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Centro Médico Teknon

Barcelona, Spain

Centro Médico Teknon
Centro Médico Teknon
Centro Médico Teknon
Centro Médico Teknon
Centro Médico Teknon
Centro Médico Teknon
Centro Médico Teknon
Centro Médico Teknon
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Clinic Review

Teknon is the leading clinic in Barcelona and one of the best clinics in Spain. It is a stronghold of modern technologies, innovations in medicine, and also a place of practice for specialists recognized all over the world.

Teknon Medical Center is accredited by the Joint Commission International, which confirms that the clinic adheres to strict quality standards and provides the highest quality and reliable services. Clinic also has the certificate of honor of the Government of Catalonia, as well as the quality label of the European Foundation for Quality Management.


the surgical treatment of epilepsy at the Teknon clinic

Medical center Teknon invites the global stars of medicine to work here, who demonstrate the best statistics of success in treatment globally.

Antonio de Lacy work here who is an expert in the field of surgery of the intestinal tumor and the author of the methodology, which is used today by the whole world. World’s popular Epileptologist Antonio russi is also practicing here, providing effective medical care for children with epilepsy, who could not be helped anywhere else in the world.

Physicians of the clinic conduct continuous, active research activities, results of those are applied in practice.

Teknon has an ideal location. The medical center is located in the central residential area of Barcelona - one of the most popular tourist destinations with unforgettable cuisine, mild climate, beautiful architecture and numerous attractions.

Location, high technology, the best doctors, as well as perfect service attract patients from all over the world to Teknon. Among the guests of the clinic are global stars, famous Spanish politicians and other public people.

Hospital Teknon was opened in 1994. History of this clinic is a 20-year experience of achieving high results and making a breakthrough in the provision of medical services in Spain. Today it is a large clinic with an internal area of 60,000 m2. The campus of the medical center is divided into 8 main areas, all of which are conveniently connected to each other. For the convenience of guests, the clinic also has parking for 1000 parking lots.

Teknon medical center is part of the Quiron medical group. This is the world's top medical network. Clinic possess few of the most powerful laboratories in Europe. With the help of these laboratories, it is possible to assign personalized treatment for cancer. In addition, 3D-printing of bone elements and other parts of the bone apparatus is available in the laboratories of the Quiron group. The network of clinics also purchased expensive neuronavigation equipment, thanks to which the percent of operations success increased dramatically. Moreover, Quiron has in its arsenal Da Vinci robot system, as well as modern radiosurgery units Novalis Tx, TrueBeam.


  • Surgery;
  • Oncology;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Cardiology;
  • Cardiovascular surgery;
  • Traumatology.


  • 400 world-class specialists;
  • 2,000 qualified employees;
  • 211 personal patient rooms;
  • 31 general wards;
  • 19 VIP patient rooms;
  • 150 medical offices;
  • 20 operating rooms;
  • more than 2100 births;
  • 22,000 surgeries annually;
  • 145000 diagnostic procedures, including X-rays, CT, PET, laboratory tests.


  • In 2013, doctors of the clinic found a way to successfully fight arthrosis with the help of cell therapy;
  • In 2013, an innovative method of renal denervation (decontamination of the sympathetic renal nerve) was used in the clinic to control and lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension resistant to therapy;
  • In 2012, the clinic purchased panoramic MRI visual diagnostic system HFO (High Field Open) which is unique for Catalonia;
  • In 2011, the installation of the latest generation Robot da Vinci was purchased at the Teknon clinic;
  • In 2011, Teknon Medical Center was chosen as the responsible clinic for medical care and administration of the World Race in Barcelona;
  • In 2011, Teknon Center for Endoscopy for the first time in Spain carried out a contraction of the stomach using endoscopy through the oral cavity without the need for an incision.




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Specialties and Diagnosis  ( 240  Treatments)