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Adem and Havva Clinic
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Adem and Havva Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

Clinic Review

adem and havva hair transplantation turkey istambul infographic

Adem and Havva Clinic is one of Turkey's leaders in hair transplant among medical tourists. Every day, specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery of Adem and Havva Clinic conduct more than 200 consultations. For more than 9 years of its existence, over 16,000 procedures have been performed here.

The founder of the clinic, Dr Safiye Kurt is one of the country’s innovators in the field of hair transplantation. Dr Kurt studied endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery in Germany and has attended numerous training sessions on hair transplantation and aesthetic medicine. She is the first certified hair transplant specialist in Turkey and also one of the first in the country to use the follicular unit extraction method. Madame Safie was recognized as the most successful female entrepreneur in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The Adem and Havva Clinic was founded in 2011 and immediately won the title of the best hair transplant and aesthetic centre according to Fashion TV. Over the years, it has developed a good reputation among patients from many countries. Adem and Havva’s clients include many famous artists, politicians and businessmen. People from South Korea, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Peru, South Africa, Estonia and other countries come there.

In 2012, the healthcare minister of the UAE underwent a hair transplant in Adem and Havva clinic.

Also, doctors at Adem and Havva Clinic offer a standard package of plastic and aesthetic surgery services, which includes rhinoplasty, breast lift, face and body lifts, liposuction, aesthetic dentistry, as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

The quality of services in the centre of Adem and Havva is confirmed by annual inspections by the Turkish Ministry of Health, as well as international ISO standards.

Advantages of treatment at the Adem and Havva Aesthetic Center:

иконка галочки Lifetime warranty certificate;  

иконка галочки Free interpreter services;  

иконка галочки Meeting at the airport;  

иконка галочки Free transfer to and from the clinic;  

    иконка галочки Consultation and treatment by the TOP professionals in their speciality;  

    иконка галочки Accommodation in a 5-star luxury hotel on the territory of the clinic; 

    иконка галочки Professional support 24/7.

      Features of the Clinic

      Hair transplant at Adem and Havva

      Hair transplant is a procedure that is used by thousands of men and women each year. Modern technology allows you to quickly and painlessly gain the natural and attractive density of hair. Specialists of Adem and Havva Clinic perform hair transplantation of the hair, eyebrows, moustache and beard.

      Hair loss most often occurs from:

      иконка галочки androgenic alopecia (male-type baldness);  

      иконка галочки hormonal disorders (primarily of the thyroid gland);  

      иконка галочки age-related changes in the body;  

      иконка галочки physical and chemical injuries of hair follicles;  

      иконка галочки stress and disturbed nutritional balance;  

      иконка галочки as a side effect of medical treatment.  

        adem and havva hair transplantation turkey istambul before and after

        At the Adem and Havva Clinic, all modern methods of hair follicle diagnosis and treatment are available. Diagnostic methods include blood analysis, microscopic analysis of scalp and hair, skin biopsy. If diseases that cause excessive hair loss are detected, doctors may prescribe medication to treat the cause of the symptom. In this case, a hair transplant may not be necessary.

        Modern aesthetic surgery uses such methods in hair transplantation:

        Follicular unit extraction (FUE). The specialist transplants the hair follicles to the baldness zone. Usually, they are taken from the back of the head. To achieve natural results, 4,000-4,500 follicles are transplanted.

          Direct hair implantation (DHI). This is a more advanced follicle transplant method. It is less harmful to the skin. The procedure takes place in two or three sessions, each lasting 3-7 hours.

            Hair transplant without a haircut. This method is especially popular among women. It is possible to transplant 1,000-1,500 grafts (hair follicles) in one session. Several sessions can be performed to achieve the desired effect.

              All procedures are performed under local anaesthesia.

              After treatment, each patient receives a doctor's recommendation for hair and skincare. Clients receive a special shampoo and necessary products for postoperative recovery free of charge.

