Who said that treatment abroad is only for the rich? Safe treatment and the attention of experienced doctors is available to the common man. The fact that a person moves away from recovery is because of myths and stereotypes about medical tourism. For example, a patient may find it expensive. Or he is stopped by a new culture and the language barrier. In fact, none of this can be called an obstacle. In this article, we will highlight the popular myths about treatment abroad and show that a medical trip is no more difficult than a regular trip.

пациенты выбирают зарубежные клиники для лечения

The number of patients from the developing countries choosing treatment abroad has been growing. And there are good reasons for this. In most of the countries, medical errors during diagnoses are quite common. This is because the clinics use old equipment, and doctors are not aware of modern treatment methods.


While foreign clinics are going through regular accreditation by international organizations for the quality of medical care, care for foreign patients and the safety of treatment. In the clinics, reliable diagnostic techniques are available that will help identify the onset of the disease before the onset of the first symptoms. And treatment, if possible, is carried out with minimally invasive methods that do not give complications in the future.


If treatment abroad is so effective, why are people still scared of travelling? There are many myths and stereotypes about medical tourism. These exist because of ignorance about the procedure for organizing and traveling for treatment abroad.


Cost of treatment is one of the main reasons for the patient to refuse treatment abroad. Indeed, the treatment abroad can be slightly expensive compare to developing countries. However, the high cost of treatment is offset by accuracy and reliability. With the help of innovative equipment and modern treatment methods, the patient is correctly diagnosed the first time and treatment methods which are selected have minimum risk of relapse. While a patient in domestic clinics may have to visit several doctors to clarify the diagnosis or eliminate side effects from treatment. As a result, the cost of treatment in one’s own country is the same, or even higher than abroad.


Another aspect of the problem is the option of making choice. India and Turkey can offer the cheapest treatment in the world. For example, in India, diagnostics are cheaper than many other countries while in Turkey, rhinoplasty or breast augmentation can be done at a lower cost. If the patient is in a difficult situation and he needs a very expensive procedure, he can raise funds. MediGlobus medical coordinators can freely advise a person on this issue.


A sick person wants to recover as soon as possible, and for seriously ill patient each hour is important. To save time, patients go to the nearest clinics, even if they know that the quality of medical services is worse there.


However, distance has long ceased to play a significant role in diagnosis and treatment. Full diagnostics in the best foreign clinics takes 1 day. A person can go through it without breaking away from work! Some clinics have launched service of remote consultations. A patient may contact doctors in another country and receive a treatment plan. He will learn how to come to the clinic, how much time it takes, how much it will cost and who will carry out the treatment.


With a personal query directly to the clinic, the efficiency of the organization of treatment is greatly slowed down. Most of the time it takes to solve formal problems with documents and registration in the clinic. On the contrary, with the help of a medical platform, you can plan a trip much faster. The medical consultant will help you choose a clinic and collect the necessary documents, talk about your doctor, and arrange a visit. With such support, the organization of treatment is quick and simple.


координаторы клиники устраивают пациенту экскурсию по городу

Over the past two years, the number of medical tourists from the CIS countries,Gulf etc has increased by over 40%. The most popular destinations among them are Germany, Turkey and South Korea etc. In this regard, some clinics have multilingual doctors. In the event that the doctor does not know the language, the clinic provides an interpreter thus removing the language barrier between the patient and the clinic staff. Patient receives all the important information about the diagnosis and treatment method in his native language. To organize a trip, you do not need to know English. A medical consultant from MediGlobus will help you book accommodation, buy tickets or arrange a transfer from the airport (if the clinic does not provide this service). The patient should not have to worry about formalities and he can only focus on treatment.


Between receiving quality medical services and the patient there is a myth about the complexity of organizing trips abroad. At first glance it seems that finding a clinic, choosing a doctor, sending tests for diagnostics, buying tickets, applying for a visa will take forever and a sick person can not cope with this. In reality, tickets can be bought online, our platform will help you choose an inexpensive clinic with the right treatment, the consultant will tell you what documents you need to prepare, and the clinic will help you open a medical visa.


If a patient can not come for treatment abroad, he can receive doctor’s recommendations on treatment methods. This service is called a “second opinion” and you don’t need to go to another country for it. The patient sends all medical records and history to the clinic. A medical council of doctors gathers in foreign clinic and together they prescribe a treatment plan to patient. He will know which drugs to take and which operations are indicated. However, he carries out direct treatment in his country. MediGlobus consultants will help the patient to connect with the clinic and quickly send documents to foreign doctors.


In fact, being treated in a foreign country is as safe as in your own. So, to cross the border, insurance is issued to the patient. The clinic takes responsibility for him when he goes for treatment abroad,. She guarantees him safety. Due to the fact that many patients come from abroad for treatment, regional coordinators work in the clinics. The coordinators meet the patient at the airport, transport them to the clinic, and help them check into the hotel. At the request of the patient, they can even organize an excursion tour of the city. A relative or close friend can go with him to make it easier for the patient to go through such a difficult period of life. The clinic also takes care of the accommodation for the family.


There are scammers where money is involved and the medical tourism industry is no exception. However, in this area it is more difficult for them to cash in, since the organization of the trip is standard. It’s enough to know few key differences between fraudsters and professional medical tourism service providers:

  • Fraudsters have a small company history. Perhaps it is a month or a week. The trust is deserved by large medical platforms that have existed for more than a year.
  • Little information about the company on the Internet. While a real treatment company abroad regularly shares new information. But there is no reason for scammers to try if they close the site soon.
  • Scammers do not have reviews on Google, on Facebook page and other resources. On the contrary, reviews about the work of this medical platform can be easily found on the Google page and other specialized sites.
  • For scammers, an advance payment is required before assistance in organizing treatment. If the platform is honest, then its services are either free or paid upon the patient’s departure for treatment.

MediGlobus platform services are free for patients. The patient pays only at the clinic cash desk, MediGlobus does not charge patients for it support and coordination services.


It is not easy to organize treatment abroad without an intermediary company. There are many legal issues and unexpected obstacles in this matter. It is not easy for a patient who is experiencing an illness to independently create a network of connections between him and the clinic, send tests for diagnosis abroad, or plan a medical trip. At the same time, everything is ready at the medical organization.


For example, MediGlobus works with over 200 clinics in 23 countries. The consultant will help you choose a clinic according to the patient’s needs. The patient can ask all the important questions about how the treatment will go, who will be treating, how long it will take and how much the treatment will cost. Platform services are either free or paid upon a trip to treatment. The patient does not risk anything and receives the highest quality services.

If you want to organize a trip abroad for reliable diagnostics and effective treatment, seek the advice of MediGlobus specialists.

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