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Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic
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Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic

Czech, Prague

Clinic Review

malvazinky hospital

Malvazinky clinic is the best rehabilitation medical institute in Central Europe. It is a prestigious hospital, which earned a reputation as a leader in modern medical care in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation. The clinic is located in the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague.

A convenient location attracts tens of thousands of patients from all over the world. The high reputation of the clinic is not just in words, but the experience and feedback of patients who were helped by the doctors from Malvazinky. Well-known athletes, politicians, as well as foreign celebrities, including Orlando Bloom, were treated in this hospital.

The clinic's unique concept offers a combination of orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation to achieve the fastest and best possible recovery for the patient. The qualified specialists at Malvazinky have developed exclusive rehabilitation programmes, for example, "Walking school" for people after lower limb amputation, etc.

The clinic’s latest generation of medical equipment and the leading specialists of Europe demonstrate high standards of service. All this together brought the Rehabilitation Clinic of Malvazinky to obtain the accreditation of SAK (Czech Accreditation Association) and certification of external quality. SAK is a Czech analogue of the American accreditation of JCI, which is considered the most prestigious and authoritative in the Czech Republic. Only the leading medical institutions of the country received this quality mark of this organization and Malvazinky is one of them.

Service and comfort at Malvazinky hospital:

In 2013, a new clinic building was built, with completely new, state-of-the-art equipment to improve the provided services. This allowed the clinic Malvazinky to become a leader not only in terms of the parameter of purely medical services but also by the criteria of general services for convenience and comfort of patients' stay in the hospital. The new building is designed for 60 beds. Instead of the usual beds in the new building, adjustable beds with a multimedia system (TV, radio, Internet, Skype) were installed.

In addition to the latest physiotherapy equipment, there is a separate polyclinic, an equipped fitness centre, a swimming pool for hydrotherapy and a sauna.

Hospital Malvazinky is located in a quiet and secluded area of Prague, which ensures maximum peace and privacy of patients. Since 2008, Malvazinky has been part of the VAMED medical network.

Experts consider Malvazinky clinic the best in:

лечение в клинике малвазинки

    иконка галочки comprehensive rehabilitation services;  

    иконка галочки intensive recovery from injuries and surgeries;  

    иконка галочки prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system;  

    иконка галочкиrehabilitation of patients with internal and neurological diseases;  

    иконка галочкиsports medicine;  

    иконка галочкиphysiotherapy.

Rehabilitation clinic Malvazinky in facts & figures:

    награда клиники 250 comfortable inpatient beds;

    награда клиникиapproximately 300 employees;

    награда клиники around 143,027 examinations and consultations;

    награда клиники over 3,996 admitted for treatment;

    награда клиники 996 surgical procedures performed in 2020;

    награда клиники 95% success rate of treatment;

    награда клиники the number of postoperative complications is less than 1% (lower than even in Germany).

Structure of the Rehabilitation Clinic Malvazinky

Surgical department:

Various orthopaedic operations are performed here such as knee joint replacement and hip joint replacement. A high-level preoperative, surgical and postoperative care is provided here. All surgeons of the clinic have many years of experience in conducting such operations.

Intensive Care Unit:

Long-term care is provided for patients who need artificial support for some of the functions.

Clinic Malvazinky Usadba (outpatient care):

Here patients get a consultation from leading specialists in orthopaedics, rehabilitation and neurology. The clinic employs general practitioners, therapists, surgeons, cardiologists, psychologists and experts in physiotherapy. The unique services of the Malvazinky Usadba are accompanied by a multi-lingual concierge as well as an accelerated procedure for obtaining services without queues and longer waiting times.

Features of the Clinic

Orthopedics in Malvazinky Clinic

The main feature of the orthopaedics department of the clinic Malvazinky is their specialists. The outstanding orthopedists of Europe work here, the team of which is headed by the world-famous physician Vladislav Hospodar. He is the head of the Department of Orthopedics at Malvazinky, who is being trusted by the athletes of the Czech national team in handball, basketball and hockey when it comes to healthcare.

The clinic is known for its high level of skill in conducting minimally invasive and arthroscopic operations, which significantly accelerate the recovery process and reduce pain. One of the specialized procedures of the orthopaedic department of Malvazinky is endoprosthetics of the hip and knee joints.

