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Medical Park Bahçelievler
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Medical Park Bahçelievler

Istanbul, Turkey

Clinic Review

Medical Park Bahcelevier

Medical Park Bahçelievler is a university clinic, and a part of the Medical Park Hospitals Group. During more than 13 years, thousands of patients from different parts of the world have been treated there. The high quality of the institution's medical services is confirmed by the international accreditation of JCI.

The total territory of the medical institution is 33,000 m2. In the 19-storey building of the hospital, there are 89 rooms for receiving patients, 24 bassinets for newborns and 13 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology. The hospital has 246 beds at its disposal.

The hospital cooperates with Altınbaş University. They constantly develop and implement innovative methods to identify and combat various pathologies. The priority areas of the clinic are:

иконка галочки transplantology;

иконка галочки cardiovascular surgery;

иконка галочки neonatal intensive care;

иконка галочки общая general intensive care and resuscitation;

    иконка галочки medical oncology;

    иконка галочки robotic surgery;

    иконка галочки radiation oncology;

    иконка галочки neurology and neurosurgery.

      Service at Medical Park Bahçelievler

      The comfort and safety of patients is a priority for Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital. Each patient is selected for a personalized treatment that best suits the needs and clinical situation of the individual.

      Patients are accommodated in wards, which are not inferior to the rooms of 5-star hotels. If necessary, a place is provided for the accompanying person. All wards have Internet, TV, furniture, bathroom, safe, etc.

      There is an ATM, pharmacy, cafe and restaurant on the territory of the hospital. There is a parking lot for cars. 

      сервис клиники Медикал Парк Бахчелиэвлер

      Care for international patients at Bahçelievler Medical Park

      There is an international department, which helps patients to make the most of the clinic's services. The staff of this department speaks several languages, in particular, English, German, Russian, etc. They provide support to foreign nationals before they arrive at the medical centre, during treatment, and their return home. The specialists of the International Department work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

        Features of the Clinic

        Organ transplantation in Bahçelievler Medical Park 

        Foreign patients choose this clinic for bone marrow, kidney, liver and heart-lung transplantation.  

        трансплатация костного мозга в Медикал Парк Бахчелиэвлер

        The hospital is a leader in the success of bone marrow transplants in Turkey. It has two bone marrow transplantation centres for adults and pediatric patients. More than 96.6% of adult patients and about 96.4% of children successfully undergo this procedure.

        All rooms of the BMT centre are equipped with HEPA systems for air filtration. This minimizes the risk of infection and related complications.

        In addition to bone marrow transplants, qualified physicians provide training to the medical staff at other clinics and students in this field. BMT centres work in integration with international bone marrow banks - EBMT, CIBMTR and ISCT. Therefore, the search for donors is carried out in the shortest possible time.

        Cardiac Surgery in Bahçelievler Medical Park

        In the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of Medical Park Bahçelievler, many cardiac cases are easily treated by minimally invasive surgical methods. Thanks to this it is possible to eliminate serious pathologies without opening the chest and using artificial circulation devices. 

        Microsurgery of congenital heart defects is especially popular among foreign patients. Over 90% of all cases are detected in the first year of life. Specialists of the Department of Pediatric Cardiology of the Medical Park Bahçelievler use a complex of examinations to make an accurate diagnosis and create an optimal treatment program. Among the main methods stand out:

          операии на сердце в Медикал Парк Бахчелиэвлер

          иконка галочки 64-slice CT scan - this examination allows doctors to conduct angiography and assess the functionality of blood vessels, their location and speed of blood circulation, as well as to detect anatomical defects of the heart without catheterization.

          иконка галочки Electrocardiography - the measurement of the electrical activity of the heart, which makes it possible to detect many pathological conditions, such as disturbance of heart rhythm and conductivity, as well as thickening of the heart walls.

          иконка галочки Holter ECG - electrophysiological instrumental cardiac diagnostics, performed during 24-hour observation.