              Beard and moustache transplant at Adem and Havva Clinic

              adem and havva beard transplantation turkey istambul before and after

              Beard and moustache transplantation is a delicate procedure, which is done only by the most experienced specialists. An individual approach helps achieve a handsome and natural effect. The hair transplant specialist evaluates the client's facial structure and forms a line of beard and/or moustache that would match the face.

              The beard and moustache transplantation is performed under local anaesthesia using the FUE method. It is the most reliable method in terms of ensuring that the transplanted hair will grow correctly and will look indistinguishable from the natural hair even after shaving.

              Typically, 1,500-3,000 follicles are required for the beard or moustache transplants. They are taken from the cheekbone or nape area. The procedure lasts 4-5 hours.

              Plastic surgery at Adem and Havva Medical Center

              The Adem and Havva Medical Center employs excellent plastic surgeons who specialize in numerous aesthetic procedures:

              иконка галочки rhinoplasty;  

              иконка галочки facelift;  

              иконка галочки neck lift;  

              иконка галочки breast lift;  

              иконка галочки liposuction.  

                адам и ева ринопластика стамбул турция

                Before the start of the procedure, each client has a consultation with a plastic surgeon, during which they discuss what they would like to change in their appearance. An individual approach to each client is practised here. From their many years of experience, the specialists of the Adem and Havva Clinic know that most people want to achieve natural results. With the help of 3D modelling techniques, the patient and doctor can visualize in advance what the outcome of the operation will look like.

                One of the unique techniques available at Adem and Havva Clinic is VASER liposuction. Its advantage over the other methods is a skin-tightening effect, which prevents it from sagging.

                Aesthetic treatments at Adem and Havva Center

                For those patients who prefer non-surgical solutions, the Adem and Havva Clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures. They make it possible to look young, fresh and healthy.

                The procedures are performed exclusively by certified cosmetologists, who take into account the individual characteristics of each patient's skin and select the safest and most effective methods. Among the most popular services of the centre are:

                Consultation with a plastic surgeon
                3D modelling
                Post-op rehabilitation

                Get a free consultation

                иконка галочки Non-surgical facelifts;  

                иконка галочки Botox and filler injections;  

                иконка галочки Youth vaccine;  

                иконка галочки Rejuvenation of hands;  

                иконка галочки Mesotherapy of face, body and scalp;  

                  иконка галочки Chemical peeling;  

                  иконка галочки Ozone therapy;  

                  иконка галочки Dermapen;

                  иконка галочки Botox migraine treatment;  

                  иконка галочки Golden needle.

                    Aesthetic dentistry at Adem and Havva Clinic

                    A beautiful smile is an indicator of good health and well-being. The Adem and Havva Medical Center provides a wide range of services for patients with any need. Only the most modern instruments, technologies and protocols are used here, making every visit to the dentist comfortable, safe and painless.

                    Adem and Havva clinic offers such procedures:

                    Teeth whitening
                    Consultation with a dentist
                    Modern equipment and technology
                    Painless procedures

                    Get a free consultation

                    иконка галочки Tooth whitening;  

                    иконка галочки Dental implants;  

                      иконка галочки Veneers and lumineers;  

                      иконка галочкиPanoramic X-ray and digital smile planning.  

                        The success rate of dental implants at Adem and Havva Clinic exceeds 99%.

                        The cost of services at the clinic Adem and Havva

                        Hair transplant with FUE methodfrom $1,650
                        Hair transplant with DHI methodfrom $2,000
                        Eyebrow transplantfrom $1,000
                        Beard transplantfrom $1,650
                        Rhinoplastyfrom $3,000
                        Non-surgical nose correctionfrom $950
                        Liposuctionfrom $3,400
                        Faceliftfrom $3,400
                        Testimonials (2)
                        Average clinic rating
                        48 years
                        Patient Verified
                        • 5
                        The patient was treated of Hair transplantation
                        Wonderful service. The doctors and nurses are extremely professional. Everything here is upheld to the highest standard.
                        Istanbul, June 26, 2020
                        46 years
                        Patient Verified
                        • 5
                        The patient was treated of Hair transplantation
                        I can recommend this clinic for anyone who wants to get a hair transplant. The medical staff is very professional, kind and helpful. The clinic looks very luxury, but the prices are really affordable. Doctors speak many languages, which is ... Read more
                        Istanbul, April 29, 2020
                        Turkish Medical Association
                        Turkish Medical Association


