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Frankfurt University Hospital
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Frankfurt University Hospital

Frankfurt, Germany

Clinic Review

doctors of Frankfurt University HospitalFrankfurt University Hospital is the among the leading clinic of Germany, where the therapeutic, rehabilitation and research areas are perfectly combined. It was founded in 1914. For more than 100 years of existence, it has become a world famous and popular medical institution.

Frankfurt University Hospital consists of 32 departments, 10 specialized centers and 25 institutes. It can accommodate about1360 patients.

Employs more than 4,500 health workers: 800 specialists of the highest qualification level (doctors) and 1,400 secondary (nurses).

All departments of the clinic are equipped with the latest generation equipment. Each patient room is equipped with the most comfortable conditions for the stay of patients. There is a shower, toilet, mini-bar, refrigerator, safe, TV, DVD-player, telephone, etc.

Each year, the University Hospital Frankfurt serves about 50,000 inpatients and 200,000 outpatients. More than 3,000 citizens of other countries apply for medical care here.

The following institutions function on the basis of the medical center:

  • Rhine-Main Tumor Center;
  • Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine;
  • Surgical Center;
  • Center for Eye Diseases;
  • Center for Gynecology and Childbirth;
  • Center for Dermatology and Venereology;
  • Orthopedic Center;
  • Center for Internal Diseases;
  • Center of Urology;
  • Center for Neurology and Neurosurgery.


Treatment oncology in Frankfurt University HospitalBased on the fact that this clinic is one of the best, in terms of technical equipment in the world, the latest developments and techniques for the treatment of various diseases are applied here.

Among the main technical equipment of this University Hospital are: gamma scalpel and the Da Vinci robot system.

Gamma scalpel is an ultramodern radiosurgical unit, which can successfully treat oncological, vascular and functional brain pathologies without craniotomy. Trauma due to such operations is reduced to a minimum and the patient’s rehabilitation period is shortened.

Da Vinci is a new generation surgical system. This device is suitable for conducting the most complex surgical interventions through 3-5 small incisions up to a couple of centimeters long. At the same time, healthy tissues are not damaged and the volume of blood loss is significantly reduced.

The recovery period of the body is reduced to half. It is important that to work with such a surgical system, a high qualification of the doctor is needed, therefore the da Vinci robot is used only in some clinics of the world.

Features of the Clinic


The Rhine-Main Tumor Diseases Center is one of the largest and most sought-after medical facilities in the country that treats cancer. Leading highly specialized areas of the clinic include:

  • Oncology of the skin;
  • Gynecological oncology;
  • Cancers of the internal organs;
  • Pediatric oncology;
  • Surgical oncology;
  • Neurosurgical oncology;
  • Radiooncology.

This center is equipped with a spiral tomography, gamma knife, da Vinci robot, positron emission tomography and other medical equipment of the latest generation. The head of this institution is Professor P. Mitrow, under his leadership hundreds of successful operations to treat the most complex oncological diseases were carried out. The approximate cost of diagnostic procedures and cancer therapy at the Cancer Disease Center in Frankfurt is:

  • Consultation for oncological diseases - from $ 700;
  • “Second Opinion” service - from $ 690;
  • Lymph node biopsy - from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000;
  • Radiation therapy - from $ 7,500 to $ 10,000;
  • Gastroscopy and biopsy - from $ 300 to $ 2,500;
  • CyberKnife (CyberKnife) - from $ 7,000 to $ 10,000;
  • RapidArc - from $ 500 to $ 1,400;
  • TrueBeam - from $ 3,100 to $ 7,000.


The Center for Gynecology and Childbirth at the Frankfurt University Hospital is considered one of the best high-tech medical institutions in the country. More than 180 nurses, 30 doctors and 16 researchers work here.

Clinic treats breast cancer and various types of female reproductive system cancers.

This hospital, also perform complex hormonal examination of a woman, artificial insemination procedures and a modern “soft” obstetric aid are carried out.

