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Centro Médico Teknon
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Centro Médico Teknon

Barcelona, Spain

Clinic Review

    Teknon Medical Center is the leading clinic in Barcelona and one of the best clinics in Spain. It is a stronghold of modern technologies, innovations in medicine, and also a place of practice for specialists recognized all over the world.

    Teknon Medical Center is accredited by the Joint Commission International, which confirms that the clinic adheres to strict quality standards and provides the highest quality and reliable services. Clinic also has the certificate of honor of the Government of Catalonia, as well as the quality label of the European Foundation for Quality Management.


the surgical treatment of epilepsy at the Teknon clinic

Teknon Medical Center invites the global stars of medicine to work here, who demonstrate the best statistics of success in treatment globally.

Antonio de Lacy work here who is an expert in the field of surgery of the intestinal tumor and the author of the methodology, which is used today by the whole world. World’s popular Epileptologist Antonio Russi is also practicing here, providing effective medical care for children with epilepsy, who could not be helped anywhere else in the world.

Physicians of the clinic conduct continuous, active research activities, results of those are applied in practice.

Teknon has an ideal location. The medical center is located in the central residential area of Barcelona - one of the most popular tourist destinations with unforgettable cuisine, mild climate, beautiful architecture and numerous attractions.

Location, high technology, the best doctors, as well as perfect service attract patients from all over the world to Teknon Medical Center. Among the guests of the clinic are global stars, famous Spanish politicians and other public people.

Hospital Teknon was opened in 1994. History of this clinic is a 20-year experience of achieving high results and making a breakthrough in the provision of medical services in Spain. Today it is a large clinic with an internal area of 60,000 m2. The campus of the medical center is divided into 8 main areas, all of which are conveniently connected to each other. For the convenience of guests, the clinic also has parking for 1000 parking lots.

Teknon Medical Center is part of the Quironsalud Hospital Group. This is the world's top medical network. Clinic possess few of the most powerful laboratories in Europe. With the help of these laboratories, it is possible to assign personalized treatment for cancer. In addition, 3D-printing of bone elements and other parts of the bone apparatus is available in the laboratories of the Quironsalud. The network of clinics also purchased expensive neuronavigation equipment, thanks to which the percent of operations success increased dramatically. Moreover, Quironsalud has in its arsenal Da Vinci robot system, as well as modern radiosurgery units Novalis Tx, TrueBeam.

THE MAIN AREAS OF THE Teknon Medical Center:

    иконка галочкиSurgery;

    иконка галочкиOncology;

    иконка галочкиNeurosurgery;

    иконка галочкиCardiology;

    иконка галочкиCardiovascular surgery;

    иконка галочкиTraumatology.


Teknon International program takes into account the needs and comfort of international patients. A personal translator accompanies the patient before, during and after the admission. This will make communication with the doctor easier and resolves all issues related to treatment at this hospital.


    иконка галочки400 world-class specialists;

    иконка галочки2,000 qualified employees;

    иконка галочки211 personal patient rooms;

    иконка галочки31 general wards;

    иконка галочки19 VIP patient rooms;

    иконка галочки150 medical offices;

    иконка галочки20 operating rooms;

    иконка галочкиmore than 2100 births;

    иконка галочки22,000 surgeries annually;

    иконка галочки145000 diagnostic procedures, including X-rays, CT, PET.


    иконка галочки In 2013, doctors of the clinic found a way to successfully fight arthrosis with the help of cell therapy;

    иконка галочки In 2013, an innovative method of renal denervation (decontamination of the sympathetic renal nerve) was used in the clinic to control and lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension resistant to therapy;

    иконка галочки In 2012, the clinic purchased panoramic MRI visual diagnostic system HFO (High Field Open) which is unique for Catalonia;

    иконка галочки In 2011, the installation of the latest generation Robot da Vinci was purchased at the Teknon clinic;

    иконка галочки In 2011, Teknon Medical Center was chosen as the responsible clinic for medical care and administration of the World Race in Barcelona;

    иконка галочки In 2011, Teknon Center for Endoscopy for the first time in Spain carried out a contraction of the stomach using endoscopy through the oral cavity without the need for an incision.

