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Medical Park Antalya Clinic
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Medical Park Antalya Clinic

Antalya, Turkey

Clinic Review

больница медикал парк в анталии турция

Antalya Medical Park Clinic is the leading private general hospital in the Mediterranean. It is part of Turkey's largest medical network, Medical Park. The quality of services provided is confirmed by JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation.

The total area of the hospital is over 30,000 m2. It has 33 departments and 10 modern operating rooms. It has 84 wards equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. There are 228 beds for patients, of which:

иконка галочки 39 places in the cardiac centre;

иконка галочки 73 hospital beds in the intensive care unit;

иконка галочки 10 beds in the Coronary Artery Intensive Care Unit;

иконка галочки 7 beds in the KVC Intensive Care Unit;

иконка галочки 22 beds in the general intensive care unit;

иконка галочки 34 hospital beds in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

The key areas of the hospital are transplantology, oncology and cardiac surgery. Among all Turkish clinics, Medical Park Ankara has had the most organ transplants without complications. Foreign patients often come here for bone marrow, kidney and liver transplantations.

The hospital complex Medical Park Antalya is divided into two buildings - the main building and the cardiac centre. The main building has departments:

иконка галочки oncology;

иконка галочки radiology;

иконка галочки general surgery;

иконка галочки ophthalmology;

иконка галочки neurology;

иконка галочки transplantology;

иконка галочки gastroenterology;

иконка галочки therapy;

иконка галочки neurosurgery;

иконка галочки urology;

иконка галочки nuclear medicine;

иконка галочки gynaecology;

иконка галочки paediatrics;

иконка галочки plastic surgery;

иконка галочки endocrinology;

иконка галочки family medicine.

In 2011 the Aviation Medical Center was opened at the Medical Park Clinic in Antalya. It is among the few medical institutions in the country that are accredited by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. This centre performs medical examinations for all flight and ground personnel, primarily for Turkish Civil Aviation pilots.


Patients Medical Park in Antalya

Specialists of the Medical Park Clinic in Antalya follow the principle “Health for all”. That is why they help not only Turkish citizens, but also foreigners. The hospital cooperates with more than 200 insurance companies around the world. It is considered one of the key players in the field of medical tourism in the Mediterranean region.

The clinic provides diagnosis and treatment to public people. In 2019, Emre Taşdemir, a famous Turkish football player, defender of «Galatasaray» club and the national team, was examined here.

Features of the Clinic

Organ transplantation in Antalya Medical Park

The organ transplantation department is equipped with the latest technology. Organ transplantation is performed for adults and children. Liver, kidney, pancreas and heart-pulmonary transplantations are most often performed there.

Organ transplantation success rate in Antalya Medical Park:

иконка галочки Allogenic bone marrow transplantation in adults - about 97%

иконка галочки Bone marrow transplants in children - over 91%

иконка галочки Kidney transplant - over 98%

иконка галочки Pancreatic transplant - about 96%

Kidney and liver transplantations from a live or dead donor, as well as pancreatic transplantations from a dead donor, are performed in Antalya Medical Park. Transplantologists, nephrologists, specialists in adult and children's gastroenterology and organ transplantation coordinators work in the department. After the operation, patients are treated in the intensive care unit. All complicated intervention procedures, which are necessary after organ transplantation, are performed by experienced doctors of the radiology department.

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Complex examination
Liver transplantation surgery
Inpatient rehabilitation
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Kidney biopsy
Kidney transplantation surgery
Inpatient rehabilitation
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Oncology treatment at Antalya Medical Park

Radiosurgical methods are used to remove malignant neoplasms of the brain and spinal cord, among them:

иконка галочки Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRC). Cancerous cells are destroyed by high doses of radiation. Metastases, tumours or residual cancer foci can be removed in just one session.

The use of stereotactic radiosurgery combined with imaging techniques (IGRT) minimizes the risk of damage to healthy tissue.

иконка галочки Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT). In stereotactic radiotherapy, the target cancer tissue is destroyed in 3-4 sessions instead of a single session. In contrast to SRC, lower doses of radiation are used.

This method provides a high level of protection for healthy tissue through more precise exposure of cancer cells.

радиохирургия в клинике медикал парк турция анталия
Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRC)
Consultation with a specialist
Complex examination
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The oncology department is equipped with nuclear medicine equipment: MK-LINAC linear accelerator for radiation therapy and PET-CT unit. Surgical operations are performed using CyberKnife M6, Tomotherapy, EDGE, Trilogy, TrueBeam, Gamma Knife and Da Vinchi units.

