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Akdeniz University Hospital
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Akdeniz University Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

Clinic Review

The Akdeniz University hospital has 33 specialized departments and can receive 1220 patients for inpatient treatment simultaneously. Thanks to this, the clinic took the third place in the country in terms of the number of medical services provided including those to foreign patients.
In Akdeniz, more than 700,000 people are treated and about 8.5 million patients from Europe, the Middle East, the CIS region and other countries consult each year.

Localized on 200 000 square meters area the hospital is the main center of medical tourism in Turkey. Akdeniz is a state clinic and is fully funded by the Ministry of Turkey.

That is why the prices of the medical services are  the lowest in Turkey. The clinic is proud of its doctors, specialists, nurses and consultants with world-famous names, as well as the use of innovative treatment and diagnostic technologies. The clinic is in process of obtaining accreditation from JCI.

Transplantology at Akdeniz University Hospital

The Transplantology Center  is the largest state center for bone marrow transplantation in the entire Mediterranean Turkey. In total, in the adult and children's departments of transplantation, almost 1,000 operations were performed. Before, during and after the operation, each patient is observed by doctors in a single room around the clock. For 35 years of work, the specialists of the department conducted about

  • 3,551 kidney transplants;
  • pancreas was transplanted 72 times;
  • performed 74 heart transplants;
  • transplanted 1 350 corneas;
  • 329 liver transplantations.

The clinic is engaged in all possible types of transplantation. The world's first uterine transplantation was performed here.

Radiology at Akdeniz University Hospital 

It is also worth mentioning that the Radiological Department in Akdeniz carries out half a million procedures using the latest technologies of treatment and diagnostics every year. The radiological clinic provides the following services:

  • IMRT - radiotherapy with intensity modulation;
  • IGRT - radiotherapy with visual control;
  • Block Cobalt-60 (remote radiation therapy);
  • CT simulator.

Plastic Surgery at Akdeniz University Hospital 

The  Plastic Surgery Department of Akdeniz Hospital is known all over the world. Following procedure are available there:

  • Rhinoplasty;
  • Enlargement or Reduction of the Breast;
  • Face Lifting, Tummy tuck;
  • Liposuction;
  • Reconstructive microsurgical procedures.

Also the complex operations such as transplantation of composite tissues and face care performed in the hospital. Such operations are conducted in few institutions of the world. The hospital is the second in the world that successfully transplanted facial tissues.

Features of the Clinic

Robotic surgery at  Akdeniz University Hospital

University Hospital Akdeniz (also called the Center for Transplantology in Turkey) is equipped with the most modern medical technologies and successfully applies them in practice. In particular, the Da Vinci robot system is used in surgery which is one of the most advanced technologies in the world. Advantage is that it greatly facilitates surgical intervention and improves the results of the procedure.

The system consists of a surgeon's console, a rack with four installed, robotic "hands" located at the operating table, a high-performance review system called InSite and, of course, EndoWrist's proprietary tools. Da Vinci Robot Surgeon scales and filters the movements of their "hands", smoothly and neatly transforming them into the precise movements of the EndoWrist tools.

In the outpatient surgery department , specialists use minimally invasive methods that allow far more successful operations (than in standard clinics), after which patients are able to go home even on the day of surgery. 

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Waheed Hasan
Patient Verified
  • 4

Akdeniz hospital is quite big by territory with many patients in all departments. Medical staff was supportive but the crowded situation in hospital was a bit worrying. Overall experience was not bad as this was our first trip for treatm... Read more

Antalya, Turkey, September 28, 2018




Professor Ömer Özkan
Prof. Ömer Özkan
Plastic Surgery
Experience: 22 years
Professor Omer Ozkan lead all the operations for reconstructive and plastic surgery: face and body as a whole, reconstruction of the chest and extremities and is engaged in tissue engineering, reconstructs facial muscles, lower jaw and even genital surgery.
In 2002 he received the award of the Educational Fund for Plastic Surgery PSEF "Scientific Essay Contest Junior Basic Science". The European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS) awarded him the "Young Plastic Surgeon" scholarship in 2005. Six months of advanced training in Japan and six months of specialization at the University of Taiwan.
    Doctor's Awards:
  • 2002 PSEF (Educational Foundation for Plastic Surgery) Scientific Essay Contest Junior Basic Science Award, co-author;
  • 2005 EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons). Scholarship "Young plastic surgeon";
  • 2007 Mediterranean University, incentive award;
  • 2010 ATSO (Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Prize "Scientist of the Year";
  • 2010 ANSIAD (Antalya Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs) - Entrepreneur of the Year;
  • 2010 Rotary Club "Chankaya", professional scholarship;
  • 2010 Mediterranean University, a premium for the provision of services;
  • 2011 Ministry of Health - Doctor of the Year;
  • 2011 Educational Society "Toros" - "Scientist of the Year".

  • Specialty of the doctor: Plastic and reconstructive surgery
    Prof. Ömer Özkan
    Experience: 22 years
    Plastic Surgery
    Location of the Clinic
    Dumlupinar Boulevard Campus 07059 Konyaalti, Antalya

    From Istanbul Ataturk International Airport by plane, you can reach the clinic in Antalya in 45 minutes. If you use your own transport, the distance Istanbul-Antalya (727 kilometers) can be covered in 8 hours 20 minutes. Also there is an opportunity to use regular buses.

    The team at the International Department of the Clinic provides all the additional information about vehicles.



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