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Center for neurology and neurorehabilitation cereneo
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Center for neurology and neurorehabilitation cereneo


Clinic Review

neurorehabilitation in switzerland cereneo

Why not take advantage of living in the 21st century? The founders of the cereneo clinic, Prof. Andreas Luft and Michael Horacek, wanted to make science useful for people. That is why all scientific discoveries are immediately put into practice within the walls of the centre. Injuries that are considered incurable in other clinics can be treated at cereneo. The specialists are willing to experiment, try new technologies and improve therapy methods to help in every case.

The cereneo clinic opened in 2013. Its main profile is neurorehabilitation of patients after strokes and craniocerebral injuries. Special attention is paid to the adaptation of patients with Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. They are taught to retain their ability to function and perform everyday activities. The centre also rehabilitates patients with brain aneurysms, Bell's palsy, cerebral palsy, Guillain-Barré syndrome, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, brain and spinal cord tumours.

Cereneo Clinic accepts patients with neurological complications after COVID-19

The second direction of the clinic is scientific research. As a research institute, cereneo conducts experiments to find and improve methods of neurorehabilitation. That is why most of the doctors at cereneo have a doctorate or professor's degree in medicine. The results of the research will help to improve the quality of life of patients and facilitate their rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation at Cereneo Clinic means 21st-century technology, luxurious 5-star hotel rooms, a fresh alpine climate, and regained self-confidence.

    In 2020, cereneo opened a new clinic, cereneo Weggis. The clinic is located in Hertenstein, next to the picturesque Lake Lucerne. A new centre will allow for accommodation of a larger number of patients and a more individualized approach to treatment.

клиника cereneo реабилитация в швейцарии

cereneo specializes in:

    награда клиникиNeuroscience;

    награда клиникиNeuropsychology;

    награда клиникиSpeech Therapy;

    награда клиникиOccupational Therapy;

    награда клиникиMotor Therapy;

    награда клиникиNutritiology;

    награда клиникиPsychology;

    награда клиникиRehabilitation care.


cereneo is one of the world's leading clinics and research institutes in the field of neurorehabilitation. The main difference between cereneo and other rehabilitation centres is close cooperation with science. The specialists of the centre actively monitor scientific publications and try to quickly implement successful innovations. At the moment, the clinic cooperates with several research centres:

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Together they are developing a sensor suit through which stroke patients can be monitored from home. It will be possible to monitor the patient's condition using 41 sensors.

Hokoma Engineering Company

In collaboration with the clinic, they develop and test equipment for the rehabilitation of patients with impaired motor function or after a stroke.

University of Twente

They are jointly developing biofeedback technology for stroke rehabilitation. Through the collaboration, the researchers hope to offer a better treatment for Alzheimer's disease in the next three years.

Johns Hopkins University

Together with the university, which has produced 36 Nobel Prize winners, the clinic conducts scientific research. In this way, they create new effective techniques for patient rehabilitation.

Accommodation at the cereneo clinic

клиника cereneo реабилитация в швейцарии комната

cereneo clinics have excellent infrastructure. In case of an emergency, patients can be referred to a nearby emergency department. The area of the clinics is part of the Park Hotel Vitznau and the Campus Hotel Hertenstein.

For the duration of treatment, the patient and accompanying persons can stay in one of the comfortable rooms:

    иконка галочки Standard room - 40 m2, flat-screen TV, nurse call button, comfortable bed, spacious bathroom with shower.  

    иконка галочки Mountain View Suite - 40-60 m2, flat-screen TV, nurse call button, comfortable double bed, spacious granite bathroom with shower.  

    иконка галочки Lake View Suite - 70-80 m2, separate living room, balcony, flat-screen TV, nurse call button, comfortable king-size bed, spacious granite bathroom with shower.  

All the rooms are ergonomically arranged so that people with reduced mobility can move around without too much difficulty.

A nutritionist doctor prepares a special diet tailored to the individual needs of the patient, which provides the person with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for effective rehabilitation.

Also, patients and their caregivers are provided with various leisure activities: kayaking, boating excursions, a gym and a sauna.

Check-up for stroke riskfrom €7,300

иконка галочки 24-hour blood pressure monitoring  

иконка галочки Laboratory blood test  

иконка галочки Neuronal ultrasound diagnostic  

иконка галочки MRI  

иконка галочки Holter EKG  

иконка галочки Final consultation  

иконка галочки Medical report  

Features of the Clinic

Exclisive treatment at cereneo


In a regular rehabilitation centre, the patient will receive standard physical therapy treatments in a swimming pool or kinesitherapy exercises in a gym. They will help to improve the general well-being and adapt to a new way of life. At the cereneo clinic, patients are offered real 21st-century technology and genuine care. What used to be a movie script is now a reality.

