Today, dentistry is one of the most popular areas of medical tourism. A beautiful and healthy smile is a dream of many people. Patients travel even from countries with advanced medicine, such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Canada to treat their teeth abroad. Main reason is connected with the relatively high prices in the homeland even for the simplest dental services – and in cases when serious treatment is required, a trip to the dentist can hit hard.


    For the patients of the developing countries, the reason to go abroad for dentistry services is to receive highly qualified medical assistance – foreign dentists use high-quality material and provide impeccable service, which is also distinguished by high efficiency. A person does not need a long period of time to stay in a foreign country and wait for the end of treatment – in general, the arrival of the patient is planned in advance and all terms are specified.

    The most popular dental procedures remain surgical, aesthetic and orthodontic. The list is headed by dental implants, veneers, prosthetics and bite correction surgery (orthognathic surgery).


One of the most frequent reasons for contacting foreign dental clinics is the need to install high-quality dental implants. The installation of implants is a serious intervention that requires high-quality material and sufficient qualifications of the doctor.

The treatment takes place in two stages:

  • First, the patient is examined, sanitation of chronic foci of infection in the oral cavity is done. Soft gum tissue and bone are prepared for implant insertion. In the end, an antibiotic therapy is carried out and the stitches are removed. Temporary crown is set up. The duration of the first stage is about 7-10 days.
  • The second stage involves the installation of a permanent ceramic crown. Duration – usually no more than 5 days.


Duration between the first and second stage of treatment takes at around 3 months, approximately this period of time is necessary for engraftment of the implant placed in the bone.


The price for implantation is formulated from several basic criteria: the cost of an implant, consumables, and the price tag for a doctor’s work.


The branded implants are made of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials that have safety certificates and are clinically tested. Such implants have a long service life and minimal risk of rejection.


In the production of analogues, cheaper material is used which reduces their cost. And the quality of the product itself suffers due to the use of cheap raw materials.


The same situation with consumables, which are used, for example, to strengthen bone tissue.

Dental Tourism: How to Quickly and Qualitatively Treat Teeth Abroad?



Dental Tourism: How to Quickly and Qualitatively Treat Teeth Abroad?

Getting a “Hollywood smile” in a short time is now possible with the use of special ceramic linings in veneers in aesthetic dentistry.


They are strictly personalized and help to change not only the color of the tooth, but also correct the irregular shape.


The fixation of the plates is carried out using special cement, which is applied to a previously prepared tooth. Patient get a temporary fix during the time of manufacture of permanent plates. Whole treatment usually takes no more than 4-5 days.


Veneers are placed on the smile area and depending on the individual characteristics of the patient’s anatomy, they may require from 6 to 10 units.


In some situations, they can be installed on chewing teeth, so you can achieve a lifting effect on the cheekbones. The thickness of the lining is very small and is no more than 0.5 millimeter, which eliminates the discomfort when wearing.

    Indications for the formulation of veneers include:

  • Wide gaps between teeth;
  • Discoloration and tooth shape (including fluorosis and pigmentation after taking tetracycline);
  • Short teeth;
  • Gummy smile.

  • Veneers are contraindicated in bruxism, improper bite, non-compliance with basic principles of oral hygiene.

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