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Berlin, Germany

Clinic Review

Meoclinic Hospital in Berlin

The hospital MEOCLINIC is part of the MEOGROUP and was opened in year 2000. This multidisciplinary private medical center is certified by the ISO 9001 quality standard and fully meets the highest medical requirements of the European Union. MEOCLINIC is a hospital in Germany with five-star service, increased comfort and high-quality medical services. The clinic is located in the center of Berlin and occupies the top two floors of the prestigious shopping center Quartier 206.

Each patient's stay is prompted to be as healing as possible, and the hospital pays attention to the smallest details. The luxury-level hotel rooms open on a lovely view to some of the most famous Berlin landmarks: the Riechstag, Friedrichstraße, and Gendarmenmarkt square. The interior is specifically designed in a way to soothe and calm the patients, using warm colours and softened corners. The essential features of decor are discreetely integrated. All of this creates very contained and peaceful atmosphere.



    иконка галочкиTherapeutic; 

    иконка галочкиRadiological;  

    иконка галочкиOrthopedic;  

    иконка галочкиUrological; 

    иконка галочкиNeurosurgical; 

    иконка галочкиand others. 




There are 45 patient beds in the clinic. 4 fully equipped with the latest technology of the operating room and intensive care unit allow simultaneous complex operations to several patients.

The medical center is equipped with the latest equipment, which allows quick and high-quality diagnostics. Here they have:

    иконка галочкиThe newest devices of CT and MRI, with increased resolution; 

    иконка галочкиDevices for conducting duplex 3D and 4D sonography;  

    иконка галочкиDoppler ultrasonography; 

    иконка галочкиEEG and much more. 

The team of the clinic is the leading specialized specialists, ready to provide high-quality and timely assistance to every patient. Here, doctors use an individual multidisciplinary approach (a team of specialists gathers for diagnosis and treatment), which makes it possible to treat diseases in a complex way, and therefore more effective.




    иконка галочкиSurgery; 

    иконка галочкиOrthopedics; 

    иконка галочкиNeurosurgery; 

    иконка галочкиPlastic surgery; 

    иконка галочкиCardiology; 

    иконка галочкиReconstructive surgery; 

    иконка галочкиDentistry.

Features of the Clinic



At the Meoclinic, doctors believe that the best way to treat the illness is to discover it on the earliest stage possible. With this purpose in mind, a preventive medicine center "Meocheck" was founded.

They offer services of regular check-up examinations for the patients. The programme comes in three packages: basic, premium, and superior. They differ from each other in duration, as well as the number of the procedures involved.

The list of medical procedures and the duration of the meet are not fixed and are specified individually, for every patient's needs.

In several days, the doctors will get in touch with the patient, discuss results of the test, and suggest some recommendations or treatments, if necessary.



Endoscopic Neurosurgery in the Meoclinic Hospital Berlin

On the basis of the hospital, some of the best specialists for reconstructive hand surgery practice here. Following pathologies are successfully treated here:

    иконка галочкиDupuytren's contracture; 

    иконка галочкиCarpal tunnel syndrome; 

    иконка галочкиStenosing tendovaginitis; 

    иконка галочкиGanglion wrist joint and much more. 

There is also a foot and ankle surgery department where the deformities of congenital and acquired character of the foot are reconstructed, the consequences of injuries and degenerative diseases of the ankle and foot.

On the basis of the surgery unit, there is a specialized endocrine surgery center, where following surgical treatment is performed:

    иконка галочкиBased's disease;  

    иконка галочкиHashimoto Thyroiditis;  

    иконка галочкиBenign and malignant neoplasms of the thyroid gland;  

    иконка галочкиPrimary and secondary hyperparathyroidism, as well as other diseases of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.  

During surgical interventions, the emphasis is on the maximum possible preservation of healthy organ tissues and minimally invasive surgical tactics (for example, MIVAT - minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy).

The Surgery Department has everything necessary to conduct surgical interventions of any complexity and allows doctors to use surgical techniques as gentle as possible, and careful post-operative care and monitoring allows to detect in time the slightest changes in the patient's condition.




The approximate cost of various procedures at the Meoclinic Hospital are as follows:

Consultation with a specialist€500
MRIfrom €800
CTfrom €600
Ultrasoundfrom €300
Mammorgaphyfrom €600
Gallectomyfrom €6,000
Rhinoplastyfrom €4,500
Mammoplastyfrom €8,900
Bariatric surgeryfrom €8,000
Testimonials (3)
Average clinic rating
Patient Verified
  • 5

Fantastic hospital! I haven’t seen any other that would prioritize that patient’s well-being over everything else like that! Very talented doctors and nurses, I felt like I was in reliable hands all the time. Can’t find anything to compl... Read more

Berlin, Germany, August 11, 2019
Patient Verified
  • 5

I was operated by Dr.Edelman. The surgery went very well, and I stayed for a week more, for the doctors to observe my recovery. The staff was very friendly and professional. Very good service for such price. .

