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Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital
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Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital

Beijing, China

Clinic Review

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital

The Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital is the leader of rehabilitation services in Beijing and the entire People's Republic of China.

The rehab institution offers its patients high standards of international evidence base medicine in the field of rehabilitation and restoration, with high-class service and care.

Rehabilitation Center United Family in Beijing was the first among Chinese rehabilitation centers to be awarded the world's highest medical accreditation of the Joint International Commission (JCI). It is to this medical institution that thousands of patients from around the world trust their health every year.

The clinic is quite new in the United Family Group, it was opened in 2013 and has been successfully operating for the 5th year already.

It is equipped with the latest generation of equipment, which helps to significantly improve the efficiency of procedures and accelerate the recovery process.

Up to 83 patients can be accommodated in the rehabilitation center. The total area of the clinic is more than 16 thousand square meters. The Rehabilitation Center of the United Family Group consists of 6 specialized centers. The clinic has gathered the best specialists of China in its staff: rehabilitation specialists, orthopedists, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, nutritionists and other needed doctors to provide comprehensive care.

Features of the Clinic


The clinic offers physiotherapy, professional therapy, speech therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and traditional medicine in China. Here rehabilitation is also carried out after arthroplasty of the joints.

Each patient has a multidisciplinary team of doctors, which helps to approach the problem in a comprehensive manner and provide the most effective medical care.

A comprehensive assessment of the patient's condition is mandatory before the start of therapy. In the course of treatment, an intermediate evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy is regularly performed and the necessary adjustments are made.

The following types of rehabilitation are available in the clinic:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation (recovery from sports injuries, assistance with arthritis and arthrosis, osteoporosis and other orthopedic diseases);
  • Recovery from complex treatment and operations (rehabilitation of cancer patients, recovery from heart and lung operations, neurosurgical operations);
  • Neurologic recovery (restoring functions after stroke, spinal cord and brain injury, neurological diseases);
  • Cardiac rehabilitation (restoring functions after a heart attack, coronary artery disease, recovery after the procedure of shunting / stent placement);
  • Restoring women's health;
  • Children's rehabilitation in different areas (cerebral palsy, sports injuries, consequences of illnesses).

The structure of the Center for Restoration and Rehabilitation of the United Family includes a dietetics clinic, which is responsible for the proper nutrition of all patients, and also helps to overcome the problems of excess or underweight people.

All patients of the hospital live in comfortable wards. The center also provides food (European and Chinese dishes, dietary meals). On average, the duration of rehabilitation therapy is 1 month.


The purpose of therapy with classical methods of Chinese medicine is the harmony of the internal forces of the patient's body. The main methods of treatment:

  • acupuncture;
  • massage;
  • spot therapy;
  • moxibustion;
  • taking medications.

Chinese medicine helps to get rid of post-traumatic disorders, central nervous system diseases, pain in bones and joints, allergies and even infertility.


Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International


Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital united family
Dr. Jianan Li
Experience: more than 20 years
united family rehabilitation hospital
Dr. Jie Wang
Experience: more than 20 years
united family rehabilitation hospital
Dr. Jingsheng Zhou
Experience: more than 20 years
Chief Rehabilitation Physician at the United Family Rehabilitation Center Beijing. Chairman of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in Nanjing Medical University.
In 1983, Dr. Li received a master's degree in sports medicine from the Medical University of Nanjing. He studied rehabilitation medicine in Australia on a WHO fellowship.
He completed a 6-month study at the Mos Rehab Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University. He directed four national foundations of natural sciences specializing in cardiovascular rehabilitation, as well as several national educational projects.
Dr. Lee is an experienced specialist in the field of movement disorders, spastic management, spinal cord injuries and cardiac rehabilitation.
Specialization of the doctor: movement disorders, spinal cord injuries, cardio rehabilitation.
Dr. Jianan Li
Experience: more than 20 years
Senior Consultant on Speech and Language Therapy at the Rehabilitation Center United Family in Beijing.
Studied speech dysfunctions and language pathologies in Australia, has over 20 years of practice in the therapy of aphasia and dysphagia.
Doctor received many awards for achievements in language therapy on the national level and published more than 50 professional works on this topic.
Specialization of the doctor: speech disorders.
Dr. Jie Wang
Experience: more than 20 years
Assistant to the Chief Physician, Head of the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, Rehabilitologist at the Rehabilitation Center United Family Beijing.
Dr. Zhou got his degree from Shandong Medical University, received a medical degree in neurology at the Metropolitan Medical University in Beijing. He defended his thesis as part of a joint program between the Metropolitan Medical University and the Wisconsin Medical College of the United States.
Dr. Zhou worked for eight years at Xuanwu Hospital in Beijing. He has vast experience in the field of recovery after stroke, craniocerebral trauma, spinal cord injuries and impaired consciousness.
Doctor is also well experienced in the rehabilitation of cancer patients. He received an award in the field of medical science and technology in China.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • Representative of the International Association of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine;
  • Deputy director of the Rehabilitation Committee of the Rehabilitation Society in Beijing;
  • Member of the Committee for Neurorehabilitation of the Rehabilitation Society in Beijing.

Specialization of the doctor: rehabilitation after a stroke, craniocerebral trauma, spinal cord trauma and cognitive impairment.
Dr. Jingsheng Zhou
Experience: more than 20 years
Location of the Clinic
1 Yaojiayuan Bei'er Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016
Bus routes: 494, 408, 424, 431 and 595.

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