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Orthopedic Clinic of Kang Dong
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Orthopedic Clinic of Kang Dong

Busan, Korea

Clinic Review

Orthopedic Clinic of Kang Dong
The Kang Dong Hospital
 is situated in the South Korean city of Busan, is a large, highly specialized center in the area of orthopedics and traumatology. The hospital was opened in 1993 and meets all international standards of medicine.

The clinic is recognized as innovative not only in South Korea, but also in the Asian region due to the constant modernization and development of new methods of treatment of orthopedic pathology.

The hospital is equipped with the latest technology and is designed for 200 inpatient beds. Here you can find the latest visualization technology, which makes it possible to take images of the highest quality, allowing doctors to make an accurate diagnosis.

Specialists of the center are medical experts of the highest qualification, involved in large number of scientific studies. The management of the clinic closely follows the qualification categories of personnel. All doctors take part in scientific symposiums of international level.

The philosophy of the clinic is the introduction of exceptionally advanced technologies and techniques that have proven results. The hospital cooperates with leading orthopedic centers in Japan, USA, Canada and Europe.

Features of the Clinic

Annually,more than 4000 surgical interventions of different levels of complexity are carried out on the basis of the hospital. The total number of personnel in the clinic is 170 people. On the basis of the clinic, individual orthopedic rehabilitation and physiotherapy (including therapeutic physical training, massages, hydro procedures etc) are available. The center is divided into highly specialized units.


Surgical interventions here are carried out to replace injured or affected (endoprosthetics) shoulder, knee, hip or elbow joints. The most common causes of joint replacement are various types of injuries, arthritis, arthrosis, capable of causing joint destruction.

Mark and type of joint are chosen exclusively personalized for each patient’s given anatomy and personal features. The clinic cooperates directly with the world's leading manufacturers of endoprostheses Johnson & Johnson, Biomet, Lima, Zimmer.

Specialists of the Kang Dong Clinic are known for the active use of orthopedic navigation systems during arthroplasty, which helps to correctly fix the endoprosthesis and avoid rapid wear and tear of bone tissue with individual parts of the prosthesis.


The newest endoscopic video technology allows not only to perform minimally invasive interventions without opening the joint, but also significantly shorten the recovery period, since surgical intervention automatically becomes less traumatic than the standard operation.

The main indications for endoscopic surgery are intra-articular fractures, various ligament injuries, arthritis, muscle damage of the shoulder girdle and others. More than 500 operations are carried out here every year. 


Orthopedic Clinic of Kang Dong
Operations of varying degrees of complexity are carried out to remove the intervertebral hernias, including more than 200 interventions of discectomy using the laser, the installation of artificial intervertebral discs, microdiscectomy, laminectomy and decompression on the basis of this unit. 

The basis of the clinic also has: the Pediatric Orthopedics Center, which treats children's orthopedic diseases with both conservative and surgical methods, and the Sports Medicine Department.

At this department patients who have suffered injuries of the musculo skeletal system due to sports are treated and rehabilitated. 

Orthopedic clinic Kang Dong is a well-known world leader within its own specialization.

The hospital has repeatedly been the center of the provision of medical services to international sports events - the World Cup and ARES, the first persons of the French Embassy were served in Kang Dong.

The sports department is known for providing medical assistance and rehabilitation after the injury of the famous football player Zinedine Zidane in 2002.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 9001 Quality Management System


doctor kang dong hospital
Dr. Son Sang Gyu
Orthopedics and traumatology
Experience: more than 20 years
kang dong clinic korea busan
Prof. Kang Shin Hyuk
Orthopedics and traumatology
Experience: 30 years
An experienced specialist in field of spinal surgery with a general medical experience of more than 10 years.
Occupies a leading position in the separation of pathology of the back and spinal surgery.
Specialization of the doctor: spinal surgery.
Dr. Son Sang Gyu
Experience: more than 20 years
Orthopedics and traumatology
Doctor is the leading specialist of the Kang Dong Hospital, a tremendous specialist in microsurgery with more than 30 years of experience during his practice.
The doctor has conducted over 1000 surgeries on the spine and more than 2000 operations on the joints.
Specialization of the doctor: surgery.
Prof. Kang Shin Hyuk
Experience: 30 years
Orthopedics and traumatology
Location of the Clinic
Busan, Saha-gu, Sinpyeong-dong, 69

Kang Dong Clinic is located in the port city of Busan, which has won the love of travelers from all over the world thanks to the unique skyscrapers and a variety of historical attractions. In the morning - do not be lazy to go to Busan city park to admire the mirror pond, catch a splash of a refreshing waterfall and see the Busan city bell. In the afternoon - walk to the waterfront, and in the evening - take your soul in a cozy cafe, enjoying the evening glow of the big city.


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