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Apollo Hospitals
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Apollo Hospitals

India, Сhennai

Clinic Review

The Apollo Hospitals network is the most famous group of private medical institutions in India, whose history date back to 1983. As the first Indian private clinic, Apollo has revolutionized the country's healthcare system. Today it is the No. 1 provider of world-class medical services in Asia.

Strengths of the Apollo network are attention to improving the quality of medical services, reasonable prices, the availability of unique equipment of the latest generation (Robot da Vinci, Novalis Tx, CyberKnife, etc.), as well as active participation in research activities and the development of radically new methods of treatment. It was in Apollo that for the first time in India many of the innovations were introduced. Apollo also established a Proton Cancer Center,which is unique in the country.

The experience of the clinic is best described by figures - more than 50 million patients from 140 countries of the world received modern treatment in Apollo.

The structure of the Apollo Hospital

Apollo Medical Group is 64 clinics in 9 states. At the services of patients more than 7000 doctors of different specialties. One of the best clinics of the network is the Apollo Chennai hospital. The structure of the Apollo medical group, in addition to clinics, also includes pharmacies, health and diagnostic centers and insurance organizations. Moreover, Apollo has 10 telemedicine units abroad.

This provides an integrated approach to the treatment of each patient. Presence of itheir own medical colleges, centers of training in electronic document management technologies, nursing and medical management makes it possible to train various highly qualified specialists whose competence can not be doubted.

Some of the clinics of the network were awarded a gold medal by the most reputable medical certification organization Joint Commission International.

Apollo Clinic Awards:

  • Based on the results of the survey of the Times India All Multispecialty Hospitals Ranking Survey 2017, the hospitals Apollo Chennai are recognized as India's best multidisciplinary medical institutions;
  • according to the results of the survey of the Times Health All India Critical Care Hospital Survey 2017, Apollo Chennai and Apollo Indraprastha in New Delhi took the 2nd place in the survey of Indian hospitals for general health care;
  • the Apollo group was awarded the Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards;
  • Hospital Apollo Chennai received an award from Hospital Management Asia for the introduction of the antimicrobial program;
  • Hospital was also awarded Hospital Management Asia for the introduction of an innovative approach to improving patient care in oncology;
  • Hospitals in Chennai is recognized as the best multidisciplinary medical institution in India in 2016, for which it was awarded a national award;
  • The Indraprastha Clinic in Delhi is awarded the Express Healthcare Excellence Awards for achievements in patient care and corporate social responsibility.

The Apollo clinic group also has HMA awards in such nominations as: "innovations in the hospital management project", "improving nursing", "developing medical talents", "corporate social responsibility", "improving the quality of continuous care for patients."

Apollo Hospital is a leader in the following areas of medicine:

  • Cardiology;
  • Organ transplantation;
  • Oncology;
  • Orthopedics;
  • Neurology.

The following unique technologies are presented in the hospitals of the Apollo Clinic:

  • Da Vinci Robot is an installation using minimally invasive robotic operations. It is used in the field of urological, gynecological, cardiological, gastroenterological and Liver surgeries.
  • Renaissance ™ Robotic Technology is a unique technology specifically developed for spine surgery. Apollo Hospitals is the first in the Asia-Pacific region to offer this surgical system of minimally invasive spine surgery under robotic control.
  • MICS CABG or MICAS is a procedure unique to India, minimally invasive (a 4 cm incision) in coronary artery bypass grafting in ischemic heart disease. In the clinics of the Apollo network, more than 400 such operations were successfully performed.
  • Autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation - more than 700 transplants were successfully performed in Apollo Chennai.
  • Fractional blood flow reserve (FFR) is a unique procedure that allows to determine whether a patient really needs coronary stenting / shunting, or perhaps conservative treatment.
  • Trans Oral Robotic Surgery (Trans Oral Robotic Surgery) - a unique method of minimally invasive surgery in the oncology of the oropharyngeal organs.
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is the main surgical method for treating Parkinson's disease.
  • Knee Replacement with Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement (Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement) is a unique technology for the replacement of the knee joint in South India. This is a method in which the full mobility and functionality of the knee is maintained, and the patient experiences maximum comfort. The service life of the innovative implant is more than 30 years.
  • CyberKnife is a robotic radiosurgery system that can treat tumors anywhere in the body to within a millimeter.
  • Novalis Tx - installation of radiosurgery and radiotherapy in Apollo Hospital. A powerful linear accelerator rotates around the patient and irradiates the tumor from any angle .
  • G (Gravity) Scan is an open MRI scanner.
  • 320 Slice CT Scan - Total body CT scan in less than a minute.
  • Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS) - the technology of stenting with the installation of a unique soluble stand, not a metal tube, which slowly dissolves after the return of normal functioning of the artery.
  • TrueBeam STX is a state-of-the-art radiotherapy unit that combines the benefits of all previous radiation irradiation systems and provides a faster and more accurate result.