                        Dr. Nida Çeliksoydan
                        Plastic Surgery
                        Experience: over 5 years
                        Dr Chagatay Cebeci
                        Plastic Surgery
                        Experience: over 17 years
                        Dr Kuray Urgu
                        Plastic Surgery
                        Experience: over 23 years
                        Dr Safiye Kurt
                        Plastic Surgery
                        Experience: over 23 years

                        Dietologist at the clinic Adem and Havva.

                        Graduated from Istanbul Haliç University. She was admitted to the Medical Faculty of Cerrahpaşa Microbiology.


                        Doctor's speciality:


                        • obesity dietology;
                        • clinical nutritionist;
                        • oncological nutritionist;
                        • cardiological nutritionist;
                        • dietician-diabetologist;
                        • diet therapy for eating disorders.


                        Besides face-to-face meetings, the doctor also conducts online consultations with patients at home and abroad. She is an author of several publications in scientific journals. She speaks Turkish and English.

                        Specialization: dietology.

                        Dr. Nida Çeliksoydan
                        Experience: over 5 years
                        Plastic Surgery

                        Hair transplant specialist at the Adem and Havva clinic.

                        He studied at the Universities of Trakiye and Bilim in Turkey. Doctorate certified by JCI and TÜV. Since 2011, he has been working at Adem and Havva Clinic, specializing in FUE seamless hair transplant.


                        He speaks Turkish, English and Russian.

                        Specialization: hair transplant.

                        Dr Chagatay Cebeci
                        Experience: over 17 years
                        Plastic Surgery

                        A plastic surgeon at Adem and Havva's clinic.

                        He graduated from Aege University Medical Faculty in 2004 and Dokuz Eilul University Medical Faculty in 2011.


                        Member of organizations:


                        • Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association (TPRECD);
                        • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association (EPCD);
                        • Turkish Medical Association Istanbul Medical Chamber (TTB).


                        He was awarded the First Prize at the Expert Competition of the Turkish Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Facilities in 2011 for his stem cell research.


                        Author of more than 30 scientific papers published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

                        Specialization: reconstructive surgery.

                        Dr Kuray Urgu
                        Experience: over 23 years
                        Plastic Surgery

                        Founder and head of Adem and Havva Clinic in Istanbul.

                        She studied at the Turkish Medical Vocational School. After that, Dr Kurt studied laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery in Germany. Upon returning home, she conducted numerous seminars and training sessions on hair transplantation.


                        She is the first certified hair transplant specialist in Turkey and the Gulf States, the first to use platelet-enriched plasma (PRP) injection, and the first to perform follicular extraction (FUE) procedure.


                        Has performed over 3,000 hair transplants.

                        Member of organizations:


                        • Turkish Healthcare Consul (THTCC);
                        • European Hair Restoration Society (EHRS);
                        • Association of Middle East Travel and Tourism Agencies (OTSAD);
                        • The Barrier-free Life Foundation.




                        • Most Successful Young Woman Entrepreneur - Foundation for a Life without Obstacles;
                        • Most Successful Woman Entrepreneur - Fashion Oscar;
                        • The best virtue of the year among women entrepreneurs - Orphan Kasımpaşa Foundation;
                        • The most successful female entrepreneur - Fashion One TV.


                        She speaks Turkish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.

                        Specialization: hair transplantation.

                        Dr Safiye Kurt
                        Experience: over 23 years
                        Plastic Surgery
                        Location of the Clinic
                        Cumhuriyet Mah, Anthill Towers, Harika Sk. No:6/2, 34380 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

                        Adem & Havva Clinic is located in the heart of the European part of Istanbul. Halaskargazi main street is 50 meters away. Close to the clinic are many comfortable hotels, business centres, cafes and restaurants, entertainment facilities, shopping malls and spa centres.


                        From the Istanbul International Airport, the Adem and Havva Clinic can be reached in half an hour by car.



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