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Inha University Hospital
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Inha University Hospital

Incheon, Korea

Clinic Review

Best doctors in Korea

The Inha University hospital is one of the leading medical institutions in Asia, which for 6 years is considered the best center in the field of disaster medicine and the leader in clinical trials.

In 2008, the clinic was accredited by the Ministry of Health of South Korea. In 2010, the hospital received an international certificate for the quality of medical services - JCI.

Today, the hospital employs more than 2,000 employees, including 443 doctors and 161 professors. The clinical staff can assist 953 patients at the same time. The university hospital Inha consists of 34 units and 13 highly specialized centers.

The diagnostic center of the hospital received ISO 9001 accreditation and was recognized as the leading in the country by the Korean Association of Diagnostic Centers. Here, for the first time, a special program for the rapid examination of patients was developed: more than 100 procedures (including PET-CT) are carried out in 2.5 hours. At the same time, the accuracy of the diagnosis remains as high as possible. Annually more than 1500 foreign patients are examined in this center.


This medical center is recognized as the best medical institution in the country for the treatment of colon cancer and stroke by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Korea. Latest medical equipment is used here: RapidArc, Cyberknife, MRI, PET CT, MD CT, narrow band filtering device Imaging, etc.

Clinic also performs percutaneous coronary surgeries and the W / O Ami W Stent procedure to expand the blocked coronary artery, which provides a stable flow of blood in the coronary arteries. In the hospital, a painless, non-invasive outpatient procedure is available - stereotactic fractional radiosurgery (for the therapy of tumors of the kidneys, lungs, spine, liver, prostate and pancreas). Sialendoscopy is performed here (it allows the doctor to accurately diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment of pathologies and inflammations of submandibular and parotid salivary glands).


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