Features of the Clinic

Cardiology in Apollo Hospital

The Apollo Chennai Clinic is recognized as the best center for heart surgery in India. By 2013, 125,000 coronary angioplasty procedures were performed at the Apollo Chennai Hospital (only ten hospitals in the world achieved such volumes). Also, the clinic performed more than 25,000 coronary artery bypass procedures.

The Department of Heart and Lung Transplantation at Chennai Hospital performed more than 64 heart & lung transplantations. Of these, 35 heart transplants, 29 lung transplants, 11 complex both heart & lung transplants. The percentage of survival after cardiac transplant in Apollo Chennai is 87%, lung transplantation is 67%.

The clinic has vast experience in bypassing the coronary arteries, operations on the heart valves, pediatric heart surgery, heart transplantation in adults and children. More than 99.6% of cardiac bypass operations in Apollo are performed with a working heart, that is, without connection to the device of artificial circulation, which provides a faster and easier rehabilitation after surgery.

Doctors of the clinic are pioneers of Asian medicine in surgical intervention with angina pectoris, in carrying out laser angioplasty, as well as percutaneous transluminal sedation of myocardium.

Achievements of Apollo clinics network in cardiac surgery:

  • Chennai Hospital successfully completed India's first transcatheter replacement of the mitral valve;
  • At the Apollo Children's Clinic, Chennai was the first in India to have a successful combined cardiac and tracheal operation in an 11-month-old child;
  • The first in the country replacement of the aortic valve by the TAVR method was carried out at the Chennai clinic;
  • Apollo Chennai Hospital successfully performed a unique unified operation for transplantation of the heart and liver in Asia (only a few clinics of the world managed to do this);
  • Apollo children's clinic successfully performed a heart surgery in a 2-day-old baby, and a pacemaker implanted a 97-year-old patient;
  • Apollo clinics were the first in India to use the 320 Slice CT-Angio technology and 64 Slice CT-Angio scanning system.

Transplantology at the Apollo Clinic in India

The Apollo Clinic in Chennai is one of the largest organ transplant centers in the world. More than 700 transplants take place here every year. In Apollo, liver and kidney transplantation, eye cornea, heart, intestine, pancreas can be performed. Moreover, Apollo also carries out organ transplantation in children. The general experience of the clinic in the field of transplantology has practically reached 20 years. The average percentage of successful transplant operations is 90%.

Complex work of doctors is conducted with both the recipient and the organ donor, before and after the operation. A whole team of specialists works with each patient: a transplant surgeon, a nephrologist, a gastroenterologist, an anesthesiologist, an intensive care specialist, and a specialist in pediatrics (if the operation is performed on a child).

Apollo hospitals have all the necessary equipment for organ transplantation from a living donor, as well as transplanting a corpse organ.

Treatment of Cancer in the Apollo clinics

Each patient, getting to the clinic of Apollo Chennai, receives a personalized consultation of the oncology council, which includes doctors from different specialties from different clinics and countries. Thus, the most reasonable decisions are made regarding the choice of diagnostic and therapeutic options.

