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Romatem Rehabilitation Center
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Romatem Rehabilitation Center

Bursa, Turkey

Clinic Review

Rehabilitation at Romatem Medical Center

Romatem is the first and only medical brand in Turkey specialized in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The first rehabilitation center of the existing network was established in Samsun in 2005. For more than 12 years center have been working in Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli. Today, Romatem is the largest network of physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in the region.

All rehabilitation centers of the network are equipped with the latest technology. Specialists of rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists use modern methods and complex approach, which allows to restore patients even after very serious injuries and diseases. Romatem centers provide medical services to a number of Turkish clinics, as well as to health resorts and hotels.

The center specializes in neurological, cardiac and post-traumatic cases.

Chambers of rehabilitation centers are equipped with everything necessary for maximum comfort of patients and are designed for a long stay. Particular attention is paid not only to the experience of medical personnel, but also the novelty of equipment, which is regularly updated . All the centers of the network are equipped with sophisticated robotic devices for all types of patient rehabilitation.

Among the diseases treated at Romatem Rehabilitation center are:

    иконка галочкиcerebral palsy;  

    иконка галочкиneurological and orthopedic injuries; 

    иконка галочкиsports injuries; 

    иконка галочкиsclerosis and multiple sclerosis; 

    иконка галочкиParkinsons's disease;  

    иконка галочкиback and neck pain; 

    иконка галочкиcerebrovascular diseases; 

    иконка галочкиheart attack;

    иконка галочкиbrain stroke; 

    иконка галочкиfibromyalgia and others.

Features of the Clinic




A robotic neurorehabilitation system used to restore the function of the upper limb and shoulder. Most often, the system is used to restore the mobility of the upper part of the upper limbs after a stroke.

Lokomat (Walking Robot)

A complex robotic device for restoring walking skills, mobility of the lower extremities. This system helps patients to learn how to walk again. Depending on the individual characteristics and characteristics of the trauma, this system fixes all the necessary indicators and provides a reasonable load on certain groups of muscles. Based on the complexity of the situation and the rehabilitation stage, rehabilitation specialists can choose one of several virtual environment programs. The device is effective in patients with severe cerebral trauma, spinal cord injuries, strokes, neurological pathologies.

Diers Formetric 4D Scoliosis Analyzer

A specialized system of four-dimensional detection of spine curvature (without harmful to the body X-ray). The system is used for detailed diagnosis of the spinal column both before and after treatment, which also makes it possible to evaluate the success of the prescribed treatment. Since the operating principle of the system is not based on X-ray radiation - the study can be conducted at any time and has no contraindications to the conduct. Takes no more than 6 seconds for the full diagnosis of the spine.




AMADEO system

The only mechanized device for restoring the functions of the hand and each finger individually. The device is used to rehabilitate patients with various motor disorders of the fingers and hands as a whole, as well as an effective method of recovery after surgery, violations of the functions of the upper extremity due to injuries of the brain and spinal cord.


A medical and rehabilitation suit developed by US specialists for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders after suffering craniocerebral injuries, strokes. TheraSuit, together with a set of special exercises, is used to rehabilitate children with cerebral palsy. Earlier, the method was used to prevent negative consequences for astronauts, long staying in a state of weightlessness. The suit models the correct load on all parts of the body, normalizes muscle tone, increases the amplitude, volume of movements and improve control over the previously not functioning muscle groups.

Spinal Decompression System (DRX 9000 C)

A specialized system of spinal decompression, designed for non-surgical treatment of patients with lumbar and cervical spine problems and severe pain syndrome. The therapeutic effect of the system is based on the anti-gravity studies of NASA.

Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy. This method work to impact the tissues of the body through sound waves. Used for sports diseases of joints, joint pain, pseudoarthrosis (false joint). This procedure also helps to restore the body and is complementary to the basic treatment.


Method of vertical traction is one of the most effective methods of physiotherapeutic treatment of pain in the lumbar and cervical spine associated with the formation of intervertebral hernias. During the therapy the device gradually stretches the spine, thereby increasing the distance between the vertebral bodies. By increasing the distance squeezed by parts of the intervertebral disc structures are released, which leads to the cessation of pain.




    иконка галочкиspeech therapy; 

    иконка галочкиoccupational therapy; 

    иконка галочкиhydrotherapy; 

    иконка галочкиcardiac rehabilitation; 

    иконка галочкиobesity rehabilitation; 

    иконка галочкиozone therapy; 

    иконка галочкиreflexology massage and acupuncture;

    иконка галочкиpain treatment.


The approximate cost of the treatments depends on the diagnosis, severity of symptoms, qualifications of the doctor and other factors.

Neurological rehabilitationfrom $150 (per session)
Inpatient rehabilitation$300-420
Rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsyfrom $2,690

Testimonials (3)
Average clinic rating
M. Cam
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated
The price for the stay is a bit expensive, but the results are worth it. In only fifteen days, my mother got better. She used to suffer a lot, and now the pain is almost completely gone, and she is beginning to walk by herself again. We are... Read more
Bursa, Turkey, December 24, 2019
Selma Akin
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated
After my mother had a stroke, we were sent to Romatem for rehabilitation. Our assigned doctor was Dr.Esin. After 15 sessions, she started walking again. Aside from physiotherapy and rehabilitation, the Seydul rehabilitation room has helped ... Read more
Bursa, Turkey, September 30, 2019
Patient Verified
  • 4
The patient was treated
My brother suffered injury in sports and was having trouble in simple walking even so we decided to travel and do rehabilitation in romatem. Rehabilitation was for one and a half month but it helped him recover about 70%. Center doesn’... Read more
Bursa, Turkey, August 28, 2018


Dr. Emre Erden
Experience: more than 20 years
Dr. Cigdem Gulerman
Experience: more than 20 years
Dr. Levent Tekin
Experience: more than 20 years
Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialist.
Specializations of the doctor: Neurological rehabilitation, robotic rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports trauma, manual therapy.
Dr. Emre Erden
Experience: more than 20 years
Physiotherapist & rehabilitation specialist.
Specializations of the doctor: Rehabilitation of patients with speech disorders and swallowing.
Dr. Cigdem Gulerman
Experience: more than 20 years
Associate Professor, Specialist in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
Specializations of the doctor: Motor rehabilitation. Acupuncture (certified by the Ministry of Health of Turkey), ozonotherapy, physiotherapy, manipulative therapy, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, electrical muscle stimulation.
Dr. Levent Tekin
Experience: more than 20 years
Location of the Clinic
Kükürtlü Mahallesi, Dr. Rüştü Burlu Cd., 16080 Osmangazi/Bursa

One of the largest Romatem rehabilitation centers is located in Shishli district (Istanbul). The infrastructure as well as the transport network of the district is very developed: subway, shuttle busses and water transport. There are large chain hotels, some of the best shopping and entertainment centers in the city and shops. Catering facilities serve both Turkish and European cuisine. Near the clinic, there are enough green areas for walks, one of them is the Heydar Aliyev Park. There are bank branches, ATMs, currency exchange offices, shops, pharmacy outlets within walking distance. One of the most famous sights of Istanbul - the Resedence of Turkish Sultans - Dolmabahce Palace, located on the bank of the Bosporus, is located within 10 minutes' drive. Ataturk International Airport is about 30-35 minutes away.


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