The Split-Belt Walking Treadmill allows you to control the speed of each limb. In this way, the brain gets used to walking after a stroke, and the patient's gait becomes symmetrical. After such training, the person is less tired from normal walking.

клиника cereneo реабилитация в швейцарии комната

The ZEROG apparatus is a technology that will teach the patient to walk again. With the help of the Dynamic Partial Weight Support System, the person trains balance and mobility. The procedure is safe because the system protects the patient from falling;

The ARMEO HAND EXOCCELLET helps patients with muscle weakness regain arm strength and coordination accuracy. The patient also learns precise movements and regains the ability to perform everyday activities;

INDEGO EXOSKELETON helps regain the ability to walk again after a brain and spinal cord injury. The person's legs are moved by the robot. The patient learns how to keep their balance and control lower limbs if possible;

LOKOMAT is a high-intensity walking therapy for patients with severe neurological disorders. Robotic therapy provides effective and intensive treatment and ensures optimal utilization of neuroplasticity and recovery potential.


    Akh Vienna General Hospital fMRI procedures on a powerful scanner;

    Akh Vienna General Hospital magnetic stimulation of the brain;

    Akh Vienna General Hospital biofeedback technology;

    Akh Vienna General Hospital EEG recording at rest and in motion;

    Akh Vienna General Hospital telemetric electromyography;

    Akh Vienna General Hospital three-dimensional analysis of movement;

Doctors perform a detailed diagnosis of the patient. As a result, they want to know the condition of each of the patient's organs. Taking into account the general condition of the patient, the medical team draws up an individual treatment program. The clinic has the latest and best technology at its disposal for an accurate diagnosis. The fMRI procedure is carried out on the most powerful machine in the world. The specialists can measure movement, speech and memory disorders. Also, reliable robotic systems participate in the diagnostics.

"Brain age" and dementia check-upfrom €11,700

иконка галочки Medical consultation and anamnesis  

иконка галочки Laboratory blood test  

иконка галочки Neuronal ultrasound diagnostic  

иконка галочки MEI  

иконка галочки Neuropsychological assessment  

иконка галочки Lumbar puncture with laboratory examination  

иконка галочки Final consultation  

иконка галочки Medical report  

иконка галочки Accomodation in a junior suite  

"The Three Whales” of Rehabilitation at cereneo:

    иконка галочки movement therapy - the restoration of the ability to walk, training muscle strength and independent movement after severe injuries and illnesses;  

    иконка галочки speech therapy - the restoration of the ability to speak, understand others, pronounce and formulate thoughts correctly;  

    иконка галочки neuropsychology - training of higher mental functions - memory, abstract thinking, spatial imagination and attention.  

The success of rehabilitation is associated with hours of practice. The patient performs exercises from motor therapy using modern equipment: exoskeletons, motion analysis systems, virtual reality programs, and robotic systems.

To improve a patient's condition after a stroke, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, doctors use magnetic brain stimulation. This is a safe procedure without side effects, which is effective in the early and late stages of the disease. Rehabilitation of patients is not limited to physical exercises. The medical team makes up a diet and conducts psychological counselling.

Daily rounds and consultations
Up to 5 sessions of therapy a day
24/7 care
Accomodation and food

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в cereneo пациент окружен врачами и терапевтами


This lab works with cognitive disabilities. Neuropsychologists work in this department. Through samples and tests, they find out how much of the patient's thinking, memory, and attention is affected by the trauma. They then clarify exactly which aspect of the mental process is affected: abstract thinking or spatial, verbal or figurative. Based on an accurate diagnosis, they plan methods of training the affected abilities. As a result, the patient's voluntary attention and thinking are restored, and perception and memory are improved. The person is again able to perform everyday tasks. The patient receives recommendations from the specialists at home: what exercises he should do to maintain the result.


Laboratory specialists teach patients how to walk. Based on the results of diagnostics, the patient is offered a training program: on treadmills, using walking robots and special stairs, as well as in a virtual reality helmet. All rehabilitation systems are reliable and safe. After the rehabilitation program, the person stays in good physical shape. They can move independently, control the balance of their body. The patient can walk a longer distance and not get tired. If a patient has lost a limb, they get used to a prosthesis or a new means of movement. Specialists can develop a program to get rid of the "phantom limb" feeling.