To conduct an accurate diagnosis in the Apollo Chennai clinic, you can: Philips Gemini TF PET-CT, modern MRI devices, 64-slice PET-CT, multi-detector axial CT, 3D mammography, Liquid Biopsy (revolutionary test that determines cancer by drop of blood) analysis of tumor tissue.

In the unique for India Proton cancer center of the Apollo clinic, effective treatment with radiotherapy methods is possible. In Apollo, such cutting-edge installations as Cyber Knife, Novalis and TrueBeam are available.

With an operable tumor, surgery can be performed using the Da Vinci Robot, which significantly reduces risks and speeds up the recovery process after surgery.

In the Apollo hospitals network, bone marrow transplantation is also successfully performed. The experience of Apollo doctors is more than 700 successful transplants. A bone marrow transplant can be performed at the Apollo Chennai hospital.

It is important that the clinic has strict norms of infection control, which are crucial for patients after this procedure (most complications arise precisely because of infections). Chennai is possible as an autologous (transplanting its own stem cells), and allogeneic transplantation (donor cells from a related and unrelated donor).

Orthopedics in the Apollo Clinics India

Apollo Hospital Chennai is the leader in orthopedics, among other medical institutions in India. There have performed operations to replace joints, while using the most modern methods of arthroscopy and recovery after surgery. Also Apollo network has clinics specializing in pediatric orthopedics.

In Apollo, Chennai offers a knee replacement with a unique True Personalized Knee implant. This prosthesis fully corresponds to the anatomical features of the owner and provides full mobility and functionality of the limb.

Neurosurgery and neurology in the Apollo Hospital

Annually the Apollo network performs more than 1000 neurosurgical operations. At the Institute of Neurosciences, Apollo Chennai is at a high level in surgery for pituitary tumors, spinal surgery, the use of Cyber Knife for the treatment of benign and malignant tumors (stereotactic radiotherapy). In Apollo Chennai under the one roof radiologists, intensive care specialists, medical oncologists and neurosurgeons work providing comprehensive and effective assistance to every patient.

The clinic demonstrates high efficacy in carrying out deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease.

In addition to treatment, the patient can also undergo robotic neurorehabilitation.

Testimonials (1)
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Odola Dsouza
Patient Verified
  • 5
Our aunt was diagnosed for cervical cancer in Kenya in very late stages. We took her to apollo for a chance to survive. Doctors here put all their effort but couldn’t save her although her condition at some point recovered but due to ... Read more
India, Сhennai, July 29, 2018
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International


Dr. Mangaleswaran Balamurugan
Experience: 19 years
Dr. Kumar Ramesh
Experience: more than 15 years
Dr. Sajan K Hedge
Orthopedics and traumatology
Experience: more than 30 years
Dr. Ajit Pai
Experience: 15 years
Prof. Subhash Gupta
Experience: more than 26 years
Leading neurosurgeon in Apollo Clinic Chennai. A graduate of the University of Madras. Specializes in adult and pediatric neurosurgery.
He studied micro neurosurgery, neuroendoscopy and interventional neuroradiology at the Fujita University of Health in Toyoake, Japan. He also completed his training in stereotactic neuronavigation and functional neurosurgery at the St. Vincent Hospital of the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia.
    Membership in professional organizations:
  • Indian Medical Association (IMA);
  • Neurological Society of India;
  • Neurosurgical Society of India;
  • American Academy of Neurosurgeons;
  • Congress of Neurosurgeons of the United States;
  • Indian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery;
  • Congress of Neurosurgery in Asia,
  • European Academy of Neurosurgery.