The operation lasts only 1,5-2 hours and the operation itself is minimally invasive. Zimmer implants are used for the surgery. In addition to total endoprosthetics, it is possible to perform superficial arthroplasty of the hip joint, as well as a unique operation using the Mayo leg (allows to save most of the femur, thanks to its small size and unique shape). Arthroplasty packages include inpatient rehabilitation. A team of specialists work with each patient to individually tailor a recovery programme. This allows to quickly eliminate post-operative discomfort and pain, restore maximum joint mobility, strengthen the muscles, and prevent blood clots. In as little as 4-6 weeks, the patient can return to a normal life.

ортопедия в малвазинки
Knee joint replacement
Consultation with a rehabilitologist
Minimally invasive surgery
Individual choice of prosthetics
Post-op rehabilitation

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In addition to the knee and hip joints, the orthopaedics department also deals with the problems of the ankle joint, elbow, shoulder, meniscus lesions and cartilage. To minimize invasiveness, an arthroscopy procedure is performed for diagnosis and treatment of joint damage of shoulder, knee, ankle etc.

Also for those patients who require surgery on lower extremities, the Malvazinky clinic will be the best choice for them. Specialists of Malvazinky are members of EFAS (European Association of Orthopedics of the Leg and Ankles) and use the most modern materials (screws, tires).

Rehabilitation in the clinic Malvazinky Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic

All types of rehabilitation are available in the clinic Malvazinky. In the rehabilitation department, there are leading rehabilitologists, therapists, orthopedists, neurologists, as well as physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and other doctors who work with the patients. Thanks to this, each patient is provided with comprehensive individual assistance.

Patients come to the Malvasinka Clinic for rehabilitation with the following problems:

    иконка галочки Recovery after orthopaedic surgery;  

    иконка галочки Recovery from injuries and accidents;  

    иконка галочки Rehabilitation after amputation;  

    иконка галочкиChronic pain;  

    иконка галочкиComplications after a stroke;  

    иконка галочкиRehabilitation for neurological diseases.


реабилитация клинике малвазинки

The physiotherapy plan is chosen only after a thorough diagnosis of the functions of the musculoskeletal system. It is tailored individually for each patient after taking into account all the features of the case.

An important element of rehabilitation is group activities (no more than 6 people) that continue and expand the individual treatment program. In addition to the personal treatment program, complex services are available to the patients of the Malvazinky clinic: various hydro procedures, swimming pool, electrotherapy and fitness centre (for stationary patients).

Particular attention in the rehabilitation department of Malvazinky is given to ergotherapy. Its goal is to restore the patients' functionality for everyday life. Within the framework of ergotherapy, classes are held that help to restore the functionality of the upper limbs (large and small motor skills), and also train cognitive functions (attention and memory, orientation in time and space).


For this purpose, a special computer program NEUROP 2 is available in the rehabilitation department. Also, highly qualified care is provided to patients with speech impairment. Speech therapy in the clinic Malvazinky suggests diagnosis and therapy of speech disorders in adult patients with damage to the central nervous system.

In Malvazinky, a unique program for patients with amputation of limbs has been developed: physiotherapy, the restoration of walking skills, training of prosthesis, ergotherapy and psychotherapy.

Rehabilitation after accidents
14-day rehab programme
Armeo, Anti-Gravity, MOTOmed exercises
Regular ergotherapy
Work with relatives

Prices In Malvazinky Clinic

One of the main advantages of the Malvazinky hospital is the price policy. The cost of orthopaedic procedures, as well as rehabilitation here, is several times lower than in Germany, while the success rates of treatment are at the same level, and in some cases even exceed the statistics of German clinics. That is why so many German citizens annually choose Czech clinic Malvazinky in their favour and not their hospitals. In general, the clinic Malvazinky is number 1 in Europe in terms of the "price-quality" ratio.

Moreover, a unique feature of the Czech clinics, especially Malvazinky is the availability of comprehensive programs that include the entire set of necessary procedures, from diagnosis, preoperative preparation, the operation itself to nutrition and accommodation.

Procedure Cost
Online consultation with a rehabilitation specialist from €250
Hip arthroplasty + rehabilitation from €9,500
Knee endoprosthesis + rehabilitation from €9,500
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction from €4,800
Knee arthroscopy from €1,900
Procedure Cost
Shoulder arthroscopy from €5,000
Knee osteotomy from €7,000
Joint reconstruction of feet and toes from €3,900
Rehabilitation (one bed at a double room) from €190/per day
Rehabilitation (double room for patient + companion) from €340/per day




Prof. Vladislav Hospodar
Orthopedics and traumatology
Experience: 25 years
Dr. Libor Musil
Experience: 17 years
Dr. Tomáš Vimmer
Orthopedics and traumatology
Experience: over 20 years
Doctor Zdenka Sedláčková
Experience: 21 years
Dr. Michael Peroutka
Experience: 20 years

Chief physician of the orthopedic department at the clinic Malvazinky. In the past – he was the doctor of Czech national ice hockey teams, basketball and handball. He frequently treats numerous successful Czech athletes and regularly attends the Czech National Team at the Winter Olympic Games (2014 in Sochi and 2018 in Pyeongchang). Before starting work in Malvazinky in 2003, he was a leading specialist in the joint prosthesis center at the Central Military Hospital. He graduated from the Military Medical Academy named after Ya. E. Purkyne.

