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Hospital Quironsalud Torrevieja
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Hospital Quironsalud Torrevieja

Spain, Torrevieja

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Hospital Quironsalud TorreviejaTorrevieja Quironsalud Hospital is a private multispecialty hospital, which is part of the largest medical holding in Spain - Quironsalud Hospital Group. It was opened in 2000. During its existence, it has gained international recognition and has become one of the most sought-after Spanish hospitals in the field of medical tourism. 

Over 400 doctors work in Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital. More than 30 departments function here (for example, oncological, neurological, cardiac surgery, neurosurgical, urological, diagnostic, department of infertility treatment, rehabilitation etc.). The hospital has an ambulance service, which operates 24/7 and provides emergency assistance not only to citizens of the country, but also to foreigners.

 Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital twice entered the top 20 leading medical institutions of Spain in terms of patient care. It received international certificates of ISO 9001 and 14001. Key areas of the Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital are oncology and surgery. Innovative technologies are successfully applied in the treatment of congenital and acquired pathologies of the human body here.

The hospital is equipped with the latest technology: 

Doctors use Gamma Knife, Da Vinci robot system, MRI 3.0 Tesla, linear accelerators, laser systems for vision correction, etc. 

The International Department operates on the basis of the Quironsalud Hospital Group, whose staff speak 11 languages, in particular: English, Russian, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Arabic, French, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. The staff of the department provides round-the-clock assistance in dealing with issues of foreign patients.

 Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital cooperates with Spanish and international insurance companies. It has two branches located in the city of Orihuela and Santa Pola. 


PATIENTS SERVICE AT THE CLINIC Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital

Hospital Quironsalud TorreviejaTorrevieja Quironsalud Hospital consists of two buildings connected with each other, the total area of which is about 22,000 square meters. The hospital patients are provided with 120 single rooms equipped with everything that is necessary for a comfortable stay. At the same time 4 VIP patient rooms. They have separate lounges (living rooms). Each ward has a call button for medical staff, a bathroom, a refrigerator, TV, Internet,bed and additional furniture. 

In the intensive care and resuscitation department of the Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital there are 12 separate boxes, two of which are designed for patients with immunodeficiency or infectious disease patients. On the territory of the hospital there is a parking zone, an ATM and a pharmacy. 

The Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital for patients and accompanying persons provides catering. It has a dining room and a restaurant where you can order international dishes, vegetarian and dietary meals, as well as a halal menu. Additional services of Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital include: visa support for patients; meeting at the airport; transfer; insurance coordination; accommodation of relatives (accompanying person); excursion service; personal curator; translator. 

PROGRAMS OF TREATMENT IN Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital

The main medical programs offered to patients at the Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital include: 

  • diagnostic programs (comprehensive examination or diagnosis of specific pathologies); 
  • cancer treatment programs; 
  • surgical programs (operations to eliminate orthopedic pathologies; 
  • surgical interventions for the treatment of internal organs; spinal surgery, etc.); 
  • fertility programs (infertility treatment, IVF); 
  • cosmetology programs (obesity treatment, plastic and cosmetic procedures); 
  • wellness programs (spa treatments, exercise therapy).


Features of the Clinic

DIAGNOSTICS IN Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital

The Diagnostic Visualization Department operates at the Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital. Here the latest models of medical equipment (PET-CT, MRI 3 Tesla, CT, ultrasound scanners) are installed that allow them to accurately and quickly identify various diseases. For example, thanks to MRI 3 Tesla, the specialists of this department can conduct scanning of the patient’s organs and systems in just 5-10 minutes, which is twice as fast as MRI 1.5 Tesla. It is important that the speed of diagnosis is of great importance if the patient is in serious condition or the examination is carried out on a small child. 

The medical center provides a comprehensive program of examination of the body (check up), which are drawn up taking into account age, sex, the presence of diseases and the desires of the patient. The time for conducting such a diagnosis is only 1-2 days.

TREATMENT OF CANCER IN Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital

PET CT In SpainTorrevieja Quironsalud Hospital is one of the best medical institutions in the field of cancer treatment. The oncological platform developed by Dr. Antonio Brugarolas functions here.

 This platform brings together specialists from various fields in a multidisciplinary team that is working to create the most effective programs for treating cancer. 

For cancer therapy in the Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital, an innovative method of selecting targeted drugs for each case is used. It is based on the use of DNA microchips, which make it possible to identify the resistance of a tumor to one or another drug. At the same time, DNA microarrays make it possible to carry out a thorough radiography of cancer cells during diagnosis. 

The Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital has a laboratory for the production of drugs based on dendritic cells for immunotherapy of prostate cancer. It works in full compliance with the international requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices. 

COST OF TREATMENT IN Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital

The price of medical services at the Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital is 10-20% lower than in similar clinics of Israel and Germany in terms of the quality of patient care. Cost of treatment is based on the methods used to eliminate a particular pathology, as well as the qualification level of the doctor. Approximate price of treatment in Torrevieja Quironsalud Hospital is: 

Procedure Cost
Consultation with a specialist From €500;
MRI From €1000;
PET-CT From €1500;
Chemotherapy From €1800;
Rhinoplasty From €3800;
Hysterectomy and adnexectomy From €8000;
Natural childbirth From €5000;
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Spain is a great country and healthcare here is the best. At least this is what I experienced in this clinic:)
Spain, Torrevieja, January 14, 2020
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
UNE 179003
UNE 179006


Surgeon of Spanish clinic Quironsalud in Torrevieja
Dr. Pedro Bretch Bois
more than 24 years
Doctor Antonio Brugarolas Maslorens in Spain
Dr. Antonio Brugarolas Maslorens
more than 40 years
Head of the Department of General and Abdominal Surgery at the Quiron Torrevieja Clinic. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and worked for more than 4 years at the University Hospital Mutua in Barcelona. Dr. Pedro Bretch coordinates the robotic digestive tract surgery program. He was the first in the country to perform a robotic pancreas operation. Pedro Bretch specializes in the treatment of oncology of the digestive system. His work experience is over 24 years.
Dr. Pedro Bretcha Bois is a member of such professional organizations as: European Society of Surgical Oncology; American Society of Surgical Oncology; Spanish Society of Surgical Oncology; Spanish Association of Surgeons.
Specialization of the doctor: general and abdominal surgery.
Surgeon of Spanish clinic Quironsalud in Torrevieja
Dr. Pedro Bretch Bois
Experience: more than 24 years
A leading specialist in the field of cancer treatment, who has been the director of the Quiron Torrevieja Oncology Platform since 2000. He received a medical degree at the University of Barcelona and did practical work in New York. Antonio Brugarolas is ECMFG certified. For more than 20 years he headed the Department of Oncology at the University of Navarra. The doctor’s work experience is over 40 years.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • European Cancer Society;
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology;
  • American Cancer Research Association.

Specialization of the doctor: oncology.
Doctor Antonio Brugarolas Maslorens in Spain
Dr. Antonio Brugarolas Maslorens
Experience: more than 40 years
Location of the Clinic
Partida de la Loma, s / n. 03184 Torrevieja (Alicante)

Hospital Quiron Torrevieja is located in the northern part of the city of Torrevieja, which belongs to the province of Alicante. From Alicante Airport, the distance to Torrevieja Hospital is about 40 km, and about 200 km from Valencia International Airport. You can get to the medical center by buses of Spanish carriers Costa Azul and Alsa, as well as using personal transport or taxi. 

Next to the clinic Quiron Torrevieja is the hotel Hotelera De Torrevieja SL, the apartments Arcos Del Mediterraneo and the International Conservatory of Music Audience.


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