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Leech Pivate Clinic
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Leech Pivate Clinic

Austria, Graz

Clinic Review

private hospital leech

The Leech Clinic of Sanlas Medical Group is a pioneering medical facility in Austria with an excellent reputation. One of the strengths of the clinic is its close-knit team of experienced specialists. Six highly qualified doctors work here permanently. In addition, patients have access to more than 67 of Austria's best specialists, who work with the hospital on a contract basis.

The Leech Clinic provides patients with the highest quality medical services in two main areas - diagnosis and surgical treatment of various diseases. The clinic performs orthopaedic, neurosurgical, plastic and reconstructive surgery, ENT, and eye and skin surgery. There is also demand for surgery in oncology, urology, proctology, gynaecology, mammology, gastroenterology, etc.

The Leech Clinic is small, but this allows us to pay attention to every detail and achieve perfection in the clinic's furnishings. There are 2 operating theatres, 2 recovery rooms and an intensive care ward with all the equipment needed for clinical monitoring.

The high level of medical care and service and the modern equipment at the Klinikum Leech meet all common quality criteria and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, Leech is the recipient of other prestigious certificates and awards, including the Golden Jupiter and the Brussels Eureka Innovation Award.

Features of the Clinic


The Klinikum Leech is considered one of the most technologically advanced medical institutions in Austria. The technical equipment of the hospital is on a par with that of major university clinics. The hospital has all the facilities needed to carry out high-quality diagnostics and operations of any complexity.

Highly sensitive MRI, CT, ultrasound and X-ray machines are used to examine all kinds of pathological processes in the body, while advanced angiography technology is used to study the vascular system.

The hospital also provides equipment for eye and ENT examinations and other diagnostic issues. A mobile X-ray machine is available for seriously ill patients.

A huge advantage of the hospital is its laboratory. This makes it possible to have a diagnostic examination (check-up) in the shortest possible time. Patients are offered general diagnostics and specialised check-up packages for men/women, heart and abdominal examinations, etc.

Оборудование последнего поколения, качественные хирургические инструменты в клинике Леех

During operations, surgeons use the best modern equipment - CCTV systems, cameras to record operations, and highly sensitive equipment to monitor the patient's vital signs during anaesthesia.

The Leech Clinic has one of the most modern intraoperative microscopes with an autofocus function. It provides the surgeon with a contrasting, detailed image without taking his eyes off the process.

Leech Clinic surgeons are officially authorised to perform minimally invasive operations using laparoscopic, endoscopic, hysteroscopic instruments and innovative robotic technology. These operations are performed on the gallbladder, cecum, colon, stomach and to remove hernias. Minimally invasive techniques are effective in the treatment of heartburn, in orthopaedic surgery of all major joints, as well as in thoracic, gynaecological and urological surgery. Minimally invasive surgery significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications, as surgeons make small incisions (3-4 cm) and therefore patients recover twice as fast.


Leech Hospital's facilities allow for effective treatment on many fronts, namely:

    иконка галочки Orthopaedics and spinal disorders. Professional orthopaedists successfully treat various diseases of the joints, ligaments and musculoskeletal system, and perform joint endoprosthetics. Spinal surgeons perform operations for intervertebral hernias, spinal canal stenoses, arthrosis and other degenerative changes of the spine.  

    иконка галочки Vascular surgery. The clinic uses innovative and safe procedures for the surgical treatment of veins and vessels. For example, radiofrequency catheterisation techniques are used for varicose veins. It is a minimally invasive procedure, during which a catheter is inserted into a vein under ultrasound monitoring and a radiofrequency signal is transmitted. The signal causes the walls of the vessel to contract. The procedure is unique in that it leaves no visible scars on the skin and is completely painless.  

    иконка галочки Facial and neck surgery. The doctors are experienced in endoscopic examinations and the treatment of diseases of the ENT organs, and perform operations to remove tumours of the parotid salivary gland.  

    иконка галочкиOphthalmology. Myopia, pathologies of the retina and cornea are treated here using laser technologies. The hospital also performs cataract lens replacement surgeries.  

    иконка галочкиDiseases of the breast and the female genital system. Women's diseases are diagnosed using advanced methods, such as hysteroscopic equipment. Myoma, cystic growths, cervical erosion and infertility are effectively treated in the clinic. In addition, organ-preserving operations are performed for breast tumours.  

    иконка галочкиDiseases of the male genital system. At the Klinikum Leech, diseases such as prostatitis, adenoma, impotence, orchitis and urethritis are treated with great success.

    иконка галочкиPlastic surgery. The hospital performs breast surgery, liposuction, facelifts, blepharoplasty, nose and ear reshaping. The surgeons are also experienced in reconstructive surgery and correction of congenital anomalies.


One of the special features of the clinic is that it offers an extra-class service. It can accommodate 44 patients in single and double rooms. Each room is of a luxury class and fulfils the expectations of even the most demanding patients.

The rooms are carefully designed to ensure a comfortable stay under European health standards. In addition to necessities, each room provides patients with a personal telephone, internet access, television with the possibility of watching channels in any language, a refrigerator and a minibar, and a safe. The bathrooms are equipped for physically challenged people. There is a staff on call if needed. The clinic also has a cafeteria, a recreation room and a winter garden.

The Leech Clinic has extensive experience in dealing with foreign patients. All the subtleties of treating people of different nationalities and religions are taken into account here. If necessary, an interpreter is provided, as well as assistance with visa and document processing. It is also possible for accompanying persons to stay in the same room as the patient.

Комфортные палаты, ко=руглосуточный уход за пациентами, лучшие условия для лечения


The cost of medical services at the Leech Private Clinic is quite high, but it is commensurate with the highest level of service.

Procedure Cost
Specialist consultation from €300
General check-up examination from €1,600
Arthroscopy from €3,500
Procedure Cost
Varicose vein surgery from €4,500
Removal of ovarian cysts from €7,100
Prostatectomy from €17,800


Quality Austria ISO 9001
Quality Austria ISO 9001 certificate
Location of the Clinic
Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 2-4, 8010 Graz, Austria

The Klinikum Leech is centrally located in Graz, 15 km from Graz Airport. It is easily accessible by public transport. The main square and the botanical garden are within walking distance. There are also shopping centres, restaurants and hotels near the building.


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