            иконка галочки Echocardiography - this technology is used to determine heart valve defects, the size of heart cavities, intraheart pressure and the amount of blood that is pumped into the heart in one contraction.

            иконка галочки Color Doppler echocardiography - this test is used to measure the structural defects of the heart, the state of heart muscles, blood flow rate and blood pressure in the cavities of this organ.

            иконка галочки Stress-test - a study that is conducted to identify symptoms of congenital heart disease during intensive stress.

              Neurology and Neurosurgery Bahçelievler Medical Park 

              The success of neurosurgical interventions in the removal of spinal cord and brain neoplasms is over 90%. 

              операция на головном мозге Медикал Парк Бахчелиэвлер

              Medical Park Bahçelievler is one of the few medical centres in the world, where they perform installation of neurostimulator for Parkinson's disease. The efficiency of this procedure exceeds 98%.

              Implantation of a neurostimulator eliminates or alleviates the symptoms of neurological deficits and slows down the development of the disease.

              The neurosurgical department of the Medical Park Bahçelievler uses innovative systems of neuronavigation and monitoring of the surgery. Microsurgical interventions without craniotomy and extensive tissue dissection are actively used there. Frequent appeals to the department are:

              иконка галочки stroke and limb paralysis due to compression of brain vessels;

              иконка галочки brain vascular aneurysm;

              иконка галочки haemorrhage in the tissue and the brain envelope;

              иконка галочки narrowing of the carotid artery;

                иконка галочки brain and spinal cord tumours;

                иконка галочки intervertebral hernia;

                иконка галочки spinal and cerebral injuries;

                иконка галочки tumours and vascular diseases in children.

                  Oncology at Bahçelievler Medical Park

                  The treatment of cancer in Medical Park Bahçelievler is carried out in cooperation with doctors of different specialities. For this purpose, a consilium of doctors gathers, which includes an oncologist, surgeon, radiologist, chemotherapist, pathologist, etc. If necessary, cancer patients and their relatives can get a qualified help from a psychologist. 

                  Radiation therapy and radiosurgery devices of the latest modification - CyberKnife M6, MR-LINAC, Trilogy, TrueBeam and Gamma Knife - are installed in the oncology department. These technologies extend the capabilities of doctors in the fight against even the most severe cases.

                  Medical Park Bahçelievler has specialized departments for tumour surgery, such as:

                  онкология Медикал Парк Бахчелиэвлер

                  иконка галочки surgery of malignant neoplasms of the thyroid gland;

                  иконка галочки breast cancer removal;

                  иконка галочки resection of liver tumours;

                    иконка галочки removal of cancer of the pancreas and biliary tract;

                    иконка галочки orthopaedic onco-surgery.

                    иконка галочки gynaecological onco-surgery.

                      Medical Park Bahçelievler Clinic offers comprehensive examinations for people at high risk of cancer - Cancer Check-Up. It also provides detailed information on the prevention of malignant tumours.

                        CANCER CHECK-UP
                        Cancer marker blood test
                        Consultation with an oncologist

                        Get a free consultation

                        Cost of medical services Medical Park Bahçelievler

                        The price of diagnosis and treatment in this clinic is formed taking into account the type and severity of the pathology, as well as methods that are necessary to combat a particular disease. The estimated cost of medical services at Bahçelievler Medical Park is estimated:

                        Procedure Cost
                        Consultation with a doctor from $150
                        MRI of spine segment from $700
                        CT from $500
                        Lab tests from $300
                        Procedure Cost
                        Pituitary adenoma surgery from $12,000
                        CyberKnife radiosurgery from $9,500
                        Mastectomy from $8,700
                        Robotic prostatectomy from $11,500
                        Testimonials (2)
                        Average clinic rating
                        30 years
                        Patient Verified
                        • 5

                        I’ve had bad sight (myopia) for most of my life, and eventually decided to do something about it. In the Medical Park Bahçelievler I received excellent service. The doctors and nurses were very thoughtful and took excellent care of... Read more