Features of the Clinic


3D operation planningThe Teknon Cancer Institute was established by the outstanding world renown physician, Dean of the Faculty of Oncology at Harvard University - Jose Baselga. A well-known specialist, who heads the Memorial Cancer Center Sloan-Kettering, was specially invited to Teknon to personally create the top cancer center of Spain. Today, the Teknon Medical Center continues to work closely with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, which opens up new horizons for the Spanish hospital in the area of innovative cancer therapy.

Teknon Medical Center shows the highest rates in oncological surgery and radio-oncology. In addition to the expensive modern equipment for radiotherapy, the medical center assembled experienced staff with special training in radiotherapy and radiosurgery. The presence of a unique micro-multiline linear accelerator allows Teknon specialists to help even in difficult cases of brain tumors, tumors in children and vascular defects.

For breast cancer cure in Teknon Medical Center, all methods of reconstructive surgery are available: prosthetics, autotissues, or mixed breast reconstruction.

Surgical intervention for prostate cancer is possible by innovative methods using robotic technology da Vinci or radiosurgical installation Novalis.


    иконка галочкиComputer network for sharing medical data;

    иконка галочкиVirtual simulation on CT;

    иконка галочки120-plate linear accelerator with double processing (a beam of photons and electrons) with the function of modulated radiation intensity;

    иконка галочки3D operation planning;

    иконка галочкиStereotactic radiotherapy devices;

    иконка галочкиControl of radiation exposure in "real time" using the image of treatment zones with amorphous silicon detectors (the first device in Europe).


Institute of Heart and Vascular Health at Teknon has complex equipment for modern diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The two main principles of the institute work are individual approach and complexity. A multidisciplinary team makes all the important decisions. It includes a cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, vascular surgeon, specialist in cardiac radiology, hemodynamics, electrophysiology, and experts in cardiovascular rehabilitation.


The Institute has an innovative hybrid operating room, three hemodynamic units, a consulting room, an intensive care department and a hospital service area. The department is lead by the renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Xavier Ruyra.


Modern diagnostic and treatment technologies are available in the clinic, including 3D ultrasound of the heart, MRI of the heart, coronary multi-detector CT-TC-MD (a unique imaging technique for the arteries of the heart without catheter insertion), CT of the heart and arteries, PET-CT (a unique device that combines information about the metabolism of the heart and morphological data).


At the Institute of Heart and Vascular Health, foreign patients can receive comprehensive services of the highest quality. They focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all cardiovascular diseases, no matter how complicated.

NEUROSURGERY IN Teknon Medical Center

    This Spanish Teknon Medical Center provides high level is the diagnostics and cure of nervous system and spinal cord conditions. As in other departments, in the center of neurosurgery patient care is provided on the principle of multidisciplinarity. If needed, a neurologist, a neurophysiologist, an oncologist, a radiologist, a psychiatrist, a rehabilitologist, a traumatologist, and other specialists needed to provide comprehensive assistance interact with each other.

    Special attention is paid to the surgical treatment of epilepsy at the Teknon clinic. Through the use of a unique computer-based surgery system with navigation (BrainLab), during the operation, all the necessary brain structures are recorded and brain centers are identified, which need to be preserved because of the importance of their functions, and, most importantly, it becomes possible to recognize the anomaly even at its small size.


The Teknon Tissue Regenerative Therapy Institute develops and implements innovative treatment methods for various diseases using stem cells. In collaboration with public and private institutions, it conducts clinical trials. Through in vitro research, they create new "weapons" against diseases resistant to conventional therapies.

Since its founding in 2003, the Institute has conducted nine successful clinical trials. They used stem cells against various treatment-resistant pathologies: pseudarthrosis, femoral epiphysis osteonecrosis, lumbar discopathy and osteoarthritis.

As a result of the Institute's work, more than 700 patients were treated with stem cells, achieving high success rates. No complications related to the introduced cellular material were registered.


