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Bangkok Hospital Phuket
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Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Clinic Review

Bangkok Hospital Phuket Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is a division of Asia's largest network of Bangkok Dust Medical Services, which is among the top 5 leading medical service providers in the world. This is one of the leaders of medical tourism in Thailand. Every year, 90,000 foreign patients from Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, America, the Middle East and the CIS countries come to the clinic. 

Bangkok Hospital Phuket provides international standards and works in a wide range of areas, including neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, general surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, etc. This is the best choice for those who wish to relax on the exotic resort and get high-quality medical services and procedures. Preventive and check-up examinations, dentistry, vision correction, treatment of female and male infertility, plastic surgery are popular among tourists. Also, foreign patients come to the clinic to take advantage of innovations, for example, Da Vinci robotic colorectal surgery. Recently, the number of foreigners who have come to perform laparoscopic gastrectomy (a popular method of bariatric surgery to narrow down the stomach) has increased. 

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is: 

  • 500 medical personnel, of which 200 are doctors; 
  • 200 wards for hospitalization; 
  • outpatient unit for 1000 patients;
  •  5 operating rooms; 
  • 11 intensive care wards and 3 mobile units; 
  • 8 wards of cardiotherapy; 
  • 2 chambers for oxygen therapy; 
  • 27 highly specialized centers; 
  • Polyclinic departments in 11 hotels and spa centers in Phuket. 


Bangkok Hospital Phuket was the first on the island to receive international JCI accreditation and twice passed the recertification. This confirms compliance with the highest quality standards in all medical fields - diagnostics and treatment according to modern protocols, the use of the latest equipment, safety and comfort of patients. The clinic was also awarded Quality Labels by the International Standard Organization (ISO) and the HA Accreditation from the Ministry of Public Health. A total of Bangkok Hospital Phuket is the holder of 30 certificates and awards, as well as 15 certificates for laboratory research. 


Most of the medical staff at the Bangkok Hospital are Thais, but there are many qualified doctors from the USA and Europe, and Russian-speaking specialists. Many doctors of the clinic studied in prestigious educational institutions of the world and underwent training in well-known medical institutions. This clinic has a staff training program for the English language, and for successfully passing the exam, each is entitled to a prize. Therefore, almost the entire medical staff is fluent in English.


The only robot Da Vinci on island Phuket. The use of the latest generation of robotic technology allows doctors of the Bangkok Hospital Clinic to perform operations of any complexity. The robot maximizes the accuracy of the surgeon's movements and prevents injury, which ensures higher treatment efficacy, no complications and quick patient recovery. 

Intraoperative navigation system O-arm Surgical Imaging System. The device combines the functions of a computer tomography and an electron-optical converter. In real-time mode displays a 3-D image of the operated area with the minimum dosage of radiation for the patient. It is used in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, orthopedics. 

Minimally invasive operations. Thanks to the use of laparoscopic and endoscopic instruments, the intervention occurs through several micro holes. With the help of instruments equipped with micro cameras, the image of the surgical field is enlarged and projected onto the monitor. The advantages of minimally invasive surgery are fewer complications, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery. 

Capsular endoscopy. An innovative method of examination allows to investigate in detail even the most hard-to-reach parts of the gastrointestinal tract. To do this, it is enough for the patient to swallow a small capsule equipped with a micro camera. Passing through the digestive tract, the device takes 2 shots per second, which ultimately amounts to 50,000 detailed images. The procedure is completely safe for health, the process from beginning to end takes up to 7 hours, during which the patient can move freely, and hospitalization is not required. 

MRI scanner of open type. The latest device for accurate diagnosis and examination of any parts of the body with increased comfort for patients thanks to a 70-cm open tunnel and a small system length. The device produces high-resolution images and can withstand weight up to 250 kg. 

Features of the Clinic




Cancer treatment in Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Oncology Center At Bangkok Hospital Phuket is one of the authoritative in hospital. Patients come here to diagnose and treat all types of malignant neoplasms of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, blood, liver, pancreas, thyroid gland, bones, breast, female and male reproductive system, etc. Patients are provided with full range of services - from screening and diagnostics till radiotherapy and rehabilitation. 