For a long time he studied abroad - in clinics and academic institutions of Canada, USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany and France. Famous world sports stars such as football player Tomas Rosicky trust his health care in Doctor Vladislav Hospodar. Moreover, prof. Vladislav Gospodar was repeatedly honored to be a doctor at events of a global scale: the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, the World Ice Hockey Championship 2010.

The outstanding Czech orthopedist is the best specialist of Central Europe in sports medicine, as well as in the endoprosthesis of the knee and hip joints. In addition to practical activities, Prof. Vladislav Gospodar conducts active scientific and research work: he is the author of unique types of endoprostheses, has written and published many scientific articles on previously unexplored issues of sports medicine and orthopedics.

Membership in professional organizations:

  • National Association of Traumatology and Orthopedics;
  • Czech Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology;
  • Czech arthroscopic society.

Specialization of the doctor: knee and hip endoprosthetics, arthroscopy of joints, sports traumatology, sports medicine.

Prof. Vladislav Hospodar
Experience: 25 years
Orthopedics and traumatology

Chief physician of the Rehabilitation Department of the clinic Malvazinky.He has been practicing since 2013 in the hospital Malvazinky, before that he worked as a doctor at the Central Military Hospital and as a neurologist and rehabilitologist at the Medical Center of the Motor System. In 2000 he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine from Charles University in Pilsen.

He passed numerous courses and received certificates confirming the possession of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, for example, Comprehensive EMG II (complex electromyogram for measuring electrical activity in muscles at rest and during contraction). He is the head physician of the national team in sledge hockey. In addition to practical activities, he conducts an active research work, for which in 2007 he was awarded an award from the Czech Neurological Association. Dr. Musil is the Chief Attending Physician of the Czech National Sledge Hockey Team with regular participation at the Paralympic Games as the Team's main physician.

Specialization of the doctor: neurology and rehabilitation.

Dr. Libor Musil
Experience: 17 years

Doctor Tomáš Vimmer is the Deputy Head of Orthopedic surgery department of Malvazinky hospital. He has graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague and successfully passed the Medical Board Certificate in Orthopedics. Doctor has received diploma of lifelong learning and has a long-term practice in sports medicine

Specialization of the doctor: knee and hip endoprostheses, arthroscopic surgeries, surgery of deformities on the periphery of the lower limbs.

Dr. Tomáš Vimmer
Experience: over 20 years
Orthopedics and traumatology

Out-patient doctor of the clinic Malvazinky. She graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem in Brno. From 1985 to 1995, she worked as an orthopedic surgeon in the Uherske Gradradist hospital. Since 1996, intensively engaged in rehabilitation medicine. In 2008, she became the head of the rehabilitation department of the Uherske Gradradist hospital. At the moment she works at the Malvazinky hospital.

Specialization of the doctor: out-patient rehabilitation.

Doctor Zdenka Sedláčková
Experience: 21 years

Leading physiotherapist in Europe, the head physician of the Physiotherapy Department of the clinic Malvazinky. He is a consulting physician of the Czech Alpine Skiing Team (the skier is treated by Clara Krizova, a mountain skier and Jan Celustka, a triathlonist). He passed his training at the University of Applied Sciences Kemi, Finland.

Mikhail Peroutka is the only specialist on unique rehabilitation techniques Kinesio Taping® and BLACKROLL® in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The doctor is the only instructor in the country on these methods. Mikhail Perotka also owns unique diagnostic techniques for locomotor system diseases.

Doctor has a membership in Czech Society of Sports Medicine.

Specialization of the doctor: Physiotherapy.

Dr. Michael Peroutka
Experience: 20 years
Location of the Clinic
U Malvazinky 5, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech

The clinic is located in a quiet and cozy place, all just a few minutes from the center of Prague. From the windows of the clinic you can enjoy excellent views of the city. Nearby is a large park.


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