Berlin, Germany, July 21, 2019
Ivan Sarri
Patient Verified
  • 5

Went here for consultation with my wife for rhinoplasty procedure. Nice and clean hospital with good doctors. She got the necessary information and we decided to come back for the procedure in couple of months. I like the city and the he... Read more

Berlin, Germany, July 6, 2018


ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 9001 Quality Management System


Dr. Wolfgang Frank
Experience: more than 25 years
Dr. Engin Osmanoglu
Experience: more than 20 years
Plastic Surgery
Experience: more than 25 years
Experience: more than 25 years
Dr. Siegfried Vogel
Experience: more than 28 years
Dr. Christian Wit
Experience: more than 20 years
Specialist in the field of general pulmonology, sarcoidosis and pulmonary fibrosis of varying degrees of complexity.
Specialization of the doctor: general pulmonology, sarcoidosis and pulmonary fibrosis of varying degrees of complexity.
Dr. Wolfgang Frank
Experience: more than 25 years
Medical Director of MEOCLINIC, Head of Cardiology and Therapy Center. He received his medical education on the basis of the Free University of Berdin and the University of Humboldt.
His medical career began as a research fellowship in the field of hepatology, gastroenterology of the University complex Charite. More than 5 years he practiced on the basis of the German Cardiology Center Berlin in the Department of Cardiology, where he later became the head of the department.
He is an active independent expert in the field of cardiology and therapy, including in court proceedings. He speaks 5 foreign languages.
    Membership in scientific societies
  • German Society of Internal Medicine Specialists (DGIM)
  • The German Society for Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research (DGK)
  • The German Diabetes Society (DDG)
  • German Heart Foundation

  • Specialization of the doctor: cardiology and therapy.
    Dr. Engin Osmanoglu
    Experience: more than 20 years
    One of the leading plastic surgeons in Germany. He received his higher education on the basis of medical center Albert-Ludwig in the city of Freiburg. For 7 years he held a leading position in the medical school in Hannover.
    During the years of his career he practiced in the leading medical clinics of Aachen, Hannover, New York, Berlin, including the Charité medical center. The doctor wrote number of articles and publications in international medical publications (American Journal of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Journal of Plastic Surgery Springer-Verlag, Journal of Surgical Research and many other well-known publications).
    In addition, Andreas Steiert is co-author of several specialized books on plastic and aesthetic surgery. Since 2014 he has been in charge of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of MEOCLINIC, and is the Chief Medical Adviser of Care Concept. Active participant of German and international professional communities in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
      Membership in professional organizations:
  • German Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • International Confederation of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • German Society of Senology
  • German Society of Surgery

  • Specialization of the doctor: plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
    Experience: more than 25 years
    Plastic Surgery
    Specialist in the field of vascular surgery, general surgery, bariatrics, surgery of benign and malignant formations, endocrine surgery. According to the opinion of the independent medical journal FOCUS, he is one of the best specialists in the field of thyroid surgery.
    Specialization: vascular surgery, general surgery, bariatrics, surgery of benign and malignant formations, endocrine surgery
    Experience: more than 25 years
    An experienced specialist in neurosurgery. In 1968 he graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Humboldt.
    For more than 28 years he practiced on the basis of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital Charité Berlin, where he worked his way from an ordinary doctor to a professor of neurosurgery.
    In the sphere of the doctor's interests are minimally invasive surgical interventions for pathologies of the brain and spinal cord, microsurgery.
    Specialization: intervertebral hernia, pituitary adenoma, meningioma, auditory nerve neurinoma, cerebral artery aneurysm, brain angioma, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia (decompression surgery), neurostimulator implantation, pump implantation, peripheral nerve surgery, replacement of vertebral bodies with metastasis , malformation of Arnold-Chiari, cyst of the brain, brain tumor.
    Dr. Siegfried Vogel
    Experience: more than 28 years
    Highly qualified specialist in abdominal surgery, general and colorectal surgery, endocrine surgery, surgical treatment of hernias of different etiology.
    In the past, the doctor directed the Thyroid Surgery Center at the Martin Luther Medical Center in Berlin.
    According to the rating of the independent medical journal FOCUS, he is one of the best specialists in the field of general surgery and thyroid interventions.
    Specialization: general surgery, colorectal surgery, proctology, hiatal hernia, ventral hernia, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, endocrine surgery, general surgery.
    Dr. Christian Wit
    Experience: more than 20 years
    Location of the Clinic
    Friedrichstraße 71 10117 Berlin

    Meoclinic Hospital is located in the center of Berlin.



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