Diagnosis and treatment of cancer is carried out according to international protocols, several diverse specialists are involved in the process, depending on the type and location of the tumor. Doctors of the clinic have at their disposal the latest devices for accurate and rapid diagnosis of diseases, innovative installations for radiotherapy. For surgical removal of tumors, a robotic and intraoperative technique for navigation and visualization is used, as well as the necessary tools for organ-preserving minimally invasive operations.


Conservative and surgical treatment of spinal pathologies in the Bangkok clinic in Phuket Island is also a popular specialty. Hospital provides comprehensive treatment of hernia, stenosis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, injuries, infectious lesions and pain in various parts of the spine. Experienced doctors provide treatment with modern effective methods, for example:

Vertebroplasty - used for compression fracture of the spine, osteoporosis. This is an injection of special cement into a damaged vertebrae under local anesthesia. The cement hardens within 10 minutes and maintains spinal stability. 

Kyphoplasty - used for multiple spinal fractures with displacement and allows patients to adjust the position of the broken vertebra, aligns the spinal column and prevents the development of further deformation. This method consists of introducing a balloon into the vertebrae, which is then filled with fluid. As a result, the position of the vertebra is corrected. After that, the balloon is removed, and the resulting cavity is filled with bone cement to fix the spine. 

Tubular microdiscectomy is a low-impact, minimally invasive surgery to treat an intervertebral hernia. During the procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision and expands the muscle tissue without injuring them, after which it removes the hernia. According to the study, which was published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, in contrast to standard discectomy, after tubular microdiscectomy, there is no severe pain and discomfort, and 90% of patients noted a significant improvement in their condition. 

During the surgical treatment of spinal diseases in Bangkok Hospital Phuket, the latest models of computer navigators, visualizers and 3D microscopes are used. A high-tech rehabilitation center after treatment is available to restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system.


About 35% of tourists who come to Phuket for holidays use the services of a dentist at Bangkok Hospital. The clinic provides high-quality dental treatment for adults and children - from filling and removal to prosthetics, implantation and surgical treatment. A full range of aesthetic dentistry is also provided - teeth whitening, dental veneers, etc. Bangkok Hospital uses only high-quality dental materials - dental implants with durable titanium base or prostheses made of acrylic, metal or porcelain. Before any procedure, patients undergo the necessary examination. Specialists use modern diagnostic methods, for example, a dental X-ray machine with 3D visualization. Dental treatment in the clinic is painless and most importantly quick. Prosthetics require 5-6 visits, a total of 3-4 weeks. Restoration of teeth using tabs or onlays - only 1-2 weeks. It is possible to put the crown in 8-14 days.


Check Up programs in Thailand


Much attention in the Bangkok clinic Phuket is paid to the issues of rapid diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Patients are offered variety of programs, among these - check-up before planning to conceive a child, urological rapid examination, diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, examination of the heart. In addition, the Center for Disease Prevention provides various annual examination programs, programs for the prevention of stroke, heart attack, oncology, etc. 



The Bangkok Clinic in Phuket has been working with foreign patients for over 10 years. In order to make guests feel comfortable, a team of coordinators and translators works with knowledge of English, Russian, Arabic and other languages. Clinic cooperates with insurance companies around the world, which guarantees patients safety and assistance in all the matters. 


Treatment on Phuket Island


One of the missions of Bangkok Hospital Phuket - maximum attention to the needs of the patient and visitors. The clinic provides wards for various categories - from standard to presidential numbers. Depending on the type of room, patients have a separate bathroom with a set of necessary hygienic facilities and accessories, air conditioning, TV, Internet, refrigerator, electric bed with adjustable position, dishes and much more. On request, patients are provided with a safe, massage services, a kindergarten. The hospital building has a dining room, a small cafe, a 24-hour minimarket, a flower shop, a beauty salon and a hairdresser. Near the hospital is parking. 



Bangkok Hospital Phuket is one of the most expensive medical institutions in Thailand, but there is no shortage of patients, especially foreign ones. This is explained by the fact that the hospital cooperates with many insurance companies, which if necessary, send tourists for treatment in this particular clinic. 