    The Department of Bloodless Medicine and Surgery provides treatment of the highest quality without using blood or blood products.

    The concept of alternative and new medicine has been developed in response to the growing demand for these treatments whether for religious, immunological or personal reasons and to avoid the potential risks associated with them (e.g. possible infections and other complications associated with blood transfusions).

    Teknon Medical Center is a pioneer in the application of this innovative medical concept. It is the only national center offering comprehensive bloodless surgery services that can cover all medical and surgical specialties: cardiac, oncological and orthopedic surgery. To provide the best care and meet the need for maximum safety, the department provides a team of experts in the most advanced processes and technologies without the use of blood banks.

GENERAL SURGERY IN Teknon Medical Center

The Teknon Medical Center employs internationally recognized professionals. It has 20 operating rooms, 12 of which are located in the central zone and are prepared for high-risk operations. The remaining 8 are for outpatient surgeries.

All operating rooms are equipped with advanced technology. In addition, the department has recovery and induction areas, constantly monitored by anesthesiologists. In case of emergency, the Teknon Surgical Unit has the necessary technical base and staff ready 24/7.

The Department of Basic Outpatient Surgery (UCMA) has 5 operating rooms for basic outpatient surgery, where ophthalmic procedures, pediatric surgery, and some plastic surgeries are performed. The Outpatient Surgery Department (UCA) has 3 operating rooms for short term procedures that do not require hospitalization. This unit includes an assisted reproduction laboratory.

TREATMENT PRICES IN Teknon Medical Center

The exact cost of treatment at the clinic is available upon request. Below you will find approximate prices for treatment and some types of diagnostic procedures:

Procedure Price
Check-up for women from €3,600
Check-up for men from €3,500
Genetic testing from €3,800
Strabismus surgery from €7,500
Radiation Therapy from €9,000
Brain tumor radiosurgery from €23,000
Cochlear implant surgery from €40,000

Testimonials (1)
Average clinic rating
Alejandro Santos
35 years
Patient Verified
  • 5
I had an opportunity to perform check up investigations in Teknon wile I have been to Spain. This is big and modern medical center. My insurance covered costs of investigations so I am unable to judge about prices but medical service is goo... Read more
Barcelona, Spain, January 4, 2019
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International
UNE 179003
UNE 179006


nterventional radiology
Dr. Bartolome Oliver
36 years
surgery for epilepsy
Dr. Antonio Russi Tintoré
35 years
Society for Gastrointestinal Surgery
Dr. Antonio de Lacy Fortuny
37 years
Teknon medical center
Dr. Antonio Alcaraz
30 yaers
Neurosurgeon with a worldwide reputation and more than 35 years of experience. Head of the neurosurgical department of the Teknon clinic. Graduate of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Specialization in neurosurgery received on the basis of the National Department of Neurosurgery and the Autonomous University of Madrid. He passed number of trainings abroad: at Stockholm Karolinska Hospital, Neurological Institute in Montreal, Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh. In addition to working at the Teknon Clinic, he also practiced at São Pau Hospital, the Oliver-Ayat Clinic. He is a recognized specialist in microsurgery, radiosurgery, craniotomy, and interventional radiology. Surgeon focuses on functional neurosurgery and minimally invasive surgery procedures. This famous doctor has extensive experience with modern radio installations Cyber-Knife and Novalis. He has performed more than 200 operations annually. Bartolomé Oliver is involved in many scientific studies in the field of medicine. He is the author of techniques for using visual markers to detect tumors in order to improve the clinical results of surgical treatment of cancer. At the moment, this well-known neurosurgeon at the Teknon clinic is implementing the method of removing a brain tumor using fluorescent navigation.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • European Skull Base Society (President, Chairman);
  • Epilepsy Surgery Association (founder);
  • Working group of functional neurosurgery of the Spanish Society of Neurosurgery;
  • Spanish Society of Skull Base (Member of the Board).