After a stroke or brain injury, a person sometimes loses the ability to speak or understand speech and intonation. The cause may be a malfunction in the articulation centre of the brain, or the speech comprehension centres. The exact cause is diagnosed with an MRI or laryngeal endoscopy. Based on the results of the diagnosis, an experienced speech therapist prepares an individual training program. As a result of therapy, the person can eat independently, understand other people, and express his or her thoughts freely. Specialists provide constant monitoring of the patient's progress.

клиника cereneo реабилитация в швейцарии комната


Therapy in this lab helps restore hand mobility. With the help of MRI scans and three-dimensional motion analysis technology, specialists find out the exact cause of the disability of the arm. And with the help of a wrist exoskeleton and robotic systems, the patient learns to control his or her arm again. The training is effective, and upon its completion, the patient can perform complex movements in everyday life. This skill gives the person back a sense of independence and autonomy.


Check-up for unstable gaitfrom €9,900

иконка галочки Medical consultation and anamnesis  

иконка галочки Laboratory blood test  

иконка галочки Electromyoneurography  

иконка галочки Neuronal ultrasound diagnostic  

иконка галочки MRI  

иконка галочки Gait analysis  

иконка галочки Final consultation  

иконка галочки Medical report  


The cereneo clinic takes particular pride in the fact that three specialists work with each patient to perfectly accommodate personal desires and provide individual, interdisciplinary therapy. The patient is constantly surrounded by the attention of doctors: the therapists work with them for 4-8 hours a day. Why is this necessary?

The clinic management believes that intensive personal therapy and a desire to recover are important for a patient's successful rehabilitation. That is why the clinic staff tries to create an atmosphere of supportive optimism for the patient. For this purpose, they are constantly informed about the progress of treatment. Seeing the improvements, the patient is encouraged and puts more effort into the rehabilitation course. Also, individual lifestyle and hobbies are integrated into the therapy, which also increases the patient's motivation and well-being.


Check-up for stroke riskfrom €7,300
"Brain age" and dementia check-upfrom €11,700
Check-up for unstable gaitfrom €9,900
Inpatient rehabilitationfrom €24,700 per week
Testimonials (1)
Average clinic rating
50 years
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  • 5
A very professional team of doctors. Thank you for your medical expertise and cooperation during and after my stay.
Switzerland, April 22, 2021
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 9001 Quality Management System


основатель клиники cereneo
Prof. Andreas Luft
Experience: over 21 years
психолог, нейропсихолог, доктор медицинских наук
Dr. Kai Lutz
Experience: over 26 years

Professor Luft is a renowned neurologist, professor at the University of Zurich and medical director at Cereneo. He is part-time director of the Stroke Center at the University Hospital of Zurich.

  • 1991-1998 - Degree in Medicine at the University of Tübingen, Germany;
  • 1998-2005 - Training in neurology at Johns Hopkins University, USA;
  • 2008-2013 - Assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Neurorehabilitation at the University of Zurich;
  • 2014 - Professor of Vascular Neurology and Rehabilitation at the University of Zurich;

Since 2016, associate professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

Specialization: neurology

основатель клиники cereneo
Prof. Andreas Luft
Experience: over 21 years

Since qualifying as a psychologist, the doctor has conducted research on the human brain using neuroscientific methods. In particular, he has published numerous articles on the musculoskeletal system in internationally renowned specialized journals.


As a neuropsychologist and head of research, he uses his knowledge to continuously improve diagnostics and therapy in cereneo.


  • 1991 - 1997 - degree in psychology from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany;
  • 1994 - 1995 - degree in medical sciences, Oklahoma City, USA (1994-1995);
  • 1997 - 1998 - Doctor of Medicine, Jülich Research Center, Germany;
  • 1998- 2002 - Doctoral degree in medical sciences at the Institute of General Psychology, Magdeburg University, Germany;
  • 2002- 2013 - Postdoctoral studies and senior assistant at the Department of Neuropsychology, University of Zurich, Switzerland (2002-2013).

Specialization: neuropsychology

психолог, нейропсихолог, доктор медицинских наук
Dr. Kai Lutz
Experience: over 26 years
Location of the Clinic
Seestrasse 18, 6354 Vitznau

The clinic is convenient to get to by car. It takes 45 minutes to get from the airport. The center cooperates with other hospitals. Patients can be transported to any clinic in Switzerland by car or helicopter. The way to the University Hospital Zurich takes 15 minutes by car, to Lucerne Cantonal Clinic - 22 minutes. Helicopter trip takes 5-15 minutes.


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Center for neurology and neurorehabilitation cereneo

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