Approximate prices for some popular services in the clinic of Bangkok Hospital Phuket:

Procedure Price
Childbirth from $1,800
IVF from $12,000
Brest augmentation from $4,000
Lip augmentation from $1,000
Dental implant from $1,800
Teeth whitening from $500
Vision correction from $1,700
Weight loss program (1day) from $250

The estimated cost of diagnosis and treatment at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket: 

Procedure Price
Radiation therapy from $3,000
Biopsy from $800
Oncologist's consultation from $70
Minimally invasive surgery of scoliosis upon request
Bypass surgery from $2,000
Capsule endoscopy from $700
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I combined my vacation in Thailand with minor plastic surgery procedures in Bangkok hospital. It was recommended by my girlfriend as she had done her rhinoplasty from here couple of years back. I am satisfied with my choice and happy abo... Read more

Phuket, Thailand, January 14, 2020


Hospital Accreditation - Thailand (HA)
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International


Dr. Sopida Rattanapruks
Experience: 24
Neurosurgeon Bangkok Hospital Phuket
Dr. Siam Poontananggoon
Experience: 24 years
Urology in Thailand doctor
Dr. Manovet Tiravirot
Experience: 15 years
Radiology in Bangkok Hospital Phuket
Dr. Wachira Jarungkiattikhajorn
Urologist in Bangkok Hospital Phuket
Dr. Ravit Smavatkul
Experience: 36 year
Director and Chief Physician of the Cardiology Center of the Bangkok Hospital Phuket. He has two higher medical education and 24 years of medical practice.
Main specialization: Cardiology and general medicine.
Dr. Sopida Rattanapruks
Experience: 24
Neurologist and neurosurgeon with more than 24 years of experience. He has two higher medical education - Hon Heng University and Bangkok Neurological Institute.For 10 years he worked in the hospitals of Maharaj and Uttalad. After that, he entered the post of neurologist and neurosurgeon of the clinic Bangkok Hospital Phuket.
Is an active member of medical societies, among which are:Medical Council of Thailand.Medical Association of Thailand.College of Neurological Surgeons of Thailand.Association of Neurosurgeons of Thailand.
Main specialization: Neurology and neurosurgery.
Dr. Siam Poontananggoon
Experience: 24 years
Qualified urologist at Bangkok Hospital Phuket Clinic with over 15 years experience. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Mahidol University in Bangkok, and was also trained in Urology at the Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok. In addition, the doctor regularly attends training courses.The doctor worked as a general practitioner in Nongki clinics, then he assumed the post of urologist at the surgical department of Nangrong Hospital. After that, he became one of the best specialists in the Urology Center of the Bangkok Hospital Clinic Phuket.
Primary specialization: Urology, urological surgery, laparoscopic and endoscopic urology, pediatric urology.
Dr. Manovet Tiravirot
Experience: 15 years
Certified radiologist at Bangkok Hospital Phuket Clinic.Received medical education at Prince Songkla University, where he graduated from postgraduate school in vascular and interventional radiology.
Certificate holder:Certificate of the Thai Council of Diagnostic Radiology, Thailand, 2004.Certificate of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Thailand, 2005.
Main specialization: Radiology, interventional radiology.
Dr. Wachira Jarungkiattikhajorn
Leading urologist at Bangkok Hospital Phuket who has more than 36 years of medical practice. He received higher education at the Faculty of Medicine at the Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University. After that he completed an internship at Wadjir Hospital. Later on assumed the position of Chief Surgeon at the Maharata Nakhon Si Thammarat State Regional Hospital, and also served as Chief Surgeon and Urologist at the Taksin General Hospital.
Primary specialization: Urological surgery.
Dr. Ravit Smavatkul
Experience: 36 year
Location of the Clinic
2/1 Hongyok Utis Road, Muang District, Phuket, 83000, Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is located not far from Patong Beach between Vachira Hospital and Tesco Lotus Supermarket at the Kathu-Samkong road and Kathu-lotkong crossroad. (Chalermprakiat road). Nearby are numerous island attractions and entertainment, such as the Thai Village, Butterfly Garden and Insect World, Khao Rang Hill Lookout, Orchid Garden, Central Festival Shopping Complex, Prince Songkla University Cabaret Show, Aphrodite Museum, Chinpracha House Museum and Weekend Market . Also close to the building are huge number of hotels of different tastes.

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