Neurosurgery Clinic Medical Park Antalya

Specialists of the neurosurgery department perform diagnostics and treatment of nervous system diseases in adults and children. Here they treat:

иконка галочкиstroke due to an impairment of the cerebral blood vessels;

иконка галочкиhaemorrhage occurring in the tissue and membrane of the brain;

иконка галочкиtumour and vascular diseases in children;

иконка галочкиherniation of intervertebral discs;

иконка галочкиcarotid artery stenosis;

иконка галочкиParkinson's disease;

иконка галочкиbrain and spinal cord injuries caused by accidents and injuries;

иконка галочкиtumours located in the brain and spinal cord;

иконка галочкиcongenital diseases of the spinal cord and blood vessels;

иконка галочкиcongenital nervous system disorders;

иконка галочкиdefects in spinal cord closure;

иконка галочкиepilepsy.

Neurosurgeons at Antalya Medical Park actively use microsurgical methods to treat various brain and spinal cord pathologies. An aneurysm is cut off under a microscope, which significantly reduces the risk of complications. Minimally invasive surgeries on the spine are performed using microscopes and endoscopes.

Children's Hematology in Antalya Medical Park

детская гематология в клинике медикал парк в анталии турция

Doctors of the pediatric haematology department work in cooperation with pediatric oncologists, radiation oncologists, pediatric surgeons and nuclear medicine specialists. An interdisciplinary team of doctors from Antalya Medical Park develops a suitable treatment program for each young patient.

In the bone marrow transplant unit, HEPA filters are installed to clean the air and reduce the risk of infection. This is especially important for patients who have undergone chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation.

Allogenic and autologous bone marrow transplantation is possible in Antalya Medical Park. For allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, it is important to find the most compatible donor. Donors can be close relatives (e.g. brothers and sisters) with fully compatible tissue groups (HLA) or people without blood affinity with high tissue compatibility. Stem cells derived from the umbilical cord blood of a newborn sibling can be used. For autologous bone marrow transplantation, healthy stem cells derived from the patient's own blood or stem cells are used.

Complex examination
Bone marrow transplantation surgery
Inpatient rehabilitation
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Diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Antalya Medical Park


A computer test that measures the three-dimensional electrical activity of the heart and vessels leading to the heart. Patients are not exposed to radiation or any chemical substances during the procedure. With this test, the risk of a heart attack can be predicted faster than with a classical ECG.

Coronary angiography

The process of visualizing the vessels that feed the heart. During the procedure, a special dye (contrast material) and X-ray are used. Coronary angiography is often performed together with catheterization of the heart - X-ray examination of the heart and its arteries, which allows for detailed visualization of the heart vessels.


In the case of heart valve failure or stenosis, recovery or replacement of the corresponding valve is required. Biological or artificial heart valves are used for replacement. Artificial valves have a longer service life than biological valves. However, they do cause blood clotting. Therefore, after installing such valves, the patient takes anticoagulant drugs throughout life. Medicines are not required for biological valves, but their service life does not exceed 7-8 years.


Coronary vessels that cannot be restored with stents and cylinders need a shunt. During the procedure, veins are taken from other parts of the body, such as the arm and leg. In classical vascularization, large incisions are made. At the Medical Park Antalya Clinic, it is possible to remove a vein using an endoscopic method. In endoscopy, there are no large scars or risk of injury. The healing process is faster and easier than after classical surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery

In classic open-heart surgeries, the chest opens up, which can cause many complications. In surgery performed with small incisions, there is less risk of side effects. The bone is not damaged during this operation. Since the wounds from the incision are small, recovery and return to everyday life is faster. Minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery is characterized by a reduction in injuries, blood loss, postoperative pain, recovery time and the risk of infection.


KVC is used for stenosis or obstruction of peripheral vessels.

During the surgery, blood flow is restored by covering veins taken from other parts of the body or by using an artificial vein. The layer of plaque that causes a blockage of the respective vessel is cleaned.