Specialization of the doctor: neurosurgery, oncology, neurology, brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, herniated disc and other neurological diseases of the spine.
nterventional radiology
Dr. Bartolome Oliver
Experience: 36 years
Top neurologist and epileptologist not only of Barcelona, but in the whole Spain. Leading Specialist in the Treatment of Epilepsy in Teknon Children Clinic. He graduated from the University of Barcelona. Specialization in neurology and clinical neurophysiology received on the basis of the Hospital del Mar (Barcelona). Antonio Russi worked at the Sagrado Corazón hospital and the clinic of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. Also practiced in the Antiepileptic Center of Barcelona. Currently he is the head of the department of epilepsy, electroencephalography service, and also the head of the epilepsy surgery program at the Medical Center Teknon. He is also the director of the Barcelona Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery. Antonio Russi participated in the clinical trials of new antiepileptic drugs. Since 1987, the doctor has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of complex epilepsy cases in patients of all ages, including the surgical intervention program.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • Spanish Bureau for Epilepsy (President);
  • Catalan Society of Neurology;
  • Catalan Society of Clinical Neurology;
  • Spanish Society of Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology;
  • Spanish Society of Neurology;
  • Spanish League Against Epilepsy (ex-president);
  • American Society for the Prevention of Epilepsy.

Specialization of the doctor: neurology, surgery for epilepsy, treatment of epilepsy in children and adolescents.
surgery for epilepsy
Dr. Antonio Russi Tintoré
Experience: 35 years
World’s famous abdominal surgeon. Head of the Institute of Surgery in Clinic Teknon. Graduate of the Central University of Barcelona. Passed residency at a hospital in Barcelona. He continued his education abroad: at Emory University in Atlanta, at the Presbyterian Hospital in San Francisco, the Cleveland Clinic, at Mount Sinai Medical Center and at Cornell University in New York. He is one of the best specialists in gastrointestinal surgery in Spain. Since 2003, he has been promoted to professor of surgery, which he received at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. Extensive experience in the use of laparoscopic and minimally invasive techniques, membership in medical societies and active participation in international forums allowed the doctor to receive the title of surgeon No. 1 in Spain in operations such as using the SILS method in obesity surgery, as well as removing a rectal tumor through the anus.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • European Association of Endoscopic Surgery (ex-president);
  • European Research Foundation;
  • Catalan Society of Plastic Surgery;
  • International Society of Surgery;
  • Society of Endoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery;
  • Society for Gastrointestinal Surgery.

Specialization of the doctor: abdominal surgery, obesity surgery, diabetes surgery, laparoscopic surgery, natural orifice surgery) and SILS, cancer surgery.
Society for Gastrointestinal Surgery
Dr. Antonio de Lacy Fortuny
Experience: 37 years
Leading urologist of Teknon medical center. Specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the prostate gland, bladder and kidneys. He is a top specialist in the field of laparoscopic surgery for urological diseases. Uses innovative surgical techniques through the natural openings of the body. In 2009,the first transvaginal removal of a kidney tumor was performed under the leadership of this famous doctor,. Before joining Teknon, he worked as the head of the kidney transplant unit at Fundació Puigvert. He performed more than 100 kidney transplants from living donors. In Teknon, Antonio Alcaraz also practices urological surgery with the help of the da Vinci Robot. He also takes part in joint operations in Germany, France and Italy.
Membership in professional organizations:
  • Spanish Society of Urology (Secretary General);
  • Spanish Association of Urology;
  • European Association of Urology;
  • Dominican, Colombian and Polish Association of Urology.
Teknon medical center
Dr. Antonio Alcaraz
Experience: 30 yaers
Location of the Clinic
Carrer de Vilana, 12, 08022 Barcelona, Испания


Carrer de Vilana, 12, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
Teknon Medical Center is located in one of the most remote areas of Barcelona, one of the most tourist cities in Spain. Clinic is located in several buildings with beautiful architecture, located near hotels, cafes and restaurants, bars, shops and ATMs. The distance to El Prat International Airport (Barcelona) is about 19 km.



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