  • Specialization of the doctor: surgery of tumors of the brain and spinal cord, minimal access surgery, functional neurosurgery, deep brain stimulation, neurorehabilitation.
    Dr. Mangaleswaran Balamurugan
    Experience: 19 years
    The best urologist of the Apollo Chennai Clinic. He is a certified specialist in robotic surgery.
    Trained at the prestigious Roswell Cancer Institute in Buffalo, USA. Recognized expert in robotic prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy and reconstructive robotic surgery.
      Membership in professional organizations:
  • Urological Society of India;
  • Tamil Nadu Association;
  • International Memorial Society of Urology;
  • The Singapore Urology Association.

  • Specialization of the doctor: robotic surgery, urological surgery, laparoscopic surgery, bladder exstrophy, reconstructive urology.
    Dr. Kumar Ramesh
    Experience: more than 15 years
    Top orthopaedic specialist of India and a leading specialist of the Apollo Clinic Chennai. Specializes in spine surgery and the treatment of scoliosis. He graduated from the University of Maharaja Sayadzhi Rao, Baroda.
    Sajan K. Hedge is a pioneer of numerous innovative methods of treating spine diseases. He passed his trainings abroad: in the Department of Spinal Surgery of the Institute of Calo, Burke-sur-Mer, France; The Orthopedic Center of the Hospitaller of the University of Nantes Saint-Jacques Nantes, France; in the department of Professor W. Dick of the University of Ortopae, Felix-Planter-Spital Basel, Switzerland; and also in other well-known specialized medical institutions of South Korea, USA, Italy, Germany and Japan.
    Sadzhan K. Hedje is also a fellowship of the National Council for Spine Surgery. In 2016, the famous orthopedist was recognized as the best specialist in India in the treatment of scoliosis.
      Membership in professional organizations:
  • Indian Orthopedic Association (IOA);
  • The US Spine Injury Study Group;
  • Groupe Internationale Cotrel Dubousset (GICD);
  • Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI).

  • Specialization of the doctor: spinal reconstructive surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, stabilization and spine, correction of spinal deformity.
    Dr. Sajan K Hedge
    Experience: more than 30 years
    Orthopedics and traumatology
    Leading oncosurgeon of the clinic Apollo. In the past, he was the head of the Department of Oncosurgery of the MIOT Hospital (2008-2013). Scholar of the Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Program in Chicago, USA.
    The holder of the certificate of general surgery from the Medical Council of India and the National Indian Expert Council. He is a recognized expert in the treatment of oncogynecological diseases as well as malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.
      Membership in professional organizations:
  • American College of Surgeons (FACS);
  • Association of Surgeons of India;
  • International General Association of Hepato Pancreatico;
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

  • Specialization of the doctor: general surgery, surgical oncology, laparoscopy, breast cancer.
    Dr. Ajit Pai
    Experience: 15 years
    Medical guru in the field of transplantology. Pioneer of transplantation from live liver donor in India. Honorary Professor of Surgery at the Apollo Health Foundation. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences.
    Then he worked in the hospital of Sir Ganga Rama in New Delhi, St. James University Hospital in Leeds, Queen Elizabeth Medical Center in Birmingham, and the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences.
    Currently, he practices in the Apollo Clinic Indraprastha in New Delhi, where he is the chief specialist in liver surgery, hepato-pancreatic-biliary surgery, and also serves as director of the Center for Liver and Biliary Sciences.
    He is the recipient of numerous awards for achievements in transplant surgery: a gold medal and the title of an outstanding physician from the Delhi Medical Association, the government award "YASH BHARTI", and the "BC Roy" award.
    Specialization of the doctor: liver transplantation.
    Prof. Subhash Gupta
    Experience: more than 26 years
    Location of the Clinic
    No. 134, Mint Street, Opposite Ramar Temple, Sowcarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079, India

    The leading clinics of the Apollo Hospitals network are located in major cities of India. Most of the Apollo hospitals are located in the capital of India - New Delhi, where there are many impressive sights, in particular, the famous Lotus Temple. The Apollo Hospital in Delhi is located directly opposite the Jasola Apollo metro station along a busy thoroughfare. Immediately after the hospital is a district park. There are cafes, hotels and many branches of banks.



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