Diagnostic and treatment costs in Medical Park Antalya

Procedure Cost
Consultation with a specialist от $140
Brain MRI scan от $600
PET-CT with Gallium-68 от $1,900
Biopsy от $1,100
Computer tomography от $400
Angiography от $1,400
Gastroscopy от $400
Histology revision от $300
Lab tests от $200
Procedure Cost
Brain tumour removal from $21,000
Allogenous bone marrow transplantation from $40,000
Kidney transplantation from $20,000
Removal of the pituitary gland tumor from $11,000
Liver transplantation from $65,000
Transsphenoidal hypophysisectomy from $13,000
Transurethral prostate resection from $7,000
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) from $26,000
CyberKnife from $5,100
Testimonials (2)
Average clinic rating
30 years
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated of Kidney Transplantation
In June, I had a kidney transplant performed in this hospital. I am very, very grateful to the doctors who operated and took care of me, as well as the nurses and medical team. They took a lot of care to make sure I was as comfortable and r... Read more
Antalya, July 3, 2020
36 years
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated of Oncology
A hospital with modern and reliable equipment, and very good hospitalisation. The rooms are clean and neat. The transportation is very easy, the doctors are quick to accept patients and direct them to the service. The nurses are very caring... Read more
Antalya, May 19, 2020
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International


онколог клиники медикал парк анталия хакан бозчук
Prof. Hakan Şat Bozcuk
Experience: over 30 years
хирург клиники медикал парк ибрагим алиосманоглу
Prof. İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu
Experience: over 24 years
сердечно-сосудистая хирургия клиники медикал парк анталия доктор окутан
Prof. Hüseyin Okutan
Experience: over 29 years
онкогематолог клиники Медикал Парк Анталия
Prof. Bülent Ezer
Experience: over 30 years
трансплантолог клиники медикал парк анталия доктор явуз
Prof. Havva Asuman Yavuz
Experience: over 20 years

The head of the oncology department. Hakan Şat Bozcuk graduated from Akdeniz University Medical faculty. He specializes in the treatment of cancer with immunotherapy and chemotherapy. Hakan Şat Bozcuk also provides palliative care for cancer patients. The professor is fluent in English. He has many articles published in international refereed journals.


He is a member of professional organizations:


  • Antalya Cancer Association;
  • European Society of Medical Oncology;
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology;
  • Turkish Oncology Group.

Doctor's specialization: oncology.

Prof. Hakan Şat Bozcuk
Experience: over 30 years

Leading surgeon in Turkey. He graduated from Baskent University (Medical Faculty, Department of General Surgery). He specializes in surgical treatment of liver disease, malignant melanoma, gallbladder pathology, pancreatic cancer and gastrointestinal diseases. The professor is a member of Turkish Surgical Association and Southeast Anatolian Breast Association.

Doctor's specialization: surgery.

Prof. İbrahim Aliosmanoğlu
Experience: over 24 years

One of the best vascular surgeons in Antalya. Graduated from Akdeniz University Medical School. His medical interests include: coronary bypass surgery, heart valve restoration, aortic aneurysm surgery, peripheral vascular disease, varicose vein disease. The professor treats both adult patients and children. He specializes in robotic heart surgery.

Doctor's specialization: cardiovascular surgery.

Prof. Hüseyin Okutan
Experience: over 29 years

Leading oncohematologist at the Medical Park Clinic in Antalya. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University. He specializes in treating lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma, etc. Professor Bülent Ezer conducts stem cell therapy. He has received numerous awards and prizes in the field of clinical haematology from the Turkish Hematology Association, the Blood and Transfusion Medicine Center. Bülent Ezer has over 30 years of experience.

Doctor's specialization: oncohematology.

Prof. Bülent Ezer
Experience: over 30 years

Top specialist in nephrology and kidney transplantation at the Medical Park Antalya Hastanesi clinic. Havva Asuman Yavuz received her medical education at Akdeniz University. She specializes in the treatment of renal failure and kidney transplantation. She has been published in international and national medical journals. She has over 20 years of experience as a doctor.

Specialization: nephrology, organ transplantation.

Prof. Havva Asuman Yavuz
Experience: over 20 years
Location of the Clinic
Fener, Tekelioğlu Cd. No: 7, 07160 Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey

The clinic is located 15 km from Antalya International Airport, from which you can get by car or bus FL82, TL94 and TC93. Next to the hospital there is Burger King Café, Balıkçı Irfan Bar, Hacı Saad Meat Turkish Restaurant; Grill, Nazar Café, Chop House, BMK Suites and Nasa Flora Hotel. The distance from the medical center to the sea does not exceed 1 km.



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