The Center for Gynecology and Childbirth, effectively fight infertility. For the treatment of this pathology, minimally invasive surgeries are used, which reduce the risk of adhesive processes, and drug therapy.

Prices for the following services of the Center for Gynecology and Childbirth is:

  • Check-up diagnostics - from $ 350 to $ 5,000;
  • Procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF) - from $ 4,600 to $ 6,000;
  • Natural childbirth - from $ 3,000 to $ 9,800;
  • Cesarean section - from $ 3,100 to $ 10,000;
  • Cervical biopsy - from $ 900 to $ 3,200;
  • Myomectomy (removal of a benign tumor from the uterine target walls) - from $ 5,500;
  • Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) - from $ 3,800 to $ 7,400.
Testimonials (1)
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Andy Caroll
Patient Verified
  • 5
Frankfurt is home to my good friend from college as I spent a good time here. I chose this university hospital for my aunt for treating her breast cancer as it was the most convenient city for us to stay. Our choice of this hospital proved ... Read more
Frankfurt, Germany, January 17, 2020
ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 9001 Quality Management System


Prof Felix KH Chun
Prof. Felix KH Chun
Experience: more then 20
Prof Christine Solbach
Prof. Christine Solbach
Obstetrics and gynecology
Experience: more than 25 years
Prof Wolf Otto Bechstein
Prof. Wolf Otto Bechstein
Experience: more than 25 years
A leading urologist and scientist of Korean descent. He is in charge of the urology department of the University Hospital Frankfurt, and also holds the position of professor at the University. Goethe.
Felix Chun is among the three most famous prostate cancer researchers in Germany. He specializes in reconstructive surgery of the urethra, oncological urology, and in particular: oncotherapy of the prostate gland and laser surgery for prostate adenoma. Doctor has many years of experience with the Da Vinci robotic system.
Membership in professional medical organizations:
  • European Society of Urology;
  • European Commission on S2K recommendations for preoperative patient management;
  • European Organization of Young Scientists on Urology of the Bladder.

Doctor’s Specialization: Urology.
Prof. Felix KH Chun
Experience: more then 20
Leading gynecologist in Germany, who specializes in the treatment of breast oncology and senology (breast diseases of various etiologies). She studied at the University of Heidelberg and is a certified breast surgeon of the German Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Christine Solbach manages the department of senology at the Gynecological Center at the Frankfurt Hospital. Doctor has conducted a lot of scientific research in the field of breast oncotherapy. She has an additional mammography instructor qualification.
Membership in the medical community:
  • German Society of Ultrasound Medicine (German Society of Ultrasound Medicine);
  • Society of Gynecological Oncology (Society of Gynecological Oncology);
  • German Senology Society;
  • Association of Plastic, Restoration and Aesthetic Operations in the Field of Gynecology (Association of Plastic, Restoration and Aesthetic);
  • German Cancer Society;
  • German Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (German Society of Hyneology and Obstetrics).

Specialization doctor: gynecology and obstetrics.
Prof. Christine Solbach
Experience: more than 25 years
Obstetrics and gynecology

Leading Surgeon at the University Hospital Frankfurt, who graduated from Hannover Medical School and the Royal College Hospital Medical School in England. Improved qualifications at the University of Wisconsin, USA. Since 2002, he has been the head of the Department of General and Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital Frankfurt.

Dr. Wolf Otto Bechstein specializes in the surgical treatment of neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic rejection of donor organs and immunosuppression for organ transplantation.

Prof. Wolf Otto Bechstein
Experience: more than 25 years
Location of the Clinic
Uni Hospital №1, Theodor-Stern-Kai, 7, Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt University Hospital is located on the bank of the River Maine. Convenient transportation is a fat plus of this institution. Not far from the clinic is one of the largest airports in Germany - Rhine-Main Airport. South city railway station and S-bahn train station is in couple of minutes walk from the hospital.

Near the medical center there are two covered parking lots, the Sushi Bagan sushi bar, the Dorade am Main seafood restaurant and the Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy hotel.


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