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Hirslanden Klinik
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Hirslanden Klinik

Switzerland, Zurich

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The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is a leading network of medical centers in Switzerland, which includes 18 clinics. Hirslanden hospitals group are located in different cities of the country and provide treatment for diseases of various specialties. 1805 beds are available here, and over 2,100 doctors provide high-quality medical services.

The main areas of the clinics are: cancer treatment, cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology, neurosurgery and reproductive medicine.

Hirslanden clinics were originated in 1990 and has been constantly developing since then - patients are offered treatment using the advanced approaches. Hirslanden hospitals are equipped with advanced facilities that enable better treatment of diseases. Da Vinci robotic system that allows surgeons to perform complex operations with minimal risks is installed - allows patients to quickly recover from interventions and return to normal life.


Hirslanden Klinik

Several clinics of the Hirslanden group have the ability to conduct operations in specialized hybrid rooms. They combine the classic operating room with all the necessary equipment and visualization systems with high-resolution image transmission. With their help, doctors display a 3D-image of the desired area on the monitors and accurately calculate their actions, if necessary, correct the intended plan of operation.

Team of specialists who work in a hybrid operating room are up to 20 people, each of whom controls his area of expertise and responsibilities. Among them are surgeons, anesthesiologists, specialists in cardiac technology and others.

On the basis of such an operating room, highly specialized heart operations are performed - coronary artery bypass surgery, elimination of atrial septal defect and replacement of the coronary artery valve.


The Cyber Knife system is installed in the clinics of the Hirslanden group - this is radiosurgical equipment that provides the targeted impact of the beam on the tumor. The chance of error is up to 1 mm - this accuracy allows specialists to not touch the healthy tissues of the body.

The cyber-knife makes it possible to carry out irradiation in hard-to-reach areas of the body, and due to the control program Doctors of Hirslanden can make adjustments in real-time and carry out the procedure more efficiently.


TrueBeam linear acceleration system at Hirslanden clinics is used to irradiate large cancers. Feature of the installation is the possibility of increased beam intensity, which is focused on the area of pathology, which allows reducing the number of irradiation sessions. Radiotherapy with a linear accelerator TrueBeam can be used for all types of cancer when radiation exposure is required.


Brachytherapy is a unique method of radiation therapy in which a tumor is locally irradiated. That is, the radiation source is placed in cancer affected tissues, from where radiation is produced. For the patient, this means that radiation is carried out only on the area of the pathology, and other organs are not affected.

Features of the Clinic


The Hirslanden Clinic located in Zurich is one of the leading medical institutions in Switzerland. Thanks to cooperation with specialized expert centers, Hirslanden offers patients advanced technologies for treating diseases in the field of neurology, orthopedics, gynecology and cardiology. Doctors also specialize in visceral surgery.

Facts about the Hirslanden Klinik:

  • Founded in 1932;
  • Accommodates 330 patient beds;
  • 14 Operating rooms and 3 delivery rooms are equipped;
  • 510 Doctors of higher accreditation work;
  • 800 Medical staff provide comfort for patients.


The Im Park Klinik is a multidisciplinary hospital, also located in Zurich. Most often, foreign patients come here for the treatment of diseases in the following areas: cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology, gynecology, spinal and brain tumors.

There is also a maternity ward - it has all the necessary equipment for successful childbirth process and prevention of crisis situations. In two maternity wards, more than 500 children are born every year.

A neuroradiology center is available for patients, where the latest versions of MRI and CT scans are installed - diagnostics on such equipment takes less time and gives 100% accurate results.

More than 600 medical staff monitors health of the clinic's patients.

Facts about Klinik Im Park:

  • Founded in 1986;
  • Accommodates 126 beds;
  • 8 Operating rooms and 3 heart catheterization laboratories are equipped;
  • 300 Accredited doctors work;


Hirslanden Clinique La Colline is situated in Geneva and is a multi specialty center. Main specialty of the clinic La Colline is surgery. There are 6 surgical rooms equipped with intraoperative monitoring systems and endoscopic equipment.

Main specializations of the clinic are orthopedic, visceral and neurosurgery. In addition, the clinic has a rehabilitation center for people with sports injuries - it also helps patients recover from surgery.

Facts about Hirslanden Clinique la Colline:

  • Founded in 1903;
  • Accommodates 67 chambers;
  • 450 independent doctors are working;
  • The medical staff includes 300 nurses.
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Very nice clinic and medical staff. We went through our seasonal health check here and were left amazed by the professionalism of the staff. Clinic is clean and upto the requirements of modern medicine.
Switzerland, Zurich, February 21, 2019


Location of the Clinic
Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zürich

The Hirslanden Klinik Zurich is situated in the Hirslanden district. Around it are parks and alleys, Lake Zurich is also nearby attracting tourists with its beauty. The hospital is easily accessible by public transport - there are stops nearby.

Hirslanden Clinique Im Park is located in a picturesque place - on the shore of Lake Zurich, from where a beautiful view opens. There are several popular walking routes that foreigners especially like. Near the clinic there are restaurants and cafeterias.


Clinique La Colline is built in the center of Geneva. Hospital has a unique architecture and has recently been renovated. Near the medical center there are many shops and cafes where you can enjoy delicious coffee.





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Hirslanden Klinik

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