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Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)

Korea, Seoul

Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
Kyung Hee University Hospital (KUIMS)
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Clinic Review

treatment of cancer in South Korea

The KUIMS Medical Center is a multispecialty medical institution, the first clinic of which was founded more than 45 years ago in Seoul, South Korea.

The KUIMS clinic is designed for 800 beds and accepts for treatment 15 000 foreign patients per year. The clinic is equipped with modern technology, and the operating rooms meet the highest world standards.

30 specialized centers offer a wide range of procedures. Among the departments of the clinic there are departments of cardiology, bariatric surgery, gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, oncology and rheumatology.

In KUIMS, all medical technologies are concentrated in one place, which greatly facilitates the patient's treatment process.

The KUIMS structure includes the Kyung Hee Medical Center, Kyung Hee University Hospital in Gangdong (dental clinic, orthopedic clinic, oriental medicine center, spine center, stroke center) and research centers.


Center Kyung-hee was founded in 1971. Today, many latest medical technologies are available in this center, such as robotic surgical techniques. The staff of the center employs 2,500 employees, including 266 highly qualified doctors. Annually, 1.5 million patients are treated here, of which 15,000 are foreign citizens. The KUIMS is the first university clinic that has a unique treatment system combining dental, western, eastern and eastern-western medicine.


The Kyung hee University Hospital Gangdong is an innovative medical facility consisting of a western medical school hospital, a school of eastern medicine and a dentistry clinic. In the Kyung hee clinic, state-of-the-art technology is available: EMR, 3.0-Tesla MRI, 64-slice CT, robotic technology, and RapidArc (cancer treatment equipment). The clinic is a paperless medical facility where all information is stored and transmitted digitally.


The main feature of the KUIMS medical center is its convenience for foreign patients. Every year more than half a million people are treated here, including about 15 000 patients from abroad. Most of the specialists in KUIMS speak English. Moreover, a special coordination unit has been established in the medical facility, where doctors, nurses and interpreters fulfill the requirements of international patients. Service in English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese are provided here as well.

The coordination unit of the center has been repeatedly awarded with various awards for the high quality services given to foreign patients. Among them are the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare Award "For the Globalization of Medical Services", a gratitude letter "For Contribution in Medical Tourism", the "For the contribution to the development of medical services among foreign patients" award from the Korea Medical Development Institute and others.

For the convenience of foreign patients, a unique Fast Track system has been developed that gives foreign patients priority in the process of passing the diagnosis, receiving specialist advice and therapy in any department of the medical center. This system helps to save time and money for patients, shortening the period of stay in the clinic.


  • 2008 - The first successful APOLT operation in the world (auxiliary partial orthotopic liver transplantation);
  • 2008 - KUIMS is recognized by the medical institution with the largest number of successfully performed complex surgical operations;
  • 2008 - KUIMS is recognized as the best center for stroke treatment;
  • 2010 - High-tech radiation equipment for RapidArc cancer treatment purchased;
  • 2011 - The certificate of the medical institution, funded by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Korea;
  • 2011 - A partnership agreement was signed with the Stanford Hospital in the USA;
  • 2011 - Multidisciplinary Cancer Center at the University Hospital was established;
  • 2012 - Fast Track launched;
  • 2013, 2014 - Received the award from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Korea.


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