                        Istanbul, September 10, 2020
                        Andrew F.
                        36 years
                        Patient Verified
                        • 5

                        I am very grateful to the department of neurosurgery! The doctors took great care of me, kept me reassured at all times and treated me with great mastery. Thank you very much to the nurses and medical staff who helped me during the recov... Read more

                        Istanbul, July 4, 2020


                        Joint Commission International
                        Joint Commission International


                        гинеколог Ирена Эргюль
                        Dr. İrına Ergül
                        Experience: over 26 years
                        кардиохирург Эмир Тирелли
                        Prof. Emin Tireli
                        Experience: over 34 years
                        нейрохирург Тунджай Канер
                        Dr. Tuncay Kaner
                        Experience: over 32 years
                        доктор Саваш Туна
                        Prof. Savaş Tuna
                        Experience: over 30 years
                        Хусейн Акёль доктор
                        Dr. Hüseyin Akyol
                        Experience: over 22 years

                        Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

                        A obstetrician-gynecologist of the clinic Medical Park Bahçelievler. She specializes in pregnancy management, infertility treatment, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. The experience of the doctor is over 26 years.

                        Membership in professional organizations:

                        • Turkish Obstetrics Gynecology Association;
                        • International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG);
                        • Turkish Medical Chamber.

                        Specialization of the doctor: gynecology and obstetrics.

                        Dr. İrına Ergül
                        Experience: over 26 years

                        Specialist in congenital and acquired cardiovascular pathologies.

                        Cardiosurgeon of the Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler. He received his medical education at Istanbul University. The doctor specializes in minimally invasive heart surgeries in children and adults. He treats congenital heart defects as well as performs surgeries for diseases of the coronary arteries and heart valves. The experience of the doctor exceeds 34 years.

                        Specialization of the doctor: cardiac surgery.

                        Prof. Emin Tireli
                        Experience: over 34 years

                        Specialist in surgical treatment of nervous system pathologies.

                        Leading neurosurgeon of the clinic Medical Park Bahçelievler. He is a graduate of Istanbul University Medical Faculty. He has been practicing for over 32 years. The doctor is skilled in minimally invasive techniques. He specializes in surgical treatment of intervertebral disc hernia, scoliosis, stenosis of vertebral arteries and spinal fractures.

                        Membership in professional organizations:

                        • Turkish Neurosurgery Association;
                        • Turkish Spine Association;
                        • Coliosis research community;
                        • International Society for Minimal Interventions in Spinal Surgery.

                        Specialization of the doctor: neurosurgery.

                        Dr. Tuncay Kaner
                        Experience: over 32 years

                        Specialist in medical oncology.

                        Medical Oncologist of the clinic Medical Park Bahçelievler. He is a graduate of Istanbul University. Doctor is a member of Turkish Medical Oncology Association. Savaş Tuna specializes in the treatment of cancer through immunotherapy and chemotherapy. His experience exceeds 30 years.

                        Specialization of the doctor: oncology.

                        Prof. Savaş Tuna
                        Experience: over 30 years

                        Specialist in general surgery.

                        A leading specialist in surgical treatment of obesity, anorectile and endoscopic surgery in Istanbul. He is a graduate of the Medical Faculty of Uludağ University. He has been practicing for over 22 years. Doctor specializes in the surgical treatment of obesity, gastrointestinal diseases and breast cancer.

                        Specialization of the doctor: surgery.

                        Dr. Hüseyin Akyol
                        Experience: over 22 years
                        Location of the Clinic
                        Bahçelievler Mahallesi, E-5 Karayolu / Kültür Sok No:1, 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey

                        University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler is located in the center of the European part of Istanbul. It is a 5-minute drive from Ataturk Airport. The distance from the medical center to the sea does not exceed 3 kilometers. Metroport Mall shopping center and Summit Lounge Cafe are located in close proximity to the clinic.



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