;
  • Surgical knee surgery;
  • Shoulder surgery.
Др. Рюшту Нуран
Dr. Rüştü Nuran
Experience: over 19 years

Neurosurgeon at Fatih Medical Park Clinic.

From 2003 to 2009 he studied medicine at the Atatürk University. From 2014 to 2017, he worked as a researcher in various U.S. laboratories: University of Florida, University of Wisconsin. He has received awards from the Turkish Neurosurgery Association and the National Congress of CNS Surgery.


Author of over 60 scientific articles published in national and international medical journals.


Doctor's area of interest:


  • Neurovascular surgery;
  • Surgery of the spine;
  • Intervertebral disc herniation;
  • Neck hernia.


Member of scientific organizations:


  • Turkish Medical Association;
  • Turkish Neurosurgery Association;
  • Association of Nervous System Surgery;
  • Turkish Association of Neurosurgery;
  • CNS (Congress of Neurological Sciences);
  • Turkish Association of Neurooncologists;
  • Association of Skull Base Surgery.

Specialization of the doctor: neurosurgery.

Др. Ильхан Айдын
Dr. İlhan Aydın
Experience: over 11 years

Obstetrician-gynecologist at Fatih Medical Park Hospital.

She received her education from Xinjiang University in China and Istanbul University in Turkey.


Doctor's area of interest:


  • Cervical cancer of the uterus;
  • Myoma embolization;
  • Syndrome of polycystic ovaries;
  • Menopause;
  • Caesarean section;
  • Normal delivery.




  • Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University (2002-2006)
  • Diyarbakır Maternity and Children's Hospital (2008-2010)
  • New Ufuk Private Hospital (2010-2015)
  • Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital.

Specialization of the doctor: gynaecology.

Др. Хуршиде Джевлан
Dr. Hurşide Cevlan
Experience: over 14 years
Obstetrics and gynecology
Location of the Clinic
İskenderpaşa, Horhor Cd. No:4, 34080 Fatih/İstanbul, Турция

Fatih Medical Park Clinic is conveniently located in the heart of European part of Istanbul. It takes an hour to get from the airport by car. The clinic is located opposite a large park, as well as close to many attractions of the city: Beyazit Square and Tower, Laleli Mosque, Markiyan Column. Not far from the clinic is also located a large number of hotels, restaurants and cafes in various price categories.



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